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Polygons are naturally-spawning shapes that are spread across the arena. The size of each polygon generally increases with the number of sides (e.g. hexagon is bigger than the pentagon).

How often they each found on a fresh gameboard (approximate frequency) is listed as n-values after the name. N-values below 1 typically will not be found at the opening of a new round but, these and other polygons, will populate the board after certain events or time period.

Unlike a tank, Polygons do not have ammunition and can defend with body damage, just like the Smasher. Most serve as a "food source" for players and are the best way to safely level up in Team DM.

Despite that there are polygons that are already found in, they are here for reference with health and proportion. Polygons are arranged relatively to each other in size, based on the original polygons.

Polygons over the Decagon have some abnormality to them.

We now have a second page for those who think this one is too crowded, including vital stuff, such as Navy Pentadecagons.

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Frequent (Normal) Polygons

Once a frequent polygon is destroyed, it will respawn as a different type somewhere on the map after 90 seconds, or it can spawn as the same type. This is because if they respawned as the same type, then some polygons can't exist on one server unless you join another server. They often appear to split apart from another of the same type.

The number of each type (n, on standard map) is given after the name.

Deep Pink Scalene Triangle (n=4500)

Deep Pink Scalene Triangles are the most common polygon on the map and have a 6 percent chance to

Новый рисунок (1).png

spawn as a crasher. They reward 5 EXP when killed and have 5 HP (Crasher variants reward 50 EXP and have 25 HP).

Vermilion Isosceles Triangle (n=3250)

Vermilion Isosceles Triangles are the second most common polygon on the map and has a 5.75% chance to spawn as a drone (and have 25.75% more body damage and HP). They reward 15 EXP when killed and they have 15 HP

Yellow Square (n=2000)

Square.svg Square.png

Yellow Squares are the third most common polygon and you can find them almost everywhere. They reward 10 EXP when killed and they have 10 Hp. The square is the only polygon that can be controlled by Necromancers.

Bruegel Right triangle (n=1250)

An image of the nest.


Bruegel Right triangles are the fourth most common polygon, they reward 35 exp when killed and they have 40 HP in total, and they're artificial polygons created at the Ice & Suffering co. lab. After they were made, they evolved and escaped away from the lab, with one of them killing both a manager and tri-angle, getting the parts, and becoming the Pytagoron. The first right triangle had a sharper angle and was a hazel like color. Their nest is one of the biggest nests there is. Behavior: if you attack one of them for long enough without killing it, it'll either run away or chase you and try to kill you like a crasher. They have the range of an assassin when they chase a tank. When they do this, they shrink a bit and turn indigo.

Mauve Trapezium (n=800)


Mauve Trapeziums are the fifth most common (Uncommon) polygon, they give out 40 EXP when destroyed, and they have 45 HP in total, they are modified trapezoids, so they sometimes become hostile towards players, but has anyone cared about them? no. They just been modified. (Sometimes they are crashers but they kinda look the same!).

Idea By: DeveloperR4MM3r

Red Triangle (n=500)

Triangle.svg Triangle.png

Red Triangles are the fifth most common polygon and you can find them without trying. They reward 25 EXP when killed and they have 30 Hp.

Blue Pentagon (n=100) Pentagon.png

Blue Pentagons are the sixth most common polygon and you can find them quite easily. They reward 130 EXP when killed and they have 100 hp. They can be frequently found near the center of any arena.

Green Hexagon (n=32) Hexagon.png

For more information, see Hexagons.

Green Hexagons are the seventh most common polygon and you can find them with difficulty. They reward 200 EXP when killed and have 150 health (1.5x HP of a pentagon), and are slightly larger than a pentagon. These shouldn't be confused with Light Green Pentagons.

There is also a light green rare version called The Hexa-Emerald, the difference is that it has a thick grey outline (Or Armour) Quadruples The Health.

Orange Heptagon (n=8)

Heptagon.svg Heptagon.png

For more information, see Heptagons.

Orange Heptagons are very uncommon frequent polygon and you can find them if you're dedicated. They reward 325 EXP when killed. They have 250 health (2.5x HP of a pentagon), these are nearly twice the size of a pentagon.

