Octo Shoot

The Octo Shoot is an upgrade from the Twin Flank , Quad Tank and Auto 3. It shoots via the barrels popping out and shooting.


The Octo Shoot will have a very large base tank size, although it's base max health is the same as the Octo Tank. It has no normal barrels out, but rather the barrels pop out whenever it's "their turn" to shoot a bullet.


The Octo Shoot gets all the technical decreases/buffs an Octo Tank has. Although the Octo Shoot gets higher "reload". The reload's stat name is changed to "Barrel Speed" and represents how fast the barrels pop out and retract to shoot a bullet. The Octo Shoot gets an entirely new feature, along with the (not added) Random Shoot. The barrels stay in the tank, but, in a barrel placement exactly like the Octo Tank, the barrels will pop out from top to side (left), to bottom to side (right) to top again (then repeat). They also go in between the directions (top right, bottom left, bottom right, top left). The normal Barrel Speed is approximately 1 second to go in, 1 second to go out, 1 second to wait then repeat. The average time to shoot another bullet is 4 seconds with this. If you maxed Barrel Speed out, then it takes 0.125 seconds to go in, 0.125 seconds to go out, 0.125 seconds to wait, It takes 0.5 seconds to shoot a bullet.


Against The Octo Shoot

  • High penetration and front shooting tanks are perfect for the Octo Shoot. Try a Triplet, Penta Shot, Spread Shot or anything with High penetration and shoots in the front mostly.
  • Try not to use an drone-based class, as the Octo Shoot can easily take down drones.
  • Sniper branch (with the exception of Trapper). Can fair against the Octo Shoot.

As The Octo Shoot

  • Groups of enemies are easier to kill, like the Octo Tank.
  • In order to defeat High penetration classes, you should get close to them, it might take your health down fast, but they should be able to die faster.


The Octo Shoot is the one of the two tanks with barrels that come out and in of the tank. The other is the Random Shoot (unadded)

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