The Nautilus serves as the first subdivision for the Watergun. As it upgrades from that at Level 30, it can also be promoted into the Hydran at Level 45.


The Nautilus is a blue circle-shaped tank with a gray wide curved barrel that has a circle inside it. There is also a sky-blue circle in the middle of the base.


Just like the Watergun, it possesses water abilities. Although, this tank has an increased rate of fire and increased recoil, shooting water projectiles twice as faster than its predecessor, but at the cost of its water refilling slower. Just like the Sprayer, it fires a big splotch of water in the middle, and smaller splotches on the sides of it, coming out of the curved barrel.

  • The smaller splotches are as strong as a Gunner bullet, while the bigger splotches are as strong as a Destroyer bullet.
  • Reload and Liquid Effectiveness is increased, but Max Health is decreased.


  • Aquanaut — Upgrade to Nautilus
Upgrade to Nautilus


  • Icon background by Anonymoususer12321.
  • I had a different design for this tank, whereas it would act as a Machine Gun.

    Early design for this tank. It used to have the gray nozzle connected to a curved barrel.

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