Purple Octagon (n=2)


Purple Octagons reward 575 EXP when destroyed and are very hard to find. One will appear in a random location for every 6 orange heptagons that have spawned. They have 450 Health (4.5x HP of a pentagon), they are 2.5x the size of a pentagon.

Cyan Nonagon (n=1/2)


Cyan Nonagons are the second rarest frequent polygons found and are extraordinarily rare. They reward 1,170 EXP. One will appear in a random location for every 4 purple octagons that have spawned. These have 800 health (8x HP of a pentagon), they are 3.5x the size of a pentagon.

Diamond (n=1/4)

Diamonds are a Special Polygon. They spawn after at least 10 purple octagons & 5 cyan nonagons have spawned. They are Very Rare, but they are worth it. It has 1080 HP, will give the Player that destroys it 1,750 EXP, and they will get a temporary Invincibility Shield that lasts 75 seconds. This polygon is considered by many to be overpowered, and some will go their lives without seeing one. It also Spawns Light Blue Crashers around itself that last 10 seconds. Light Blue Crashers are the same as Normal Crashers, but only have 10 HP. They follow the player until they die or the player gets killed. If hit with a Necromancer, the Diamond will Grow an Auto Cannon & join the team of the necromancer. Only 5 Diamonds can Spawn at a Time, to prevent abuse.

A Neutral Diamond.

A Blue Team's Diamond. For the other teams, take this picture into MS Paint and color it red, green or purple.

A decagon

White Decagon (n=1/6)

White Decagons are the rarest "normal polygon" and are INSANELY rare. They reward 2,895 EXP. One will appear in a random location for every 3 cyan Nonagons that have spawned. These have 1200 health (12x HP of a pentagon), they are 4.5x the size of a pentagon.

Grey Origon (n=1/12)

Grey Origons are a secret polygon that are not normal, but is considered to be frequent, as it follows the XP gain of Frequent polygons. They reward 3,970 EXP. One will appear after a green polygon , and 5 white decagons spawn. They have 1,800 health (18x HP of a pentagon), they are 1.5 smaller than squares.

Polygons above decagons are considered infrequent and unstable.

Mini Polygons

Mini polygons are polygons with 1/2 of the health of the base polygon. They are, however, much more rare than the base polygon.

Mini Square (n=10)


The Mini Square Is The Most Common Mini Polygon, It has 5 HP and It Drops 5 Score.


Mini Triangle (n=2.5)

The Mini Triangle has 15 HP,and it drops 12 score


Mini Pentagon (n=1/2)

The Mini Pentagon has 50 HP, drops 65 score


Mini Hexagon (n=1/30)

The Mini Hexagon has 100 HP, drops 75 score


Mini Heptagon (n=1/100)

The Mini Heptagon has 125 HP, drops 162 score


Mini Octagon (n=1/300)

The Mini Octagon has 225 HP, drops 287 score


Mini Nonagon (n=1/1000)

The Mini Nonagon has 400 HP, drops 585 score.


Mini Decagon (n=1/3000)

The Mini Decagon has 600 HP, drops 1447 score.


Pet Polygons

You can train some polygons to follow and defend you. You will need Polygon Souls to train one. Once trained the color changes to the team's, but a little bit darker (as protectors) and the health will be 3 times more than the original one. They will orbit around you watching for enemies or polygons. To train one, you must have collected enough souls. Then, put the soul in front of the objective. When the polygon touches the soul, it will stop chasing you for 5 seconds. If you touch him in this time, he will now protect you. When the arena is closed, the pets will be killed but will respawn with you. They are saved forever (when you log out they will still respawn with you when you join.) You can have a max of 12 pets, some pets will cost 2 or more spaces.

