Octamus Prime is a Boss and creator of the Octo Tank.


Octamus Prime resembles an Octo Tank in every respect, except that it is much larger and has a yellow body, like that of an Arena Closer. It either Auto Spins, unless it finds a target, in which case it always keeps one barrel firing at it.



Octamus is a weapon, in and of itself. With the equivalent of seven points in Movement Speed, as well as 40 Body Damage and a massive amount of Health, Octamus is a potent rammer, though Health Regen is poor (2 HP a second).


The Octamus's cannons are very powerful. Each one has the equivalent of seven points in Damage, Penetration, and Speed of a Basic Tank, while Reload is even better! It can keep its cannons fixed or it can tilt them 15° to either side. This allows multiple cannons to target one player. Despite this, though, its firepower is not very focused.


Octamus Prime has a few special attacks up its sleeve as well. Each attack can only be used once.

  • Split. It splits into two fully formed Octamuses for one minute.
  • Command. It adds two Octo Tanks to its team. If there are not two Octo Tanks then it makes two tanks become Octo Tanks.
  • Beast Mode. Everything is doubled for one minute.
  • Twin. Overlaps each of the eight barrels with another barrel for one minute.
  • Double Octa. Changes the tank from an eight-gun tank to a sixteen-gun tank.
  • SPINNNNNNNN. It starts Auto Spinning at 10 times the normal rate, while Reload is quintupled.


When Octamus dies, only after losing all of his 4,000 health, the player who killed him is awarded 30,000 XP.

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