The Moterhead is a Boss Tank that has been added on 11/3/2017. Moterhead is based off of the Two Automatons, Automaton and Automaton, and the Clasher. Moterhead symbolizes the conception merge of Enigmium and Tacocat247. Moterhead features Five Cannons and Nine Auto Turrets.


The Moterhead features a circular body with a gradient of Blue and Orange, Orange at the front and Blue at the back. At the front are Two Automaton guns mounted at the front of Moterhead, and an Auto Turret mounted on the top of Moterhead. On the back are Six Cannons in the configuration of Clasher.



The Moterhead features 6,000 health, which is the above regular health for most boss tanks. Upon being defeated/destroyed, The Moterhead will drop 60,000 EXP to the player who had defeated The Moterhead, which will immediately raise a tank to level 45 and possibly beyond. Moterhead will regenerate 10 health per second if Moterhead is left alone for 20 seconds. Moterhead has two times the body damage of an Alpha Pentagon. The movement speed for Moterhead is around the same as a maxed out Clasher.

Auto Turrets

The Auto Turrets boasted by the Moterhead have the Reload of a Streamliner, the Bullet Damage of a Machine Gun, the Bullet Penetration of the Mega Trapper (Basically, they last a long time), the Bullet Speed of a Destroyer for the front Turrets, and the bullet speed of a Ranger for the mounted turrets.


Each of the Cannons have the same stats, excluding the thin one mounted on the back of the Moterhead. The first Cannons mentioned have the Reload of a Sniper, the Bullet Damage of 2x a Tank, the Bullet Penetration of the Destroyer, and the Bullet Speed of a Assassin. The thin Cannon's stats are all controlled by basic RNG.


  • This tank represents the joining of two users on this wikia.
  • This boss will probably not have a fan made theme.
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