List of Trainable polygons:

  • Crasher (Triangle Soul) Small: 2x (Cost 1 space) - Big: 5x (Cost 2 spaces)
  • XL Crasher (Triangle and Square Souls) Tri. 5x and Squ. 2x (Cost 3 spaces)
  • Phasers (Triangle and Pentagon Souls) Small: Tri. 1x and Pent. 3x (Cost 1 space) - Big: Tri. 2x and Pent. 5x (Cost 2 spaces)
  • Leecher (Hexagon Soul and Triangle Souls) Hex. 1x and Tri. 3x (Cost 2 spaces)
  • Crushers (Pentagon Souls) 6x. (Cost 2 spaces)
  • Disrupters (Heptagon Soul and Pentagon Souls) Hept. 1x and Pent. 8x (Cost 4 spaces)
  • Red Runner (Triangle Souls) 8x. (Cost 2 spaces)

Crasher Types

Summoner's Drones (n = 3)

These squares targets the player and deal damage when they hit you, but if you are playing as Necromancer, they will vanish. Gives 13 EXP when killed when spawned outside the nests and don't give any if owned by a player or Summoner.

Alpha Summoner's Drones(n=1/20)

These squares are large versions of Summoner's Drones.Gives 1,300 EXP.

Indigo Right Triangles (n=17)

Indigo right triangles are right triangles that have been teased and chose to chase a player, they also spawn naturally in the right triangle nest, they deal 4 damage and give 16 EXP when killed, they are much faster than normal crashers, their following range is that of an assassin's, they spawn much more frequently when they're 40 GU near the Pytagoron.

Crasher (n=32)

Crashers are pink triangles that target the player and deal damage when they hit you. They can be large or small, and the larger they are, the more damage they do. Large ones are noticeably rarer. They spawn mostly in the pentagon nest, however can be seen outside of it. They give 10-25 EXP when destroyed. Crashers are the simplest hostile polygon.

XL Crashers (n=4)

XL Crashers spawn rarer than Large Crashers. They have 1/2 health of a Blue Pentagon and drop 65 points and Exp when killed. These Crashers spawn after 75 small Crashers and 10 large Crashers have spawned. These are 2x the width of a large crasher.

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 5.33.50 PM.png

Myriagon crasher drone

These tiny crashers may look weak, but they are super powerful. They can only spawn from the spawner of a copper crasher. They are fast, fast, fast, fast, fast, and did I mention fast? In fact, they are one of the fastest, if not the fastest, crashers in They can beat a maxed movement speed Booster in speed. By a lot.  They have 20 HP and give 10 xp and score.

  • Idea by MopePro-REAL

Alpha Crashers (n=1)

Alpha Crashers spawn rarest than Large Crashers. They have 215 health of a Blue Pentagon and drop 100 points and Exp when killed. These Crashers spawn after 150 small Crashers and 5 huge Crashers have spawned. These are 4x the width of a huge crasher. Crasher Pentagon.png

Pentacrasher (n=2)

Crasher Pentagons are a type of crashers that spawn in no specific nest. They are rarer than regular Crashers, and have more body damage. They are slightly slower. They are as fast as XL Crashers. They have 5 points of body damage and have 42.8 HP. They are lighter than regular Pentagon's and are smaller. These will award 260 exp when destroyed.

Hexacrasher (n=1)

Crasher Hexagons are a type of crashers that spawn in no specific nest. They are rarest than regular Crashers, and have more body damage. They are slightly slower. They are as fast as Alpha Crashers. They have 10 points of body damage and have 64.8 HP. They are lighter than regular Pentagon's and are smaller. These will award 320 exp when destroyed.

Heptacrasher (n=1/2)


Crasher Heptagons are Even Rarer than Hexacrashers and have a massive amount of body damage. they are slow. (Slower than Alpha Crashers). they have 80 HP and also have 640 EXP when destroyed.

Idea By: DeveloperR4MM3r

Phasers (Arrowheads) (n=1)

Arrowheads (Phasers)

Phasers are arrowhead polygons that have the ability to cloak, they are larger than crashers. They often are found in groups of 3-7 small and 1-3 large.

Cursors (n=1/2)


Cursors are a rare polygon crasher that spawns in the Phaser Nest, their ability is to sweep back a little bit an dash towards the player, but due to their thrusting forward ability, their turns are quite slow, they are a tiny bit smaller then Phasers, and sometimes you may find them in groups of 2 - 6. They have no Sentry versions, but They have a miniboss named: "Stem-Crusher".

