Oculus is the Seer of the High Sassa Council, able to see the past, present, and many possible futures. He sees everything, anything, knows all that has happened, and what might happen. Nothing escapes his sight. Unfortunately for everyone who has close ties with him, he is a habitual liar and often speaks the exact opposite of what is the truth. Not to mention he knows if you're sneaking up behind his back. With that number of eyes, who wouldn't?

Oculus is a member of the High Sassa Council and has the ability to see all of time, and possible future timelines. He was created by Sassafrexen at the behest of Lord Sassafras, and can see all that is happening in The Realm at any given moment. However, he is a lying maniac and is wildly unpredictable. As it would seem in his case, great power comes with great insanity. Idea by Diepmon.


Oculus spawns in Time's Up, a gamemode in the Realm of Sassafras. He has a similar fight structure to his creator and the Polygon Disciples, but has three phases instead of two (one is an "idle" phase.) He cannot control time, although he can see many versions of it at once. Additionally, he has a similar power to Lord Sassafras in that he can view the world through the eyes of any Sassafras or Sassafras Minions.


Oculus has a pentagonal body with a bowler version of a Hesperian hat, but with only one eye underneath its bushy eyebrow. He has gray body armor outlining his body, a double spawner on his bottom, and two arms and hands that are absurdly large. His left hand holds an hourglass, while the other hand has a massive eye on it with three pupils (which isn't really an eye, it's an IE Energy manifestation) and a set of three small claws protruding from its side as a weapon. Oculus himself has seven Sassafras eyes made of different polygons, ranging from a circle to an octagon. The triangle eye is in a position where his nose would be, and the remaining five eyes form a mouth (his real mouth is the U shape right below the triangle eye, so technically, the other eyes are on his chin and cheeks.)


Oculus can summon Sassafras Minions from his lower spawners, albeit without hats. The smaller spawner summons them at twice the rate of the first, with a limit for both at 90.

Oculus has a base health of 94,000, and a baseline resistance to damage of 40%, which can be reduced to a minimum of 20%, even while under the Broken debuff.

With his hands, Oculus can execute claw/sweep based attacks with the claw weapon, and his hourglass is a simple melee weapon that can become a dagger that retracts in and out. It also spawns all kinds of tan hexagons. Despite looking all different and being of varying sizes, Oculus's eyes fire the same kinds of laser beams and act all exactly alike. He does not have any "in-between" attacks between his major attacks.

Fighting Oculus

Upon entering his battle room, players will notice Oculus in the center of the room, sleeping with all his eyes closed. However, as soon as the first player approaches, Oculus wakes up, says his intro, becomes Invincible, and moves to the back of the room to initiate Phase 1.

Phase 1

In this phase, Oculus flips his hourglass upside down and empties the sand out of it, shaking it vigorously. The sand fills the room, making it difficult to move. Oculus then opens 15 portals, and out of the portals enemies of various kinds spill in from all over the Realm, from Scorpios and Crashers to the occasional confused pirate or cultist. Once 210 enemies have entered the room, Oculus laughs and vanishes. Players must kill all of the enemies to continue.

Phase 2

Once all enemies have been destroyed, Oculus reappears in the center of the room and sucks up the sand with his mouth. Yes. His mouth. He then spits it out, spraying it everywhere, inflicting Blinded and Soaked for 5 seconds. The fight itself actually begins at this point.

I see you when you’re sleeping, I know when you’re awake... hee hee...


