The Minigun is a Tier 4 Upgrade from the Gunner or the Light Machine Gun and can be selected at Level 45. It cannot upgrade further.


The Minigun features a circular base and three visible Cannons spaced apart an equal distance from each other and another three non-visible Cannons underneath. Protruding from the tank's circular base is a rectangular base that overlaps all six of the tank's Cannons at all time. A third of the way down the tank's cannon group is an overlapping rectangle. Two thirds of the way down the cannon line are two smaller overlapping rectangles. The end of the barrel is also covered by a small attachment which expands trapezoidally but then straightens halfway down.

While firing, the Minigun's six cannons appear to spin, gradually getting faster as the tank continues firing. Once the tank has reached its maximum rotation spin, the attachment on the end will appear to quickly heat up. Bullets shot while heated appear more orange-white in the direction they are travelling. Once the tank stops firing, its cannons will slow down and eventually stop rotating, and its attachment will cool down if heated. These are purely cosmetic changes and do not affect gameplay/


The Minigun is comparable to a combination of a Gunner and a Light Machine Gun. It combines the light bullets and fast fire rate of the Gunner with the LMG's on-upgrade effects, boasting a far faster fire rate than either of its predecessors, but suffering from slightly worse accuracy than the LMG. In complete contrast to either of its predecessors, the Minigun suffers from heavy recoil.


As the Minigun

  • Despite its rate of fire, the Minigun is not to be considered a traditional high RoF combattant such as the Triplet or the Auto-Gunner. Instead, it should be treated as more of a miscellaneous tank that relies on gradually chipping away at the enemy's health until they perish, able to lock down areas, prevent enemy movement from being easy, and support teammates in fights.
  • The Minigun is a bullet spammer that counters bullet spammers. Up close, the Minigun outputs enough sheer firepower to destroy most bullets or weaken them to the point of doing inconsequential damage, and its wide area of effect can clip the sides of and prevents enemies from escaping easily if at all before the numerous bullets destroy them.
    • The Minigun's small bullets are capable of avoiding or even "ghosting" through the smaller projectiles in the game, making it even more potent than it already is against Gunner-class and Twin-class tanks.
  • In team modes, the Minigun is an effective support tank. It can prevent regeneration, do damage to enemies and incoming threats, clear out Polygons, and generally be annoying for and instill a bit of panic within the enemy team.
  • At very close range, the Minigun is able to unleash its full DPS, being able to melt almost any tank in an instant.
  • The Minigun's recoil can be used to get around the map or to ram enemies, an unexpected move seeing as the Minigun is built to use its bullets.
  • Low reload tanks are an easy target for the Minigun as they cannot compete with its immensely high firerate.

Against the Minigun

  • Drone users can safely engage and destroy the Minigun from a distance. Their Drones are too durable to be destroyed by the Minigun, and unlike most other bullet spammers, the Minigun cannot kill the Drone user in time to trigger the Drones' remote destruction.
  • Destroyer-class bullets are too resilient for the Minigun to eliminate in time to not take heavy damage, thus giving Destroyer-class tanks a massive advantage in combat against the Minigun. However, if Bullet Speed isn't high enough, the bullet will be too slow to reach the Minigun and do damage, thus forcing a stalemate between both combattants.
  • Sniper-class tanks can engage the Minigun with bullets too fast for it to destroy from a distance too far for it to retaliate at all.
  • Ironically, the LMG, Heavy Machine Gun, and Sprayer, the predecessor and alternatives to the Minigun, counter it very well. They have spread out enough fire to deny most of the Minigun's bullets and therefore the tactic of clipping a tank's sides, while having enough bullets with enough power themselves to kill the Minigun.
  • A Minigun vs. Minigun fight is hard to perform due to the Minigun's small bullets and their tendency to "ghost" through enemy bullets. If this happens, it is usually down to luck who wins.


  • The Minigun features what is arguably the most complex design of any tank.
  • The Minigun is the first tank to have cosmetic changes on the fly.


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