Idea By: DeveloperR4MM3r

Pentapointers (n=1/3)


Pentapointers are a kinda more rare polygon crasher that spawns inside of the Phaser Nest, their ability is to run away from the player, but if their cornered (or the player gets too close) they will try to attack the player, they only come in groups of 2, their larger than normal crashers, but slower then XL crashers. They also have no Sentry Versions, and no Boss because there's already a boss for the Pentagon Nest (No Confusion).

Idea By: DeveloperR4MM3r

Shapeheads (n=1/4)


Shapeheads are a even rarer polygon crasher thats spawns within the phaser nest, they are almost similar to the phasers, but with three differentaces, 1) they have shorter cloaking time, 2) their slightly slower then Phasers, 3) they have more health then Phasers. they do have a Miniboss called: "Omawarper"

Idea By: DeveloperR4MM3r

Lanceolates (n=1/5)


Lanceolates are the rarest Polygon crasher in the Phaser Nest, their ability is to follow the player within the range of an Assassin, but if they try to destroy another shape in the Phaser Nest, they will attack, they maybe small, they can deal damage, they give out 50 EXP opon Destruction, but have health as a normal tank, they have no Sentry Versions, but They have a Powerful boss called "DEFCON" which evovles overtime.

Idea By: DeveloperR4MM3r

Leechers (n=1/4)

A Maxed Leecher

Leechers are a type of Crasher that can stick to you. They appear anywhere in a in the range of a polygon nest. Leechers have the same speed as a maxed out movement speed smasher. When killed, Leechers give 500 EXP when maxed. If a Leecher starts following you, try moving away and shooting, a newly created Leecher has 40 health, a maxed Leecher has 160 health. If they manage to stick on to you, get a teammate to shoot at it, or rather try to shoot it or use your drones if you have some. Body damage can reduce the time on the host, if there are 5 points of it, the Leecher can't attach, and instead takes damage. They will still deal damage to you in the form of body damage. If you turn, Leechers will detach and try to stick back on to you. Though, if you turn you would take a little more damage than you usually would. When they stick on to you, you will start slowly losing health (1hp every half a second). Leechers regenerate when they are attached, the more damage they do, the more they heal (Max HP increases if they have full health until maxed). If you lose a sixth of your health, Leechers will automatically detach and move on. If you lose a sixth of your health though, Leechers will grow and deal more damage and have more health by 1.2x. They grow like how tanks increase size when they level up. Depending on the stage the Leecher is in, it will give more exp by 50. If a Leecher is maxed out in size, they can deal 3hp every half a second, making them extremely dangerous to any tank unless body damage is five points or higher. Small Leechers are the size of a small Crashers, maxed Leechers have 1.5x the length of a pentagon.

  • Idea made by LazyMelon

Crushers (n=15)

Crushers are heavy blue versions of crashers. They have 5x more damage and 3/4 of the speed of a large crasher. These spawn anywhere, but frequently in The Nest or superior nests, however lower in other nests. Like regular crashers, they come in 2 sizes.

Disrupters (n=2)

Disrupters are heavy, yellow versions of the Crusher. They have 7x more damage then a crusher and are 1/2 as slow as a large crasher. They have a similar spawn pattern to crashers and crushers, however are rarer. They come in 2 sizes.

Green Runners (n=6)

Green Runners are similar to crashers but they are 3x faster. They are a darker shade of hexagon green. These only spawn in hexagon nest. They come in 2 sizes.

Red Runners (n=1/3)

Red Runners are like red crushers , they are a lot faster and can be found near Poly-Nests or near rare polygons , if the player is in its range they will start running to you and dodge your bullets , if it hits you it will be teleported away but the player will stay still in the runner range, every time it hits you it will level up.

  • Level 1 - 30 Hp.
  • Level 2 - 60 Hp.
  • Level 3 - 120 Hp.
  • Level 4 - 240 Hp.

