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The Overanger is a Fanon Tier 5 Tank that evolves from Witch Hunter, Ranger and Tankbrid and does not evolve further. Idea by Tacocat. Art by Sentinal94K.DO NOT STEAL.


From Tankbrid:

It gains a ranger cannon in exchange for its existing tank cannon. Its movement speed and reload are significantly decreased.

From Witch Hunter:

Its assassin cannon turns into a ranger cannon. Its movement speed and reload are slightly decreased.

From Ranger:

It gains a drone spawner.


Strong against: Everything except Spikes with 10 movement speed and drone users

Weak against: Everything else

As the Tank:

  • Use drones to protect yourself while wreaking havoc on others
  • Make sure rammers or drones don't touch you

Against the Tank:

  • Treat as a ranger that is considerably harder to hit with melee options or drones.


  • Based on Tacocat's tank in the Beta.
  • Is the first Tier 5 Fanon Tank that I have created.
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