The Obliterator is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from Destroyer and Triple Shot.


The Obliterator features a circular body with three cannons, one being a Destroyer cannon, and the other two being normal. The side cannons are roughly 45 degrees off center from the middle cannon.


The Obliterator has more area to hit enemies, as it has three cannons.

The firing pattern is different compared to Triple Shot. Although the side cannons still fire at the same time, the middle cannon follows the firing pattern of Destroyer. This means that the side cannons can fire simultaneously, while the middle cannon requires seconds before firing again.

If upgrading from Destroyer, the large cannon has a slightly decreased Bullet Damage and Reload. Apart from that, nothing else changes.


  • Strong Against: Multiple enemies, Drone-using tanks, fast-moving tanks
  • Weak Against: Almost any other tanks, skilled Snipers

As it upgrades from Triple Shot, the Obliterator should be played as how the Triple Shot is. With the middle cannon being deadlier, skill is a must to become familiar and expert at playing this class.

The Obliterator is good when cornering enemy tanks, as they either had to be hit by the side cannons, or suffer from the Destroyer bullet. Watch out, however, as once the middle cannon has been fired, the player might be vulnerable for few seconds.

The Obliterator can be a good ramming class, as the recoil of the middle cannon is powerful, while the side cannons can almost keep the effect of recoil.


  • Its speed, with both Movement Speed and Reload stat maxed out, and firing the cannons backwards, could beat that of the Tri-Angle or even the speedy Booster.
  • Originally, the cannons are positioned like the Triplet, but the Destroyer cannon being under the side cannons. The two cannons had been moved to be positioned like Triple Shot, as the previous design is overpowered.
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