The Paladin serves as the second subdivision for the Soldier. As it upgrades from that at Level 30, it can also be promoted into the Hielaman, Vanguard, or Rook at Level 45.


The Paladin is a blue circle-shaped tank with two blue semi-circles on either side of the front of the tank, holding a stick that's wider than the Soldier's and now has armor around its body (excluding the hands).


Paladin is basically a burly version of the Soldier, but of course, there are a few changes. Every swing decreases energy by 12%, and regenerates 15% every 2 seconds. The Paladin may have a wider weapon, but that doesn't mean its damage is better. In fact, it has a little less damage, but for a good reason. This class will have the greatest penetration out of the Tier 3 Soldier sub-branch, Cavalier and Knight.

This class also has the same mechanic the Knight possesses, so you can just click on that to see more info about it. Anyways, the armor around the Paladin doesn't actually have an ammunition point limit, so it can't break. Instead, it decreases any damage dealt to it by 25%. However, the part between its hands can, and can last for about 20 ammunition points. Basically, your front and hands are vulnerable, but not around your body.

  • Max Health and Tank Defense are increased, but Movement Speed is decreased.
    • Tank Defense can be compared to Body Damage. This stat option will decrease damage dealt to your body, and not your shield.

When upgrading, there are three choices to choose from. Paladin may already focus on defense power, but you can upgrade for the other classes' archetype. Such as Hielaman, which means you'll combine attack power with your current defense power. Vanguard, which means you'll have twice as more defense power. Rook having both attack and defense power, but more defense than attack.


  • I fight for my friends — Upgrade to Paladin
  • Impenetrable — Upgrade Tank Defense to its maximum value
I fight for my friends
Upgrade to Paladin
Upgrade Tank Defense to its maximum value


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