Navirazor is a tank that upgrades from Navigator. It may not upgrade any further. Tank by Tacocat247 and based on Zathsu's Lancer Branch.


Navirazor features a rounded square body with a purple circle in the middle. at the front is a short lance with spikes on it, similar to Shredder.


  • The chainsaw-like lance is animated and has the triangles moving counterclockwise or clockwise.
  • This tank has a charge ability, but the spiked lance does double the damage of a normal lance and stacks with the extra charge damage as well.
  • The Navirazor gets a base movement speed debuff when upgraded to.
  • This tank is meant to be one of the only tanks with a specialized mini-map. For more info, see Navigator.


  • Idea based on Navigator, and Shredder.
  • Yes, I got permission from Zathsu.
  • More info coming soon!
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