The Napalm is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Mortar at level 45. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The turret now has a flamethrower-like extension at the end.

Attack methods

Like the Mortar, bullets from this tank land on a specific spot and bypass all obstacles. However, these bullets create an area that constantly deals damage if entered. The area will appear to be on fire and will turn orange (or the colour of the player's team, if in a team mode). Replacing the crosshair is an orange (or team coloured) circle indicating where the area will be. The "fire area" lasts as long as a Trap fired by a standard Trapper.


When compared to the Mortar:

  • Bullet damage is replaced with Fire damage.
  • Reload is decreased even further.



The Napalm functions similarly to the Mortar, but with an added fire effect. While it can be used as area denial and to attack clusters of weak tanks, it becomes much more devastating in Maze, as the fire can be used to put an entire area under lockdown. A strategy for the Napalm is to create a fire area, then hide in said area and shoot at enemies, as the fire also deals damage to ammunition. The fire is also useful in team modes, as since the fire is the same colour as your teammates, they can hide in the fire and shoot at enemies.


Strategies that apply to the Mortar mostly apply to the Napalm as well, with the sole exception of Body Damage. If a Napalm is being a dirty coward hiding in its own fire area, then Destroyer-branch tanks and, ironically, the Howitzer are good counters to it, since the fire cannot do enough damage to the bullets to destroy them.

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