"In my personal opinion, bacon. :D" Omegahedron is an AI-controlled boss which has 2 Phases, unlike an average boss. Additionally, it has the colour of the brown team what got removed after not long. Unlike average bosses, Omegahedron spawns 27-40 minutes after the previous boss has been killed.


It features a circle body split up into 4 parts, connected. Additionally, it's around the size of a Dominator's size multiplied by 4, that means the Quad Auto-Cannon is even larger than an average Dominator, AKA pretty big. Also, the barrels are around half the mass of a single Dominator.


Size comparison to a neutral dominator, it's huuuuuge.



Omegahedron has 48,000 HP for the first Phase. When it's defeated, it will give 480,000 EXP to the player who killed it, instantaneously bringing the player to level 45, if they haven't been to level 45 already. Omegahedron's health regeneration will raise up to 20% of its health per second after being left for 60 seconds. Omegahedron's speed is basically nonexistent, moving at .5 tiles per second, and it has auto-spin on.


Omegahedron's cannons have a basically expected slow fire rate at 1 bullet per 2 seconds, meanwhile the damage of the bullets do 450 damage, which can insta-kill any normal tank. Also, the bullets have a fire rate of a maxed destroyer with 7 bullet speed points.

Quad Auto-Cannon

Omegahedron has a Quad Auto-Cannon which also does as much damage and bullet speed as the other cannons. There's a catch to the reload rate though, each time it successfully hits a tank, the fire rate gets increased by 0.2 seconds each hit, in 20 seconds, it will reset.


Omegahedron's behaviour is similar to the defender, when idle, it does basically nothing, except barely move and auto-spin. While being attacked or attacking, the Quad Auto-Cannons all fire at the tank what shot at it or got too close, and the other cannons shoot if a tank gets near it.



The separated Omegahedron(s).

When Omegahedron is defeated by a player, it splits up into 4 separated pieces of the boss, and the one with the Quad-Auto Cannon has more HP and EXP than the other pieces. It has 4,800 HP and 48,000 EXP on the Quad Auto-Cannon piece, but 2,400 HP and 24,000 EXP for the others.


  • This was a basic remaster of the first conception I ever made, Omegadus.
  • Just... bacon, alright?
  • Yes, I know, my trivias are really short ;-;
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