The Needlenose upgrades from the Extender at level 45. It may not upgrade further. Idea by Diepmon.


The Needlenose has two gray shield things like the Extender on its sides, except these are shorter and are directly attached to the body. There is also a tiny lance on the front, the smallest standard lance of the Lancer branch.


This tank loses the Extender's shield ability. The side shields are only there for aesthetic purposes. The lance isn't even a true lance, and this tank doesn't have a charge ability. You guessed it: The spike is a laser cannon.

At the tip, a laser of team color is fired out. The laser has infinite penetration, but it has limited range. Bullet Damage becomes Laser Damage, Bullet Penetration becomes Damage Tick Rate, Bullet Speed becomes Laser Range, and Reload is unchanged. The laser does damage every 1 second it touches something, although this damage is low. Upgrading Damage Tick Rate causes the damage to be dealt faster, down to a 0.65-second delay at max. Upgrading Laser Damage doesn't do too much, but at max the damage dealt is half of a max Triplet's bullet (40% damage of a basic tank bullet.) The laser lasts for 3 seconds before needing to be reloaded, which at base is 7 seconds but is 3.5 seconds at max. The laser doesn't stop bullets, although it can penetrate any bullet when it is fired out. Drones are constantly damaged by the laser, as well as traps.



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