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Upon reaching Level 45, Tanks are given the choice of becoming Good, Evil, or staying neutral. They get this option after picking their Level 45 Tank, and it looks quite similar to when you choose a tank to upgrade to. There are three options: Good, Neutral, and Evil. This becomes their nature.


Good Tanks get a buff in Health Regeneration, Max Health, Bullet Penetration and Movement Speed. They get a nerf in Body Damage, Bullet Speed, Bullet Damage and Reload. Evil Tanks vice versa. Neutral tanks do not get any buffs, nor nerfs.

Natural Aura

All Tanks with a nature get a special ability, called a Natural Aura. Your natural aura is created by holding Q for 2 seconds. An aura can be created every 60 seconds and lasts for 15 seconds. There is a countdown clock on the bottom right, showing how much time is left until the aura ends, and how long until you can make another one.

  • Good tanks create auras of Regeneration, which are the same colour as the Health Regeneration upgrade bar. Evil tanks create auras of Strength, which are red like the Damage upgrade bar. Neutral tanks create auras of Dominance, which are yellow.
  • Your nature also affects what happens when you die. Upon death, you will leave an aura of Strength, Regeneration or Dominance, depending on your nature. The aura lasts as long as it takes to destroy your Alpha Death Pentagon.
  • For information on what theses auras do, see Auras.


The Good nature can help both you and your teammates to defend if you are not the dominating team in 2 Teams/4 Teams, while the Evil nature can be used in all out attacks. It often helps to stick together with tanks of the other two natures so you all have access to all the auras.

  • The Good nature reduces how much damage you take (by increasing health, speed and penetration) while the Evil nature increases the damage you inflict (by increasing bullet/body damage, reload). Pick your nature by deciding how you want to get to the top - kill your opponents? Or outlive them?


  • The Good nature ultimately improves your defense, while the Evil nature improves your offense.
  • Good tanks turn lighter in colour, while Evil tanks turn darker.
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