The Pistol is a Tier 2 tank that upgrades from the Basic at Level 15. It currently cannot upgrade further.


The Pistol has a circular body like most other Tanks, and has a single Cannon accompanide by a wide but short rectangular base at the start.


The Pistol's Reload is about twice that of a Submachine Gun with equal reload, but the Pistol cannot shoot by holding down fire or turning on Auto Fire - attempting these actions will simply make it shoot once. Instead, the Pistol fires each time fire is pressed and its Reload allows it to shoot or Auto Fire is toggled on, making it a Tank that needs a fast clicker to shoot quickly.

As for the Tank's Bullets, they have slightly less Bullet Damage and Bullet Penetration than the Basic's Bullets and keep the same Bullet Speed. The Pistol's Cannon has the same spread as the Basic's.


  • First tank where you can't hold down to shoot.

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