  • Time Bomb: Oculus’s hand eyes spin rapidly around, dispersing IE Energy into Oculus’s claw hand in the form of a grenade with a timer on it. Once it has been charged up for 10 seconds, Oculus launches it, where it lands and stays rooted to a spot for two minutes, after which it will explode violently in a large area. Players must watch the timer and not be caught in the blast radius, as they may forget about it given the long delay.
  • Slish: Oculus shoots a mulitide of tentacles out of his spawner made of IE Energy, grasping tanks and smashing them into each other for high damage.
  • Beaming Beams: Oculus fires lasers from his many eyes in one of these formations:
    • Radial Sweep: The five lowest eyes fire lasers that sweep from the opposite side of the eye of origin to the eye’s side at a medium distance in front of Oculus. The center eye sweeps left and right rapidly.
    • Rotary Barrage: Oculus fires laser bolts rapidly from his three hand eyes, spinning rapidly as they let loose a barrage of yellow bolts that travel at a frighteningly fast speed. Oculus sweeps his hand left and right and shakes it in every direction, causing the medium-damage laser bolts to fly just about everywhere.
    • Charge Set: Oculus releases a thick laser from his circular eye, locking on to the nearest player to inflict Burning and Paralyzed for 5 seconds and low damage. The laser then bounces from them to 10 other players, dealing the same effects but with 3 seconds for the debuffs instead.
    • Spiral Spin: Oculus’s triangle eye fires out 12 thin lasers, half of which spin counterclockwise and the other half clockwise around Oculus, dealing medium damage and Blinded for 3 seconds to anything that comes in contact with them.
    • IMA FIRIN MA LAZOR: Oculus releases low-damage solid and broken lasers from all of his eyes in all directions while flailing like the maniac he is, creating a laser hell that players must dodge for 15 seconds.
  • Multilaser: Oculus releases five lasers that auto-lock onto the nearest targets, regardless of distance. They increase in damage from 1 DPS to 10 DPS over 10 seconds and last for that amount of time, ticking damage every 0.5 seconds.
  • Claw Here: Oculus slashes left, extends his claws out to a greater distance, and slashes right again with greater area denial.
  • Sass And Dagger: Oculus fires his claws out at the nearest player, pinning them against the nearest wall with any one of the claws (the claws will also impale additional players if they are hit.) Oculus's claws will regrow, but players who are impaled by the spikes are inflicted with Bleeding for as long as they are stuck to the wall. They must destroy the spikes to escape (the spikes have 200 health with no damage resistance.)
  • Top of the Hour: Oculus's hourglass glows, and it releases 12 rays that spread in all directions, moving in straight lines and turning at sharp angles. These bounce off players, inflicting them with low damage and Dazed for 3 seconds.
  • Energy Construct: Oculus puts his hands together, and draws them apart to reveal a shimmering spear. He smashes it into the ground, and the citadel room shakes, causing a chandelier to fall down from the ceiling, shattering into many pieces that inflict Bleeding and Burned for 2 seconds on contact.
  • Eye See You: Oculus focuses his eyes onto one spot, and fires a series of green lasers at the target. The ground melts on it, and many Sassafras eyes come flying out of the hole created. They fly around, blasting players indiscriminately for low damage.
  • Oculus Rift: Oculus opens a hole in spacetime, warping every player that gets too close to it back to Hesperia City and out of the fight and gamemode itself. This lasts for 4 seconds, and the world can be seen twisting around the dimensional rift.
  • Shatterpoint: Oculus blasts apart his hourglass, destroying it to reveal 170 Sassafras Minions that need to be destroyed, marking the transition to Phase 3.

Phase 3

In Phase 3, entered when his arms are destroyed, Oculus gains a new attack select, in addition to his old ones. He can still use his arms' weapons.

  • Sassa Ash: A stream of ash comes flying out of Oculus's spawner that deals medium damage on contact that ticks over time.
  • Sassa Bash: Oculus headbutts a group of players, dealing medium damage and knockback.
  • Sassa Crash: Oculus jumps onto a pillar and lands in the middle of the floor, dealing medium-low damage to all players in the room.
  • Sassa Dash: Oculus performs Sassafrexen's Sassa Dash attack, but rotating his claw hand instead.
  • Sassa Flash: Oculus's eye shine brightly, inflicting Blinded OR Dazed for 3 seconds on all players.
  • Sassa Gash: Oculus opens up a longitudinal rift on the floor that sand pours out of, inflicting Slowed on all players who walk over it.
  • Sassa Lash: Oculus extends one of his claws out into a whip, and starts cracking it onto players for high damage and inflicting Bleeding for 5 seconds.
  • Sassa Mash: Oculus grabs several players, rolls them into a ball, and mashes them against the wall, inflicting Broken for 10 seconds and high damage.
  • Sassa Smash: Like Sassa Crash, but Oculus will try to land on top of a player instead.
  • Sassa Trash: Oculus opens a portal, and the contents of Hesperia City Landfill Processing Unit #24 are emptied into the arena, inflicting 5 random debuffs for 1-20 seconds to players who touch the waste.
  • Sassa Wash: Oculus manifests a bucket of cold or hot water with IE Energy and dumps it on a player. Regardless of temperature, nothing happens.


Oculus doesn't have any rewards, except an achievement and lots of IE Energy being released. Inexplicably, when he recondenses mere seconds after the players defeat him and reanimates himself, it looks like another fight will begin, but then Oculus falls over and starts snoring. When he starts sleeping, a player can grab a key from the side of Oculus's (repaired) hourglass and use it to open the door to the next area.



  • He has lots of eyes that fires lasers. Maybe too many.
    • He resembles a snowman because of this.
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