"Behold the lost Hesperian, he who resides on the line between the dark and the serendipitous, the unfortunate collateral of a dastardly plot against the benevolent Lord of Hesperians..." - from an excerpt of the Hymn of Hesperus, 12th edition


Novementha is the ninth and final member of the Sassa Club, and is a Hesperian quite unlike no other, spawning under very strict conditions. Idea by Diepmon and Namenco (also formerly known as Fillygroove, Astra, and Tacocat247).


After being exiled for the crime perpetrated by Heptone using Novementha as her puppet, Novementha found a temporary home in the Kingdom of Ypres by taking the form of an Alvari (the species of being that are the players, and most human-like denizens of the Realm), now known as the Forgotten Kingdom. However, his overwhelming power as a Hesperian attempting to keep such a form eventually froze the kingdom and the surrounding region over in a massive sudden ice storm powered by unstable IE Energy, making it the inhospitable land of Wintercrest.

Legends have cropped up about the mythical "Heart of Wintercrest," a relic or being responsible for causing Wintercrest to be the way it is. With the information above, it becomes quite clear that Novementha is the Heart of Wintercrest. However, the second part of these stories dictates that if the Heart of Wintercrest is destroyed, the region will thaw completely - that simply isn't the case, as being a Hesperian, Novementha is quite literally immortal due to how IE Energy affects Hesperians.

The reason for Novementha's corruption lies from his proximity to Vallard Wastes - the product of being there for centuries within a self-created limbo realm made of IE Energy caused Novementha to go mostly insane and take upon this horrendous form.

The Vallard Wastes themselves, on the other hand, was not a product of Novementha - but in fact, a byproduct of Hesperian negligence on the part of Lord Sassafras. In his early days, with nowhere else to put his accumulated IE Energy, Lord Sassafras hid it in a complex tunnel system he dug himself in the northwestern area of Melancholy Forest. At that time, Lord Sassafras (still in the form of one normal Sassafras with many clones to aid him) had not fully developed the process of refining IE Energy or storing unrefined IE Energy, so the massive mound of radioactive substance eventually started to leak from the poorly-constructed canisters stored underground. By the time Lord Sassafras realized his mistake, practically every other being in the area was either already dead or had evacuated from the dying epicenter that was rapidly growing. Luckily, however, it was around this time that Lord Sassafras and the proto-Hesperians figured out to store unrefined IE Energy, so they no longer needed to store IE Energy underground to hide it from prying eyes. Unfortunately, for the area, it was far too late - even the flora and fauna on the massive mountain to the west was even overtaken by the rapidly expanding reach of radioactivity, rendering the entire area of what is today Vallard Wastes uninhabitable. Eventually, the radioactivity died down and some creatures moved back in, but the inhospitable region remains a sickly and swampy toxic wasteland to this day. The Hesperians, for all their irrationality, did cover this blunder in their history in whole, putting it forth as a lesson to learn by (and to show that even the mighty Lord Sassafras makes mistakes sometimes.)

Despite all their efforts, no Hesperian search party can dig up the mystery to where Novementha went. Perhaps it was because they only started searching twenty years prior to the events of the EToD, and the exile occurred over a thousand years before that. Maybe an outsider could help with that...?

Binate and Nosasstros

EToD BinateNNosasstros

Binate and Nosasstros (Binate is on the left.)

Out of the nine Minions of Novementha, Nosasstros was the only one who escaped the corruption wrought by Heptone. Binate is a Minion of Ecclestias, a pink hexagonal Sassafras instantly recognizable by her distinctive pink-and-purple bow. The two are close friends, and Nosasstros resides with Binate and co. during Novementha's frequent disappearances (and the two just so happen to be a couple.) Nosasstros plays an integral role when players venture to battle Novementha while he is "vulnerable" to stabilization, as Nosasstros holds the key to return Novementha (at least temporarily) to a more stable state of existence.

Nosasstros can be found in the Sassa Clubhouse or the Secondary Sassa Clubhouse in Aegle. Having a player interact with him during a special event (outlined below) and then traveling to near Allegor's Cathedral with him is the only way to spawn Novementha.

The Fight

Locating Novementha

Novementha has very strict conditions for spawning, making it so that it is possible to only battle him around once every three or four weeks:

  • The player who goes to Nosasstros and brings him to Wintercrest must have previously fought Heptone during the last 14 days and won. Heptone's spawning conditions are detailed on her page.
  • Lord Sassafras must not have been defeated in the last 24 hours.
  • On that day, Sentiquet must be the Sassa Club member in rotation, and Zelena must be one of the three current managers at the main Sassa Clubhouse in Aegle.

If all of these conditions are met, Novementha will spawn once Nosasstros and the player who went with him arrive at Allegor's cathedral. Other players can wait at this location, since Nosasstros's special dialogue will teleport the interacting player near the cathedral once it is finished. All other Hesperians in Wintercrest will despawn (by going through portals, even if they are currently engaged in combat with anything) once Nosasstros arrives.

When Novementha spawns, he is in his corrupt form and will immediately begin attacking, having just been brought out of limbo, exposed to the corruption of Vallard Wastes for centuries. He does not deduct IE Energy upon his spawn nor defeat, nor does he increase or gather it.

