Before death, there was the prototype for death... and some of the first six didn't work out as intended.


Multitool VII is the predecessor to the first War Machine, created by Dr. Lacus. It was the seventh attempt at creating a death machine, effectively making the first War Machine the eighth, but also the start of the new successful line. The Multitool VII eventually went on to be the first terror of the Cult of Panzer, revolutionizing its warfare prior to the creation of the War Machine line of automatons. It is still sent out for skirmishes when the War Machine is inactive. Dr. Lacus was so fond of this first successful multi-piece death machine he made small personal guard versions entitled Multi-Tools.

BGM: (1.5x speed)


The Multitool VII has the same metallic plating design as the later versions. Unlike the War Machine, it has a purple sheen and hull. There are three smaller tanks surrounding the Core.

The Components

Multitool VII doesn't possess any special attacks, but its weapons are enough to wreak havoc amongst those who dare face it down. There are four components that makes up this boss: The Core, the Pistol, the Tortoise, and the Manufacturer.

-The Core: The purple circle the other parts are attached to. It has 24,000 health, and if managed to be destroyed first without the other parts blocking pretty much every shot, the other three components will start moving as separate tanks that chase players, which individually need to be killed. The Core will also fire a single lock-on laser, which increases over time. The damage stacking effect will reset once the core is hit.

-The Pistol: A tank attached to the core with one single cannon on top of a elongated trapezoidal base. It aims at the nearest or strongest tank and fires high-damage bullets. It reloads every 0.8 seconds. The Pistol has 14,000 health.

-The Tortoise: A large contraption that uses a smaller-than-normal deployer launcher as its main weapon. It fires missiles very similar to the ones from the Skimmer. Two rounded shields are placed either side of the component, each having a base HP of 5,000. Any bullets upon contact to the shields will be reflected back as its own bullets, however it will take damage. Should you destroy a shield, it will cause the deployer cannon to fire an additional missile each time it fires off one round. If the Tortoise is destroyed with the shields on, they will disappear. The Tortoise itself has 8,000 health.

-The Manufacturer: A component that has three spawners evenly on each side. They produce small tank minions like the ones from the Factory. These minions, however, have a metallic plating design on them, making them easier to distinguish from normal ones. Each spawner has a max of 5 minions, 15 in total. The minions will chase players around, creating a more chaotic battle. Minions will not reward EXP when destroyed. The Manufacturer has 12,000 health.

Phase 2

Phase 2 only occurs if the Multitool VII's weapons are destroyed before the Core. If the Core is destroyed first, then the remaining weapons disengage and chase players individually. The Core gains a Spike shell, heals to full health, and chases down players like a Fallen Booster. Sometimes it switches targets, too. The laser thing on top no longer fires a lock-on single beam laser, instead, it fires pulse lasers as fast as a Machine Gun with 4 points in Reload. Each laser does 50 damage and aims like an Auto Turret (shoots polygons as well as tanks) but since the rate of fire is so fast, this stacks up quickly.


  • Multitool VIII was a much larger project, an upscaling of this one using the same kinds of technologies. It eventually renamed and became the War Machine.
  • Technically speaking, Multitool IX is the War Machine II and Multitool X is the War Machine III. Since the War Machine III's name is conjectural and all these weapons of mass destruction are of the Multitool line, its true name is therefore Multitool X.
  • One of the few bosses whose art was made first and then implemented.
  • Original idea made by Graviatar, aided with Diepmon for the later concept creation.
  • Despite having the most HP of any Gladiator boss, the overall complexity of this enemy is very low compared to most of the Gladiator bosses. It also can only spawn in team modes as opposed to the other Gladiator bosses, because of how difficult it is to take down.
  • Like the War Machine, it has gone through multiple health buffs and nerfs:
    • Initially, it was at 30,500 health.
    • Later, it was buffed to 100,000 health as part of a massive system of health buffs on April 16th-17th.
    • It currently stands at 68,000, as its health was too high when compared with the War Machine.
      • The health values of the Pistol and Manufacturer were swapped for balancing.
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