Yellow Runners (n=1/9)

Yellow Runners.png

Yellow Runners are kinda similar to red runners, but are faster than tri-angels with 6-points of movement speed, but the catch is, they rotate around a Polygon (Nest Defender/Boss Etc. ) this meaning that they evolve overtime. They will start attacking you if you attack them.

Level 1. (Spawns) - HP. 80

Level 2. (30 Seconds) - HP. 160

Level 3. (2 Minutes) - HP. 320

Level 4. (6 Minutes) - HP. 640

Idea By: DeveloperR4MM3r

The Red Guard

The Red Guard is the name of a type of Crasher that protects the Diamond Nest. They have the shape of a diamond, but the sides are concave. They only spawn when a very small number of Diamonds are left in the Nest. They often travel in groups of 9, like on a playing card. They are extremely fast, but can be outrun by a Tri-Angle with a maxed Movement Speed build.

Tri-Blade (triangle crasher) ( n = 10)

Large and small Tri-Blades.

The Tri-Blade is a red Crasher that targets players and has 12 sides. It is shaped like a trap with two extra sides on each point. The sizes of it are: small (half the size of a small crasher), large (2x large crasher) and very rarely a glitch-size (Size of Defender). Small ones give 15 EXP when killed, large ones gives 45 XP, glitch will give none (it is a glitch, after all). Strangely enough, these do not seem to spawn in a Triangle Nest. The Glitch Size only appears as a 5% chance when Xyv Wdtcfgzsezgk touches a Triangle. The body color is triangle red. They can spawn out of a Defender. They always appear to spawn near a triangle nest, however rarely inside the nest. They can transform into yellow traps when left alone. If hit by ammunition, they transform back. A hit from them does 25 damage. They have passive auto-spin if nothing is in range. When close enough, it will split into three red hexagons and each red hexagon has 1/3 the health of the original Tri-Blade. However, they do 10 damage each hit. They have 3x all stats of their size crasher except for size.

Helpers (n=1/20)

The Helpers are big transparent crashers that helps every player in range. When a player enters its range it starts following you, when it touches the player, it will join that player's team and begins to circle the player while shooting healing projectiles. When joined they become invulnerable to the team they are on, and won't help the opposing team. When a player attacks you, the helpers will sacrifice themselves to block bullets. They will heal other players if they are on the same team. They have 200 health, and regenerates 5 per second.

Decontroller (n=1)

The Decontroller is a crasher that when touched, it makes you lose 10 health points, and you have less control over your tank, like if a car drove over an oil spill and slipped, and has little to no control over his/her car. There will be a new upgrade called control for this crasher.

Terminator (n=1/9)

The terminator is the Ultimate, YES, ULTIMATE, crasher. It can cloak itself, It has extreme range, rivaled to that of the ranger, and deals around 50 damage per hit. It has 200 hp and the same speed as a small Crasher. So yes, stay away from this at all times. It spawns in hendecagon nests.It also looks like a mini terminator. The Terminator is aTod boss.

Tanker (n=10)

The tanker is a crasher with an auto turret. Other than that, it's harmless and deals 5 damage per shot. It has a slight spread when it shoots.

Sentry Square (n=10)

Sentry squares are basically squares with a small cannon on it. They are most frequently found in Inferior Square nests. The cannon has a small rectangular base to it. It will act much like a normal polygon in idle, but when a tank gets in range, it will behave much like a factory minion. It will circle the enemy and shoot medium-high penetration and medium damage bullets (7pts penetration, 4-6 bullet damage gunner bullet). It has low reload, the same as a basic level 1 tank. It has 15.5 HP and will award 140 EXP. Is also spawned by the Constructor.

Assassinator (n=5)

The Assassinator has extreme range, rivaled to the assassin. It is exactly the same as the normal crasher with vision. There will be a new upgrade called vision, to detect things from farther away.

Split (n=1)

The split is a crasher shape of a teardrop, its color is turquoise. they each have 50 HP which is really much. when killed it splits into 3 Mini-splits which are ball shaped crashers with 10 HP. Split crashers are pretty slow and it hardly ever catches a 45 level player with no speed.

