The ticking time bomb that floats around The Realm. The 118th Sassafras clone, Oganesson doesn't waste his time, even though he looks flat out ridiculous with his spinning hats.


Oganesson is a member of the Sassa Club, a club of nine special Sassafras modified by Lord Sassafras to be "messengers" for him. Oganesson will replace a Sassafras spawn somewhere in The Realm as part of an 8-day rotation, and will always spawn with a sarfassaS (Reverse Sassafras) himself, instead of a normal Sassafras like some of the other members of the Sassa Club.. He will spawn with the other nine members of the Sassa Club every four cycles. Oganesson is definitely the odd one out, with eyes with hats that rotate around them, weird barrel placement, nonsensical spiciness, and even a movepool that legitimately makes no sense. Oganesson uses his modified hats to collect IE Energy.


Oganesson features a cyan hexagonal body with an eye on each side, each with two hats (six of them are hidden in the image) for a total of 12 hats. The hats rotate counterclockwise around the eyes. On his corners, he has Sniper barrels. Oganesson is 0.8x the size of a normal Sassafras, being rather small given his position and (explosive) power.

Heptone Fight (as ally)

See Heptone's page.

The Fight


Oganesson has two phases. When idle, Oganesson spins rapidly while bouncing up and down, singing and dancing. Upon noticing something other than a player, he teleports on top of it to squash it, dealing medium body damage. If he sees a player, he teleports wherever they are facing, then behind them, and uses his Tuple Laser attack, blasting them into the air. This is repeated for every player he encounters, so he will pause an attack that he's in the middle of and start the "hello" cycle all over again for the newcomer. Therefore, the best way to fight Oganesson in accordance with his intriguing behavior is to use hit-and-run tactics to "introduce" him to a new player as they run in and out of his detection range, thereby constantly distracting and forcing him into the introduction cycle and preventing him from attacking anyone else. However, this will only work for Phase 1.

Any Sassafras, Sassafras Minions, and other Hesperians will follow Oganesson around if he passes within 200 tiles of them. In turn, he will teleport them with him wherever he goes.

Phase 1

  • Tuple Laser: Oganesson blasts four lasers from each eye that fling players into the air upon contact, dealing low damage overall.
  • Hat-a-pult: Oganesson spins his hats around his eyes and flings them toward six players almost instantly, causing the hats to stick to them. Those players will receive Blinded and Dazed until the hats on them are destroyed by their allies through any means, or if they move fast enough that the hats will fall off.
  • Turbo Trail: Oganesson fires flames from his Sniper barrels, followed by a volley of 3 sets of Sniper bullets.
  • Dance Dance Sassy: Oganesson bounces around while blabbering and chattering, landing on top of players to inflict Paralyzed for 3 seconds and medium damage.
  • Come To Me, Hatties: Oganesson fires 6 bullets the color of his body from his barrels that stick to six players, drawing them in towards him. He will then use Hat-a-pult on them.
  • Hats Off To Oganesson: Oganesson spins rapidly, and his hats fly off and land on his barrels. All of his eyes will then go into a "happy" expression as he releases tens of lasers from each of them that swing around, inflicting Burning for 3 seconds on contact.
  • Spiciness Overload Blast: Oganesson's six eyes start glowing, and they fire a laser each that merges into a mega-laser in the center of Oganesson's body, which then is fired off to deal massive damage on a single player, and HUGE area damage in a massive radius.
  • Ogre-nesson: Oganesson turns green and starts saying Shrek quotes. This cannot be interrupted with the "hello" sequence, and Oganesson is Invincible for as long as this ability is in effect (which is anywhere between 30 seconds to 4 minutes.)
  • Teleport, Teleportato, Telekazam: Oganesson rapidly teleports around, firing bullets at the rate of a Streamliner. When he has teleported 25 times, Oganesson lands on a player hard, dealing heavy damage and medium splash explosive damage in a wide area.
  • Tick BOOM Tick BOOM: Oganesson explodes continuously without losing any health, rapidly flying around in an attempt to ram into players. The explosions occur every 0.5 seconds and inflict medium area damage, but what is dangerous is Oganesson's speed.

Phase 2


Oganesson in Phase 2.

At 10,700 health, Oganesson enters Phase 2. Oganesson uses Tick BOOM Tick BOOM, but explodes only once. After the explosion, he has reduced in size to a Sassafras Minion, and instead of six eyes around his edges and twelve hats, he now has one eye with three eyes inside of it (not to be confused with Oculus's hand eye, which has three pupils in it.) He also has only one eye-less hat that he wears upside down, and moves significantly faster. He can use all of his Phase 1 attacks, the difference being that Spiciness Overload's animation only uses 3 eyes but does the same damage, and Hat-a-Pult cloning the hat into six. Hats off to Oganesson is the only attack that is not used here.

New Attacks:

  • Spiral Blast: Oganesson spins rapidly while firing explosive bullets for 4 seconds.
  • Landmine: Oganesson goes invisible and teleports into the path of a player. Upon contact with Oganesson, he becomes visible and immediately explodes, dealing high damage.
  • Break Boom: Oganesson manifests a cartoon bomb (black ball with sizzling rope fuse) and tosses it at players, where it explodes, dealing no damage at all. He will then follow up with a bomb that does do high area damage.
  • O-gone-nesson: Oganesson flickers in and out of invisibility as his eyes spin around faster and faster. Eventually, he starts firing blue lasers that move in random directions. The lasers are fast, but don't do much damage.
  • Boomburst: Oganesson pumps out a cloud of slow-moving dense bullets that functions as a shield, remaining still as he gains a 1000 HP shield that must be broken. As soon as the shield is broken, though, it explodes and releases all of the bullets that Oganesson has built up at high speed.
  • Explosive Explosions: Oganesson creates clones of himself as he zips around, firing lasers into the dancing clones to make them explode. Don't follow Oganesson during this 45-second attack.
  • Muchroom Cloud: Oganesson explodes with a mushroom cloud that pulls all players into it, inflicting them with Poisoned and Weakened for 6 seconds.
  • BOOOOOM: At 50 health, Oganesson shakes for 5 seconds, spinning faster and faster. He then explodes violently in a blue flash, and all Hesperians in a wide surrounding area are healed to full health by lightning and receive a permanent 20% speed and damage buff. Players are dealt very high damage if they are caught in the relatively small blast radius. Oganesson then teleports away, presumably to the Realm of Sassafras.


  • Oganesson is the name of the chemical element with atomic number 118. [1]
    • Oganesson's health is 29,400, and the atomic weight of Oganesson (the element) is 294.
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