The Mortar is a Tier 3 tank that upgrades from the Tank at level 30. It can further upgrade to the Napalm or the Howitzer. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The Mortar has a very fat turret on top of a circle.

Attack methods

The Mortar's bullets bypass all obstacles (even maze walls) as opposed to hitting anything in its way. The bullet's landing spot is marked by a crosshair which can only be seen by the Mortar itself and it's teammates if in Team gamemodes. The turret is in fact not an Auto Turret; you have to manually aim it.


When compared to the Tank:

  • All stats can be upgraded to 8.
  • Bullet speed is decreased to that of a Destroyer's
  • Bullet penetration is removed entirely.
  • Bullet damage is increased.
  • Reload is decreased to that of an Assassin.
  • Movement speed is decreased to that of an Octo-tank.
  • Recoil is slightly increased.
  • Field of view is increased to that of an Assassin.



With the Mortar's increased field of view, you can kill your enemies from afar, similar to the Assassin, Ranger and Predator. However, like real mortars, fighting close range is nigh impossible as you are slow. The fact that the Mortar's bullets bypass traps means that you should be able to kill Trappers with ease. Stay away from speedy enemies. Instead, if you see one at long range, try to predict where they will be after a few seconds and aim your shots there.


As the Mortar's targeting system is tedious, tanks with high speed such as the Fighter can outmaneuver it, avoid its bullets, and kill it easily. Body Damage is also a good counter, as the Mortar has trouble fighting at close range. Drone users may also be able to defeat it, as the Mortar will have the choice of targeting the drones to stall the battle, or to target the tank itself, risking getting attacked by the drones. Bullet spam works well for the same reasons.

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