Phase 1

Nosasstros and any newly spawned Hesperians within a range of ~150 tiles will begin to panic, running in circles and becoming intangible (they will become friendly NPCs who are unable to be damaged.)


  • Oozing Remnants: A passive ability. As Novementha moves, he leaves behind a green and dark tan ooze that inflicts Waterflame and Poisoned for 5 seconds each if players step in it, as well as low damage. The sludge disappears after 12 seconds of being placed down.
  • Brittlity: Another passive ability. Novementha takes 60% more damage from all elemental and kinetic damage sources, but 60% less damage from all internal and magic damage sources. Normal armor calculations apply (apart from the 15% damage reduction granted by his Entity Classification, which is not armor. This is explained on the Characters page.)
  • Right Swipe: Novementha charges up his right arm for several seconds before firing off an Annihilator bullet while swinging it inwards at a target, dealing high knockback to the player hit.
  • Swing Slash: Novementha charges up energy on the tip of his lance before thrusting it forward and to the left or right slightly, dealing high damage and inflicting Poisoned for 8 seconds.
  • Tetrax Burst: Novementha starts by attacking on a group of players with a set of 5 large homing traps fired out from his shoulder launcher. He then follows up with 15 smaller traps from his hand launcher in the same manner.
  • Dual Laser: Novementha fires a solid gold laser from his corrupted eye, while blasting a red-white laser from his laser pod. Both lasers merge into a thicker, orange laser that inflicts Burning and Spiced on all players hit by it, as well as high damage.
  • Contraction Blast: Novementha releases a viral burst of toxic particles within a 5-tile radius of him, inflicting Poisoned three times on all players hit by it (essentially Poison III) for rapid health loss.
  • Stacking Strike: Novementha straightens out his trap arm, compressing it. He then extends it outwards like a rickety spring up to 8 tiles, whacking players who are hit by it for medium knockback and damage.
  • Tox-rox: Novementha strikes forward with his lance, dealing very high damage and inflicting Bleeding on a single target.
  • Undercast: A shadow appears over Novementha as 3-5 sickly-green colored portals appear around him. They release masses of the sludge that Novementha leaves behind with his Oozing Remnants passive ability with the same effect, but in all direction. The sludge lasts for 20 seconds before disappearing.

Phase 2

At 60% health, a cutscene plays where Novementha appears to be crackling back and forth, his main body's color flickering between dark red and his original lighter red color. White cracks start to form on his trap launchers on his right arm, before rapidly extending onto the rest of the arm. However, before the transformation can complete, Sentiquet appears out of nowhere and begins attacking Novementha, stopping his reversion. Nosasstros stops panicking and pleads for Sentiquet to stop, but the purple Hesperian has no ears for the Minion's pleading. The battle continues...

When Sentiquet arrives, she is not there for the players; instead, she has flown into a blind rage at the detection and sight of Novementha, stopping at nothing to pulverize him into IE Energy a million times over. She will attack Novementha with almost no delay between her attacks, which might hit players if they aren't careful, despite them not being Sentiquet's targets. This adds another level of hazards to the Novementha battle, with gravity vortexes flying back and forth that will damage players.

Nosasstros cannot be hurt by the players due to him being on their side, but he can be inadvertently be hit by Sentiquet's attacks in the same manner that players are vulnerable to them. In this event, Nosasstros will not take any damage, but he will be flung around, squealing in fright in the high-pitched voice that is characteristic of smaller Hesperians, including Minions.


Novementha can use all of his Phase 1 attacks, in addition to the new ones below:

  • Nucleic Beam: Novementha blasts off a red laser with several smaller while lasers curling around the main beam, dealing very high damage to a single target. After the initial hit, three more helix-style lasers spiral off the main beam and hit three more targets close by for high damage.
  • Chronicity: Novementha teleports to where he was 10-15 seconds ago all of a sudden, and releases a shockwave that inflicts Slowed II and Dazed on all players within a 30-tile radius of his old position for 10 seconds.
  • Eight-point Distribution: Novementha marks small eight targets on the ground randomly around him with a dark red-colored symbol of the Hesperian League. These targets remain for 2.5 seconds before each being bombarded with a rapid hail of explosive traps from Novementha's shoulder launcher, dealing area medium damage to whatever was in these targets.
  • Composite Corruption: Novementha sprays a series of small bullets from his small barrel on his trap arm, sweeping the low-speed spray of bullets back and forth like an aerosol can. These bullets spin slowly with a sickly green aura, but don't travel far from their point of origin. Contact with these bullets inflicts low damage and Poisoned for a whopping 20 seconds, so it effectively can leave a player on the brink of death.
  • Spray 'n Pray: Novementha unleashes a massive, all-out blazing bullet hell composed up of all sorts of ammunition from all of his weapons at the same time, sweeping them back and forth (in front of him, if applicable) for maximum coverage. His laser pod is also firing randomly at slightly heightened reload, adding to the chaos that is this attack. Lasts for up to 20 seconds, but Novementha takes 250% increased damage. However, if players can successfully deal 3500 damage to Novementha, this attack will end early.
  • Blazing Strike: Novementha points his lance up into the sky and brings it down in a curving path to one side in slow motion while being surrounded with a napalm-blue fiery aura, inflicting Burning II for 5 seconds and high damage to players hit by the lance. Additionally, contact with his body will inflict his normal body damage, plus Burning III for 5 seconds.
  • Translucent Thorns: Novementha rotates his green trap launcher forward and releases 6-9 Thorn Mines that vanish after a few seconds. If players hit these thorn mines, they explode like normal, dealing medium damage.
  • Full Auto: Novementha releases a sustained and dense flurry of traps from the three trap launchers towards the front of his lance. These travel at high speed and deal medium damage to players hit, as well as inflicting Bleeding for 6 seconds.
  • Spiral Destruction: All of Novementha's currently existing traps on the field begin to spin rapidly before dashing towards the nearest player at high speed, dealing 125% of their normal body damage.

