The Plunderer is an AI-controlled fanmade Boss that spawns rarely near the Pentagon Nest. Exclusive to the FFA and Domination gamemodes. Made for Arras.


The Plunderer is approximately the same size as the Defender. Its main attacking weapon is the cannon with another inside it, similar to the Hunter's. It also possesses a Rifle cannon on the base that acts as an auto turret, and has two launchers on the sides.


Bounty Hunter Cannon

This is the main weapon Plunderer uses. Because it usually goes after the leaderboard players, I call it the "Bounty Hunter". Also because the cannon is similar to the Hunter's. The bullet that comes out of the bigger barrel has damage comparable to the Annihilator's, and the bullet that comes out of the smaller one is strong as a Destroyer's.

Auto Rifle Turret

This is kinda self-explanatory. It's basically your average Rifle tank but twice as strong and automated. Reload is lower than the playable version though.



The Mini Assassin drone.

These do not spawn regular drones, but instead, it creates small Assassin tanks to aid Plunderer in combat. Very similar to the Factory. They are actually weaker than the original, hence why it's so small, but have 400 health. When destroyed, the Plunderer creates another after 5 seconds. Three Mini Assassin drones are the maximum it can spawn.


The Plunderer seeks out and will try to destroy the player that is top on the leaderboard. Of course, this may sound weak, but that's exactly why the Auto-Rifle and Mini Assassins are there. They fend off other players and protect their user. They will target anyone who gets close in their range.


  • This could be the first Sniper-type boss.
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