The Pinwheel is a polygon that has a 5% chance to replace a Pentagon spawn. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The Pinwheel looks like an average Pentagon when idling. When it attacks, it looks like a Pentagon with 5 firework rockets attached to it.

Technical details

The Pinwheel may look like a Pentagon, but it has 5 times the health. It also has a special form of attack; if it is damaged, 5 firework rockets will extend from its sides. Said rockets will then ignite, firing lots of small, fast Gunner bullets from them for 10 seconds. Each rocket generates recoil equivalent to a Penta Shot, and as a result, the Pinwheel spins around when it attacks, giving it its name. The Pinwheel rewards 500 XP when destroyed, 5 times that of a Pentagon. This attack has a 5-second cooldown, and if no tank attacks the Pinwheel in 20 seconds, the rockets will retract back into the Pentagon body. The spinning may be either clockwise or counterclockwise; the chance is 50/50.

Since Pentagons have a 5% chance to be replaced by a Pinwheel, Alpha Pentagons also have a chance to be replaced by Alpha Pinwheels. They "only" have 2 times the health and XP reward of a normal Alpha Pentagon (as opposed to 5 times for non-Alphas), but their firework rockets are much more potent, having the damage of a Sprayer and the recoil of a Booster.


Try to destroy the Pinwheel either as fast as possible by rushing it down via Triplet or Factory, attacking it when it is in its 5-second cooldown (any tank can do this), blocking its bullets with Traps, or by taking it down from afar via Ranger or Predator. Ramming it is possible, but it is only recommended during the cooldown period, or when the Pinwheel is at low health. Since they look exactly like normal Pentagons when unprovoked, always keep a reasonable distance from a Pentagon if you can, in case it happens to be a Pinwheel, due to how deadly they are at close range.

Alpha Pinwheels are extremely dangerous and are equal to or even more dangerous than Bosses, and can wipe out hordes of tanks in seconds. The Factory and the Predator are most ideal here, since they can dish out some heavy damage while still keeping a reasonable distance. Otherwise, try to use a hit-and-run strategy, dodging or blocking when necessary. The Auto Trapper is the best choice here if neither Factory nor Predator is available.


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