Phase 3

Novementha undergoes no visual changes in Phase 3, which he enters at 35% health. However, Sentiquet enters her second phase in her blind rage, gaining access to even more disruptive attacks that drastically increase the chaotic atmosphere of the battle. In his sadness, Nosasstros has no choice but to attack his friend in an effort to free Novementha from his suffering.

Nosasstros can now be targeted by Novementha, and WILL take damage. Sentiquet still won't deal any damage to Nosasstros, due to her attacks being IE Energy-based, but he might be flung into the way of Novementha's attacks either way. Nosasstros has 2,000 health, a bit absurd given his size. However, his regeneration rate is a mere 2 HP per second, but it will increase by 500% if he is not damaged for 30 seconds. Therefore, players must keep him out of harm's way as much as possible by shielding him. Likewise, Nosasstros will do his best to evade Novementha's (and in some cases, Sentiquet's) attacks. Keeping Nosasstros alive is paramount for players to receive maximum rewards after the battle.


Novementha can use all of his Phase 1 and 2 attacks, in addition to the new ones below.

  • Ion Burst: Novementha releases a massive series of lightning bolts from his lance that flashes across the field, inflicting Paralyzed for 10 seconds on all players hit within a 70 tile radius.
  • Storm Surge: Novementha charges up with energy crackling around him for 8 seconds, before dashing 100 tiles in the direction of Sentiquet (he will dash right into and through her.) When he has traveled 100 tiles, Novementha releases all this pent-up energy, unleashing a catastrophic energy burst that deals low to high damage to all players in a 100-tile radius, depending on their resistance to energy damage. Additionally, it inflicts Paralyzed and Confused on all players hit for 6 seconds, and puts Novementha a good distance away from the group. Sentiquet will be afflicted as well.
  • Inundation Calamitation: Novementha opens a portal above him that releases a massive, continuous flood of toxic ooze from Vallard Wastes. Contact with the fast-moving ooze, which spreads over a 30-tile radius from its point of origin, inflicts Poisoned and Burning for as long as players are in it. The ooze does not limit movement speed, so players can get out of it quickly to avoid the debilitating effects.
  • NOvamentha U: Novementha jumps and performs a downwards slash with his lance on the largest group of players, while at the same time releasing a giant trap that is sent flying forward from the impact zone. Players hit by the trap (not the lance, which deals high damage anyway) are inflicted with NO U for 5 seconds.
  • Cataclysm Seekers: Novementha summons five Sassafras Minions who are his body's dark red and have the same "eye" as he does. They all spin around him, absorbing damage as he continues to attack. However, their fire will be always concentrated on Nosasstros, who will be moving more quickly than usual to avoid their attacks while any of Novementha's Minions are alive. Each Minion has a whopping 1,500 health, and cannot be resummoned until all of them are destroyed.
  • Clashdrive: Novementha slams his hands together and anchors his composite arm into the ground. He uses his other arm (the one with the lance) to rapidly spew out dozens of traps that fly into the air and land in random spots in a 70 tile radius around him.
  • Curtailed Tempest: The banner hilt on Novementha's sword flashes rapidly as he thrusts it into the ground, creating a cliche fault line on the field that expands in all directions, shaking the screen and dealing massive damage to players directly hit by the faults.

Final Cutscene


Novementha, uncorrupted, at least for now...


Upon Novementha's defeat, all players who dealt at least 500 damage to him receive a permanent +5 boost to each of their Endurance, Mastery, Critical, Power, Accuracy, and Alacrity stats (as well as Defense, Absorb, and Shield Chance if applicable.) This buff persists through character death, and is granted only to the participating character.

Successive defeats of Novementha with characters who have already been stat-boosted will grant other rewards (to be decided.)


  • Another lore-heavy Hesperian whose page was put off for a while.
  • In 2017 and for the first third of 2018, Novementha's name was not revealed in the EToD bossnav or anywhere else (this was when Sassafras were still Sassafras and there was no such thing as Hesperia as an explorable area.) It was also when the idea of the Sassa Club was still relatively new, with little story behind it and having different designs.
  • Novamentha is the only other source that can inflict NO U other than things related to and inclusive of the ERKPEOFET and Lord Sassafras, this stemming from a stupid pun on his name.
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