The Overrider is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Overseer and the Auto 3 at level 45. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The Overrider has a single Auto Turret mounted on the front of the tank, like that of the Auto 3, and it also has one Spawner resembling that of the Hybrid and the Overtrapper. It also has a blinking orange light on it.

Attack methods

The rear Spawner spawns 2 uncontrollable drones that are the same as those of the Hybrid and the Overtrapper. The Auto Turret behaves like a normal Auto Turret, as one would expect. Weapons aside, the Overrider, upon pressing X, has the ability to override (hence the name) all onscreen Auto Turrets and Drones of enemy tanks, forcing them under the Overrider's own control. This override ability has a 20-second cooldown.

In the case of Drones, they still count to the original user's drone count, and more cannot be spawned until the current ones are destroyed. Newly spawned drones will not however be under the Overrider's control. Their controls are the same as the original owner's: Controllable Drones remain controllable and vice versa. Necromancer Drones will retain the ability to "infect" other Squares.

In the case of Auto Turrets, their stats are the same as the original owner's, and the Overrider can manually aim them with the mouse. They cannot shoot their original owners. Overridden Drones and Auto Turrets will turn orange in Free For All, and the Overrider's team colour in team game modes.

Due to balancing issues, using the Override ability will relinquish control over everything currently controlled, and override non-overridden Drones and Auto Turrets. When an Overrider destroys something with overridden Drones or Auto Turrets, the resulting EXP is granted to both the original owner and the Overrider. Overriders cannot override Drones and Auto Turrets of other Overriders, Bosses, or Base Protectors. Once the Overrider dies, control of all Drones and Auto Turrets are returned to their rightful owners.


When compared to the Overseer's Drones:

  • Drone Speed is increased.
  • Drone Health is decreased.
  • Drone Count is decreased from 8 to 2.

When compared to the Auto 3's Auto Turrets:

  • Bullet Damage is increased.
  • Reload is increased.



You can easily defeat most Drone users, as they tend to rely only on their drones for offense. A well-timed override can save both you and your teammates from an untimely death at the hands of enemy Drones, thus making this tank incredibly supportive in team game modes. Overtrappers and Hybrids are harder to deal with, since they have another kind of offense available. However, if the player has overridden enough Auto Turrets, they can still bring them down easily.

Defeating Auto Turret users is a different story. As most Auto Turret users have a top-mounted Auto Turret for secondary offense (the only exception being the Auto 5), they can still defeat you with their primary offense. It is recommended to generally avoid them unless you have sufficient firepower to defeat them. Auto 5s however are easy prey, and you can keep them around as "slaves" until either they die or you use the Override ability again.


Any general strategy against an Overlord or an Auto 5 will usually suffice, as the Overrider cannot regenerate any Drones besides its original 2, and overridden Auto Turrets are attached to other tanks, who are usually also trying to kill the Overrider. Bullet spam or Destroyers work well, as the Overrider will have to retreat or risk having its Drones destroyed by the great amounts of bullet damage, thus leaving it vulnerable. If possible, try to ambush it.

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