Omega Tank, the Ultimate Killer is a Ultra Boss that can only spawn normally in Boss Rush gamemode.


Phase 1

Just look at the picture. He looks like a big gray armor construceted out of polygons. He has two hands that float near to him. He has also a Ω symbol on torso, angry eyes, red lines on head and light purple(?) sword on back.

Phase 2

His hands now are connected to the main body with thicker "energy wave". One of hands is holding sword, which now is green, another one has Annihilator barrel. Now he has two additional "heads" on his shoulders. His main body color is now gold/yellow. He's not so shiny as Nostradamus however. New parts added to it will appear in flashy style.

Phase 3

That design from previous phases was only an armor, so he gets an entirely new design. He's now a dark red tank with some sort of sword(a Lance with glow) and angry eyes. Dark aura surrounds his body. He's now slightly larger than level 45 tank.


BGM for Phase 1:

BGM for Phase 2:

BGM for Phase 3:


Phase 1

  • Giant Slash: He will grab his sword and spin it in a 180. Starts from the up, slashes to the left or right, and ends on below him.
  • Homing Arms: His hands will start to chase players like drones. Remember that they are slightly bigger than a lvl 45 tank. He can't use "Giant Slash" during this attack.
  • Omega Laser: Omega Tank will quickly fire red lasers from eyes at players. They inflict Burning for 5 seconds and have big penetration.
  • Missile Launchers: Suddenly the two Destroyer auto turrets will appear on his pauldrons for some time. Their bullets however are faster and they'll explode on contact with tanks on 5x5 area. Thay are also oval, not round.
  • Gatlings: Suddenly the two Triplet turrets will appear on his shoulders for some time. They have high reload and push tanks further than normal.

Phase 2

Before the whole phase 2 fight begin, arena will shrink to size of two Fortress rooms and he will get to the top of it. After that, he can't move.


Phase 2 look without a sword.

  • Ultra Slash: He will slash with his sword like in previous phase, but it only goes from left and it INSTA-KILLS! He starts to do it slower than before however.
  • Power Field: He creates thick trap layer in front of him. Traps are yellow and crackle with electricity. This barrier lasts forever, and will vanish only after being destroyed.
  • Killer Beam: His annihilator cannon will fire big laser beam that also INSTA-KILLS! Just a right-sided version of Ultra Slash.
  • Omega Laser DX: Omega tank will quickly fire red lasers from eyes of each head at players. They inflict Burning for 8 seconds and have big penetration.
  • Shielded Bomb: He releases big Spike named "Ω Bomb" that explodes on contact with any tank in 5x5 area. It also has three Smashers orbiting around it.
  • Sound Wave: Will release a shockwave(yellow circle that gets bigger) that inflicts Paralyzed and Stunned for 3 seconds. Usually followed by Ultra Slash or Killer Beam.

Phase 3

After phase 2 ends, his entire body breaks into pieces. BUT! after a while, the screen flashes white, the music starts, and he explodes. But it's not end of him! New Phase 3 look appears in this junk. Let the final part begin!


Phase 3 look.

Note: Some of the names are Zero's attacks names in Japanese.

  • Triple Slash: He dashes to one of the players and cuts him/her thrice.
  • Spread Wave: Does a 360 with his sword. That sends eight powerful energy waves.
  • Buster Blast: His saber is replaced by a barrel. Then he shoots ten big bullets at players.
  • Kuuenbu: He zips from player to player. Usually followed by....
  • Kuuenzan: Spins his sword in 360 degree several times. This does heavy damage.
  • Juuhazan: His lance extends,and he does a slow 180 degree slash once. Very powerful, leaves you on 20% of health.
  • Dark One's Blessing: After losing 50% of HP, he gets some passives:
    • Tenkuuha: He can deflect bullets with his saber.
    • C-Sword: Upgrade to Kuuenzan. During the spin, a yellow aura is present, extending the range fo attack.
    • Hadangeki: Upgrade to Juuhazan. Slash now sends out an orange energy wave.
  • Like Alpha and Omega: On 10% of health, he goes Invulnerable and uses two of these attacks:
    • Messenkou: He flashes purple and releases eight fast violet annihilator bullets two times.
    • Ranbu: He zips near to one of the players and executes a 7-hit combo on his/her face.
    • Tenshouha: Five tanks are market as targets. After 3-4 seconds, small area around them glows blue(this should look like laser from the sky, but is a 2D game). This does so much damage that if player will not move, he/she will die.

When he dies, win music starts, his eyes closes, sabre vanishes, and after five seconds, he explodes. After that, a 'Ultra Boss beaten!' text will appear on the middle of the screen.


  • Based off the Omega from Mega Man Zero 3. Also some of his attacks in phase 3 are named after Zero's techniques.
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