The Poltergeist is a tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Sniper. This tank is unique in that it can fire bullets that are invisible until they get close to an enemy tank. Said bullets are slightly weaker than the Sniper's, and also move a bit slower. Said bullets are the longest lasting in the game. The bullets are unique in that they never slow down or speed up. Poltergeist has much better reload to compensate for the lack of speed. You can see your own bullets as transparent when they are invisible to other players. You can turn invisible as well, but it takes a while.


The Poltergeist has a circular tank body with another circular tank body on top, with a normal barrel. The bullets are circles with a circle on top too. Again, your bullets start invisible, but become visible when near an enemy.


This tank has the unique ability to fire invisible bullets. They will instantly turn visible when within 8 tiles of a tank. The Poltergeist's bullets last 30 seconds, resulting in "stray" bullets surprising enemies from several tiles away. This makes it hard to spot the tank. Its invisibility takes 15 seconds to activate, though. This tank's bullets do not slow down or speed up, but are really slow.

This class is a devastating glass cannon, due to its bullets lasting for ages, which eventually becomes its saving grace in certain scenarios. It has incredibly good reload, and has the second best reload in the Sniper branch, after the Streamliner. They turn back invisible when out of the visibility radius.


Strong Against:

  • Distracted tanks
  • Low RoF tanks
  • Slow tanks
  • Unsuspecting tanks (read: Sneak attacks are king.)

Weak Against:

As the Poltergeist

This class is not just a sniper class, but also a RoF class. Use your rapid-fire bullets to take enemies by surprise. Avoid Paladins, since they deflect your bullets, forcing you to dodge bullets that have turned back invisible. Octo Tanks' bullets can end up everywhere, potentially revealing you, which leads to everyone attacking the Poltergeist and ultimately destroying the tank.

Against the Poltergeist

The Poltergeist is the definition of a glass cannon. If you can out-fire him, you can track him down using his invisible bullets as a guide to his possible location and eventually kill him. If there are invisible bullets in an area, be cautious and wary of this guy. He plays similarly to most machine gun classes, with the only major difference being that he has lots of range despite his slow bullets, which is thanks to his ridiculous bullet lifetime.


30 Seconds of Bullet Life -- Play as Poltergeist for the first time.

POLTER OP PLZ NERF!!!1! -- Deal 1,000,000 damage in a single game as Poltergeist

GG easy win -- Win 10 games of Domination as Poltergeist, while killing at least 3 Tier 4 tanks in each of those games.


  • This is my first tank that can turn invisible.
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