Natural Disasters are various things that can happen in all gamemodes. Created by Fall Out Wave.


Natural Disasters are quite similar to Arena Effects, in a sense that they both affect the arena and everything in it. However, unlike Arena Effects, Natural Disasters never bring any good, only harm.

Natural Disasters have a 5% chance to replace a Boss spawn. When that happens, a symbol representing the corresponding disaster will appear in place of a spawn message. Each disaster lasts for 2 minutes.

List of disasters



The symbol of Earthquake.


The symbol of Tsunami.


The symbol of Hurricane.

Volcanic EruptionHD

The symbol of Volcanic Eruption.


The symbol of Heat Wave.

Acid RainHD

The symbol of Acid Rain.

  • Symbol: A large rectangle split in 2 like an egg shell, with 3 round boulders between the halves of the rectangle.
  • Effect: The ground will shake for the duration of the disaster, and in a random spot, a large ravine will open up and anything that falls into it is guaranteed to die. Boulders will also randomly roll into the arena. They are brown circles that have the same size, body damage and speed as an Arena Closer, and will roll towards a random spot from a random direction for 15 seconds until it stops. After it stops, it has 1000 health and can be destroyed for 500 XP.
  • End: The ground will move and the giant ravine will close. Then it stops shaking and boulders stop spawning.


  • Symbol: A blue wave.
  • Effect: Large waves of water start to slam down on one random side of the Arena. These waves do heavy damage when they come into contact with a tank, and the water level also rises slightly on that side. Tanks in water get -50% speed.
  • End: The waves stop and the water level recedes.


  • Symbol: A light grey whirlpool shape.
  • Effect: A large hurricane the size of an Arena Closer sweeps the arena. It will suck in tanks, ammunition and polygons, and throw them elsewhere. This doesn't really do damage, but it can be very disruptive.
  • End: The hurricane dissipates.

Volcanic Eruption

  • Symbol: A brown trapezium with a red burst symbol above it and orange lava flowing down the sides of the trapezium.
  • Effect: A loud boom is heard, and a stream of hot lava starts slowly flowing down one side of the arena. The lava instant-kills on contact, and it also radiates heat that does low damage. Grey smoke also covers the arena, making it harder to see.
  • End: The smoke clears and the lava cools and hardens into solid rock. The rock will then crumble and disappear.

Heat Wave

  • Symbol: A cartoonish sun.
  • Effect: Bright light shines onto the arena, and it simultaneously makes it harder to see, and give a -50% stat reduction in EVERYTHING, to everything.
  • End: The light disappears.

Acid Rain

  • Symbol: A black cloud, with 9 green water droplets under it.
  • Effect: The sky is covered with black clouds that are half-transparent (thankfully) and they rain down green droplets. Reardless of where the droplets land, everything gets damaged for 2% of their current health every second. This does not stop Health Regeneration from taking effect, but it can severely weaken tanks.
  • End: The clouds dissipate and the rain stops.


  • Symbol: TBD
  • Effect: TBD
  • End: TBD


  • Hurricane was originally Tornado, but was changed.
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