The Overheavy is a tier 3 tank that is one of the current upgrades from the Heavy. Overheavy may further upgrade into the Hybrid, Chimera, Drone Heavy, and Alpha classes. Idea by Tacocat247, DO NOT STEAL!


The Overheavy looks like its predecessor, the Heavy, which has a Circular tank body with a medium-sized Cannon mounted at the front. At the back is an added Drone Spawner.


Upon upgrading from the Heavy, the Overheavy, keeping true to its namesake, adds a Spawner to the back of the tank. The Spawner spawns Two Drones, having the same stats as the Hybrid. Everything else is the same as the Heavy, being a balanced Destroyer.


  • The original name for Overheavy was Mini-Hybrid. I might revert the change.
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