The Pelletgun is one of the current Tier 3 Tank upgrades that may be able to upgrade from from the Gatling at level 30. The Pelletgun may further upgrade into the Nailgun, Hewn Pelletgun, Borer, Punt Gun, and Sailor. Idea by Enigmium, Khitrish, and Tacocat247, DO NOT STEAL.


The Pelletgun features a circular tank body as a base a short Cannon mounted onto the front with two Gunner Cannons mounted on top of the shorter one. It is very similar to the Overgunner and Gunner Trapper's front cannons.


The Pelletgun features Gunner cannons. Although, it has fewer cannons than Gunner, the bullets are stronger and more focused than it. The Gatling loses its primary cannon as it upgrades to the Pelletgun.

  • Bullet Penetration is increased.
  • Bullet Damage is increased.
  • FOV (Field of View) is increased.
  • Reload is slightly decreased.


  • Strong Against: Body Damage tanks, Gunners, Auto Gunners, slow tanks, low Penetration tanks.
  • Weak Against: High Penetration tanks, Drone tanks, high DPS tanks, Destroyer branch, Artillery branch, Trapper tanks.

As the Pelletgun

It is best to aim only at slow or bullet spammer tanks. The tank's bullets will go straight through a bullet spammer's bullets. The strategies of Gunner Trapper and Over Gunner will work.

Against the Pelletgun

Using tanks with incredibly high Penetration will work. Tanks with high Damage, but low Penetration, may also work. Of course, the Destroyer branch is stronger than this. Again, the same strategies against the Gunner Trapper and Over Gunner will work.


  • This tank was made to specifically upgrade to only Nailgun, but more concepts came and upgraded from this one.
  • The design is similar of that to the Pelleter but the Borer has longer guns that it.
  • Made by Enigmium, in Collaboration with Khitrish Mapping and Tacocat247.
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