Splitter Hexagon (n=1/2)

Splitter hexagons are orange hexagons with a line through them, when shot 10 times, they split into two trapezoid crashers. Trapezoid crashers are as fast as small crashers. They have 35 HP, each having 4 points of body damage.

Splitter pentagon (n=15)

Splitter pentagons are pink pentagons which when killed turn into 5 crashers.

Bombs (n=1/30)


Bombs are rare polygons found more frequently near an inferior poly nest , it looks like a grey octagon and when hit it will start pulsing grey and red for 3 seconds and then explode releasing chasing fire shards , they are like orange bombs and when they hit the player , it will become orange for some seconds and during this phase the player will become low damage every seconds .

XL Bombs (n=1/50)


XL Bombs are grey decagons that start pulsing grey and red when hit for 3 seconds and then explode, releasing many fire shards, a nucleom and  an orange circle that fires fire shards to the nearest player. XL Bombs can be found more frequently near superior polynests

They also have a red-and-green version that turns every word displayed into this for 40 days when shot:


Barracks (n=1)

A pink GIANT square with 500 hp that can explode into 16 XL crashers upon destruction

Stepper (n=5)

A super slow crasher but has a Streamliner gun at each side.

Neutralizer (n=5)

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 6.25.27 pm.PNG

A light green crasher that neutralizes tanks. It has one auto turret, one dual-gunner turret, one small turret and two spawners on its sides which constantly spawn small phasers. Also, it has a small machine gun turret on the back to propel itself forwards. When it kills a tank, it becomes AI-controlled and turns yellow. A swarm of these can take down a fallen boss. Only attacks tanks and fallen bosses. When a boss is killed by these, it turns into a small polygon nest. Spawns in inferior triangle, square and pentagon nests.


A latcher is a crasher with a square shape at its tip. When it hits you, it will make your movement and rotation uncontrollable (you will be in the same rotation relative to the latcher when it hit you, even in naturally autorotating tanks) and will "push" you around in an attempt to make you collide with a polygon (other than a latcher), boss (or miniboss), or tank. Once you do, you take double the normal damage and the latcher disappears. Latchers bounce off cannons and can only latch onto parts with no cannons. When a latcher latches onto you, other latchers will ignore you. They spawn in any nest, superior or inferior, but rarely.

Scalene Triangle Crasher

A scalene triangle crasher is a deep pink scalene triangle with an auto turret and 1 drone maker. They often spawn in swarms of 10 to 20. They have low reload but do high damage.


A crasher that looks like a 4 point star, but orange and has no sharp points. They have 50 hp and drop 15 exp.

They have 1 auto turret.

Can be found in (rarest location to most common location) :

  • Square Nests (and near squares)
  • Hendecagon Nests (and near hendecagons)
  • Heptagon nests (and near heptagons)

Splitter Spiker

A spiker made up of 4 trapezoids and 1 orange square. When killed, it becomes 4 tankers and 1 sentry square (or summoner square). It has 60 hp and drops 20 exp.


A crasher in the shape of an isoceles triangle. It will try to hit shapes and can move at very fast speeds.

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 12.44.55 pm.png

When it hits a shape, the shape will turn into more Decimators. One decimator is produced for each side of the shape. It does 10 damage per hit and has 50 hp. It does not drop xp. When it kills a tank, a message will pop up asking if you would like to continue controlling your tank but it can only shoot Decimators or you can let AI control it.

explodey boi

a normal crasher. Well, it looks like it, but when it hits you it explodes! has a 1/100 chance of replacing a normal crasher. The explosion deals 50 damage.

Super Crasher type

super crasher type crashers are very powerful crasher nearly as powerful as a level 30-45 level player to say , they are rarely found in nests but they are not nest defenders , this can be seen as a category for very powerful crashers.

Omega crasher (n=15)

Omega crasher.svg

The omega crasher is a very powerful crasher. It is found near high class polygons (octagons, nonagons etc...). Their spawn chance is higher near superior polynests and higher in rare nests. His spawn rate is higher near polygon bosses too. When it dies, it spawns a swarm of 50 guardian crashers. it has 650 life.

