The Obscurer is a Tier 5 tank that upgrades at Level 60 from the Stalker. Upon upgrading, it loses the invisibility ability but gains a new, special ability.


The Obscurer looks exactly like an Assassin except that its Barrel is tipped by a small rectangle.



Upon upgrading to the Obscurer, Stats stay mostly the same, except for an decrease in Bullet Damage and Penetration.

Obscuring Ability

The Obscurer has a special ability, which takes three minutes to recharge, in which it covers its entire field of view (equal to that of an Assassin) with white smoke such that nothing is visible to the players in that field. The Obscurer can see just like normal. This state lasts for thirty seconds. Tanks in the area cannot see anything, even if just on the edge. However, as soon as they make it out, they can see again.


Obscurer Frame

As the Obscurer

  • Ambush tanks, using the Obscuring ability either to destroy them or to evacuate.
  • A rammer build is a good option for the Obscurer, since targets will not be able to see and therefore avoid the player.
  • Bullet builds with lots of Reload also work well.

Against the Obscurer

  • Non-Trapper Sniper-branch tanks and Destroyer-branch tanks should avoid the Obscurer since they are helpless when they can't see.
  • Area denial tanks like the Penta Shot and Octo Tank are generally fine against the Obscurer.
  • Auto tanks are very good against the Obscurer since their targets still function properly.
  • Obscurers should generally avoid the Splitter branch.
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