The Mountain is a Tier 3 tank that upgrades from the Heavy.


The Mountain has a wide, short Barrel.


The Mountain fires a huge Bullet, without the brutal knockback, that after a certain time transforms into a square, which color depends on the team.

The Bullet Penetration is now called Bullet Lifespan, and is increased a lot.

The Bullet Damage, also, gets into the Destroyer's levels, a bit useful when the bullet isn't hardened.

Reload and Bullet Speed, however, is dropped to rock bottom.

When you shoot a bullet to another already solid, it will increase/recover its health/Lifespan.

'We need to make a wall'. Said nobody ever


As the Mountain

Use the Ol' Reliable: The Barrier.

If someone dares to smash into your wall, well, they keep the Damage from a Destroyer.

Against the Mountain

DON'T EVEN DARE TO GET NEAR IT. It's bullets, when not hardened, have the same Bullet Damage than that of a Destroyer's. Think of that scenario.


  • Apologies to any resemblance to any conception here :/
  • Originally, if you fired three more bullets to a wall, it was going to grow a turret.
    • This idea was remade for Concatinator as it was too OP for a tier 3 class.
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