Scorpion (n=1)


The scorpion is a super crasher. It spawns when 3 omega crashers die ; it spawns near the 3rd death omega crasher too. If its stinger poisons the player, helpers take the poison too. When near a player, the scorpion makes a dash and then uses its stinger rapidly unless the player shoots the stinger. It will break. If the stinger is broken the scorpion can't do anything and can be killed. The stinger regenerates every 10 seconds. The stinger has 100 HP and the scorpion itself is 750 HP.

Pentagon closer (n=1)

The pentagon closer is a extremely powerful crasher (that's why it is in the super crasher type category). It is found on the borders of the map , in the middle of the map or at the center of it. Its movement is by squares. It uses his big destroyer barrel to kill enemies and dash into players. A shoot of that cannon can destroy half health of a max health player so be careful. When killed, it spawns 5 pentagon crashers It has 1000 HP.

User's Mega Guardian From google drawings

the mega guardian is a boss that spawns RIGHT after the guardan is killed.

it has 6000 health and is faster than the guardian. on the side there are crasher launchers that are faster but weaker than normal crashers.

in the back there are two thrusters and in the front there is a lance that does extra damage to you before you damage the boss


Cactus (n=30)


Cacti has 1% chance to spawn every time a player dies. It spawns next to where the player died and immediately targets the nearest player who is Lv. 15 or above. It deals 16 damage per hit and is quite fast. It has 320 HP.

When destroyed, it drops four Squares. There is a 1% chance for each Square to be Shiny.

Myriagon crasher

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 3.09.53 PM.png

This powerful crasher can spawn by the Copper Myriagon or (very rarely) spawn in a polygon nest and has a crasher spawner on its back. It targets any player that comes into its range, which is like a Ranger’s field of view. When it is killed, it respawns near the Copper Myriagon after two seconds. It travels in a swarm of at most 50 crashers. There is a 1\28000 chance for it to spawn in a Heptagon nest and a 1\27990 chance to spawn in a hendecagon nest. If it does spawn in said nest, when it is killed it will always respawn in that same nest until the nest is destroyed. 

  • Idea by MopePro-REAL

Spiked Crasher Sharp Crasher.png

Basically a crasher that has 165 times more health and damage given is refected back to whatever dealed the damage. It spawns in Pentagon Nests. It moves 3 times as fast as a maxed movement speed Booster.

  • Idea by MopePro-REAL

Новый рисунок (2).png

Tsunami Crasher

A navy crasher in the shape of a trapezoid. It has an auto machine gun turret on it and 3 drone maker. Can be found in pentadecagon nests and (very rarely) pentagon and nonagon nests.


has a 1/100 chance to replace an explodey boi, and therefore has a 1/10,000 chance to replace a normal crasher. When it explodes, it deals 300 damage to everything in a ranger’s FoV around it.

Group polygons

Group polygons are just polygons that unite together and make a very powerful enemy. There is a 1 in a 300 chance that a polygon makes a group polygon when the player is a tank, 1/250 as a tier 2 tank, 1/200 as a tier 3 tank and 1/150 as a tier 4 tank. When a polygon makes a group, it will produce a wave that calls all the same type polygons to unite. All the other same type polygons unite to the caller polygon until the boss is created. If there are some missing pieces or if there are no polygons in range, the boss will be weaker for every missing piece.

-Triangle - Triangle doom - 3000 HP - 20Kp points

-Square - Summoner MK II - 2000 HP - 10Kp points

-Pentagon - Pentastroyer - 7000 HP - 30Kp points

-Crasher - Omega Scorpion - 2500 HP - 25Kp points

Alpha pentagon - Alpha Pentastroyer - 70000 HP - 600Kp points

Tsunami Crasher - Tidal Wave Overlord - 87500 HP - 800Kp points

Unknown Polygons

Unknown polygons are rare and unknown. They are the elite and mysterious group of polygons that one can only dream of finding. Here we go.

