The Pinrocket is a Tier 4 tank-- and the first final tank of the Exploder branch, which upgrades from the Missile. You can upgrade to this at Level 45.


Similar to the Annihilator, but the cannon is less widened and more longer. It also adds an Auto Turret for defense.


This tank adds another new feature: Homing Missiles! Basically, when you shoot a missile, you can manually aim it! While in aiming mode, you can use the [W,A,S,D] keys to move it like you normally would to move your tank. (You won't be able to move your tank in this mode.)

(You can press [M] on your keyboard to disable the Homing Missile feature, and again to enable it. You can also press [T] to automatically explode the missile you were aiming.)


As the Pinrocket

While you're using your Homing Missile mode, you're definitely going to be wondering: "Won't I be defenseless?" Yes, that's true, but the Pinrocket can prevent that! First of all, you have an auto turret to fend off people. Second, the Pinrocket has a "sensor" and it will warn you that people are near by.

Against the Pinrocket

The Pinrocket may seem like an easy target, but it isn't. Its damage is very high, and so is its Field of View. To defeat this tank, you'll need to be quick.

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