Basic Info

Pascal is an addition to The Extended Tale of Diep. Made by Tungster24. Do not steal.


It needles other tanks to get their tank matter. When the needle is full. The enemy loses 75% of their health. Then Pascal can Inject that to air to have a minion. Spawns 6 minions with one full needle. The Minion has %40 of the original enemy health, and half of the enemy bullet damage, penetration, speed and movement speed.


Has two rectangles on the back and a needle like quare with a line to represent the sharp part.


As the Pascal

  • Maximize movement speed. This way you can take a shot to your enemies easier.
  • Try using the front of your tank to ram, enemy loses %82,5 of their health if you do that.
  • Try running straight to your enemy, %10 damage boost if you do that.
  • Try hitting the back of the enemy, %2 damage boost if you do that.

Against the Pascal

  • Turn your front. This will give you a little speed boost and also you will take less damage
  • Try shooting with a bullet spammer. They cant shoot you.
  • Try to hit Pascal with your drones if you have any, They are also stuck to you!
  • Do not use a rammer. No matter where Pascal hits. It hits the needle somehow.
  • Try upgrading health regen. You will gain health before it ejects all of the minions.


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