The Parker Square is a polygon boss tank added on 10/10/2017. It is based off of the Green Square, a rare polygon. Its technology is based off of the polygon bosses of old, akin to The Warden, The Custodian, and The Rebirth. Parker Square features a new weapon, a Cross Spawner, and Four Cannons.

Parker Square can spawn in every Gamemode, excluding Maze.


Parker Square features a Green Square shaped body with a regular Cannon on each side. On top of the tank is a Cross Spawner, which can do several actions, as described in the technical.


Parker Square

The Parker Square features 3,000 health, which, if you haven't known by this point, is the regular health for most boss tanks. Upon being defeated/destroyed, The Parker Square will drop 30,000 EXP to the player who had defeated Parker Square, which will immediately raise a tank to level 45. Parker Square will regenerate 40 health per second if Parker Square is left alone for 5 seconds, making this boss more of a pain than Kiosk ever will be. Parker square, and its Cross Spawner, has the body damage of an Alpha Pentagon, making this boss an exemplary rammer. Parker Square also has the movement speed of a Spike with no stats, showing that yes. Parker Square has at least one drawback.


I'm doing the Cannons first because technically they are easier to explain.

The Cannons have the same stats of a Destroyer but with the reload of a Ranger. That's it, nothing else.

Cross Spawner

I'm going to put it bluntly. The Cross Spawner is a new weapon exclusive to the Parker Square, so I got quite a bit to explain.

The Cross Spawner is a type of Spawner that, like I said before, is exclusive to the Parker Square. It's shaped like a dark grey plus sign with a Spawner at each of the ends. Each Spawner spawns drones like Battleship Partisans, but the don't disappear, and are indestructible. Instead they go into a circle around the Cross Spawner, made out of 40 drones. The Parker Square can move the Cross Spawner at will, as it is attached to the Parker Square by a string which is the length of 3 Alpha Pentagons. The string has the health of an Alpha Pentagon. If you damage the string enough, it snaps and becomes a separate entity, only to be killed if you kill the Parker Square. Since the Parker Square can move the Cross Spawner when it's attached to a string, it can defend itself easily.


  • A pretty unique boss.
  • The only boss ever to use a Cross Spawner.
  • The design is partly based off of The Rebirth, The Warden, and The Custodian.
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