Not to be confused with Assassin, Stalker, or the original Skimmer.

The Pistol is one of the current tier 4 upgrades from the Assassin and the Ejector. It will not upgrade any further, as it is at the end of its tank line. Idea by Tacocat247, DO NOT STEAL.


A battery

The Pistol features a circular tank body, like most other regular tanks, with an Assassin Cannon mounted at the front. Layered behind the cannon is an extended trapezium that stops at the end of the cannon.


Pistol Firing

The Pistol is a very unique tank that has not been seen before. It fires a bullet that looks like a Flank Guard, but with small red rectangles on the barrels. The barrels fire lasers that do 7 damage per second and have the speed of a bullet with 4 bullet speed. When the Bullet Penetration (bullet life) runs out, the lasers disappear. Think of this tank as a kind of net.


  • I made this on my tablet.
  • This tank, I'm pretty sure, has not been seen before in any form.
  • It uses the original Skimmer design. I thought it looked cool, and I hated seeing it not be used, so here it is.
  • This tank was originally used on Kiosk as the Mounted Turret, but it got replaced by an Outlet turret
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