The Missiler is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Overseer at level 45. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The Missiler looks like your average blue circle tank, with two short rectangles at the sides. Attached to those short rectangles are two missile-like shapes.

Attack methods

Similar to the Overseer, the Missiler fires drone-like missiles. These missiles explode on impact with enemy tanks, polygons, drones and each other. Like drones, when taken enough damage from bullets and other ammunition (except drones), they will "die" and explode. When Auto Fire is on, they follow the mouse like drones. However, they cannot clump together as they will blow up. When Auto fire is off, their detection range is unlimited, targeting the closest thing to the Missiler. When they explode, the explosions do much more damage than most other drones or protectors on direct hit. The explosions also do splash damage. Right-clicking will detonate all the missiles, causing a large explosion. A missile's health is always equivalent to 500 (i.e. 5 Pentagons), no matter the stats.


When compared to the Overseer:

  • Health regen and Max health is slightly increased.
  • Drone speed is decreased.
  • Drone health is replaced with Explosion radius.
  • Drone damage is replaced with Explosion damage and is massively increased.
  • Movement speed is decreased.



Try to stay away from everything as your missiles are slow. If you are farming then it is recommended to turn off Auto Fire as the missiles will target anything. However this will leave you vulnerable while doing so. If you are forced into combat, Trappers are relatively easy to take care of as the explosions will destroy most of their traps in one blow. Avoid the Tri-Angle branch at all costs, as Boosters can out-maneuver your missiles, and Fighters can shoot you with their side cannons while dodging. This tank gains much more usefulness in Team gamemodes as your missiles can attack enemies while your teammates cover you.


Boosters and Fighters can easily kill this (see above). Other drone tanks can also finish this off quite easily as long as they have high drone speed. Do not use Trappers (see above). The Smasher Branch can kill this quite easily as long as they have invested enough points in movement speed. Tanks with focused fire like Triplets or Streamliners can at least take this to a stalemate while tanks with spread bullets like Octo Tanks and tanks with low reload like Hybrids are dead.

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