Good ol' gears that for some reason now seek revenge.

Octogear is a Gladiator Boss in The Extended Tale of Diep that has a 5% chance to replace a Guardian spawn. This boss is drone-based, having various attacks involving drones. He also has extendable lances.


An 8 sided gear with four Cannons arranged like the Cannons on the Quad Tank. Also has four lances the same way. His primary ammunition are his drones, followed closely by bullets.


  • Drone Chain: His drones make up a chain on all four sides, at the lances. He also spins slowly during this. Lasts for 10 seconds.
Octogear Drone

An Octogear Drone in the attack Gear Storm

  • Lancefire: Shoots out its lances and uses them as homing missiles. He grows new lances after 5 seconds.
  • Gear Storm: Spawns 20 Gear drones.
  • Split Gears: Splits in two for 1 minute. This attack has a cooldown of 2 minutes. The Octogears roll like two actual gears.
  • Launch: Fires bullets and traps from the Cannons.
  • Supersized: Increases its size by 30%. His ammunition also gains 30% more damage. Octogear drones do the same.
  • Lance: Makes its Lances double in length, and will start to spin rapidly.
  • Machine Gear: He starts firing bullets as if he were a Machine Gun, which is indicated by his cannons becoming wider at the tips.
  • Drone Shot: Shoots 8 drones shotgun-style at a player. These drones will attempt a pincer movement.


You should have some kind of anti-drone tank to shut down the drones sent by him. Don't get too close to him either, since he can extend his Lances or fire them, making them home in on a certain player. He also fires bullets and traps, meaning that the party should have someone who can create a barricade (read: any and all Trappers.) He's somewhat slow, so he should be easy for a group fight.


  • This was Tungster24's first time creating something for The Extended Tale of Diep.
    • It was later added by Diepmon officially.
  • It is a Gladiator Boss.
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