Yellow Triangle

The Yellow Triangle looks like a triangle but as small as a yellow square & it's yellow. (MORE INFO SOON)

Triangle Finale

The Triangle Finale is an extremely small triangle-looking nest defender.

Argon blue right triangle

The argon blue right triangle is a right triangle that gives out 40x more exp, it has a 25% chance to spawn when a Pytagoron dies, it also has 35x more health, it also has an autogun with 25 dmg.

Phage Finale

Like the Triangle Finale but cyan.

Green Summoner's Square

Green Summoner's Square, basically.


Adds a ranger auto gun on the original Stepper.


Dysnomic Square

Variated Hexagon


Xyv Wdtcfgzsezgk

An unknown polygon boss, it can spawn glitch Tri-Blades when touching a triangle.


A weird polygon-type that has the ability to do everything about polygons.

Super Pentagon

A pentagon that does double the regular body damage of a normal pentagon. The color is a slightly different shade than the regular Pentagon. Iblobtouch code is 32*pentagon*#a245ed*#555555*4/12/0/0.9/0/0/40[]


A small kite shape that is pretty rare. Don't be fooled! It has nearly infinite health and drops either infinite exp or 0 exp.

  • Idea by MopePro-REAL

Copper Myriagon (10000 sided shape)

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 3.11.22 PM.png

A giant polygon that has a 0.005% chance to spawn only after: an light orange icosihenagon nest has been destroyed, 100 florescent white icosidigon nests have been destroyed, 10000 florescent green icositrigon nests have been destroyed, and 1000000 florescent blue icositetragon nests have been destroyed. If It does not spawn, there is a 75% chance a brown hendecagon will spawn. If it still doesn't spawn, an orange heptagon will spawn. The copper myriagon spawns copper crashers from around it that target nearby tanks. There are about 50 of These crashers orbiting the myriagon if there are no tanks in range. If a tank comes in range, all the crashers will swarm at the player while spawning small copper crashers. If there are no tanks in range, or even if there are nearby tanks, the crashers will attack any nearby polygons. When the polygons die, they will become maroon polygons. These crashers are the size of green hexagons and have a crasher spawner on their back side, like a mini copper Guardian. The spawner spawns small copper crashers at about 2 per second. But don't let the size fool you! The large crashers move as fast as a small pink crasher and do 200 damage on contact. The small crashers move at the speed of a maxed movement speed Booster. The small crashers have 100 hp and do 30 damage on contact. When the small crashers are killed, they give 10 xp. Large crashers give 970 xp, and the Myriagon itself gives 420.5 billion xp! The Myriagon has 2500 million hp, which makes it very hard to destroy. There is also a  larger version called the Alpha Copper Myriagon.

  • Idea by MopePro-REAL

Alpha Copper Myriagon

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 3.12.20 PM.png

Copper Myriagon that is 1.5 times the size of a regular Copper Myriagon and has a small magenta myriagon in its center. This is its eye. It can ONLY spawn in a Myriagon nest. It has 150 so-called heavy Myriagon crashers orbiting it. It has 75 billion hp and gives 98000.625 billion xp! When it is destroyed, after 15 minutes, if 50 or more Myriagons are still in the nest, another one will spawn. Their crashers look different than regular Myriagon crashers. These ones look like copper pentagons with two spawners, a trapper barrel on the back, and a heavy auto turret on top. These have the same speed as regular myriagon crashers. Their traps have six points and have an auto turret on top. Oh, and these traps can cloak. They have damage equivalent to 2 Arena closer bullets. This giant polygon is the second largest polygon. (First place goes to The Sun.) This myriagon has multiple abilities: (see below.)

  • Idea by MopePro-REAL

Alpha Copper Myriagon abilities:

Guardian Transformation:

Its eye will look at up to 25 regular Myriagon crashers. Each time, it will shoot a magenta beam at its target. Any myriagon crashers hit will transform to the size and color of the Guardian, and health becomes the same as the Guardian, and will gain a heavy auto turret. but speed and xp given will stay the same.

Tank Destruction:

A magenta aura will project from the myriagon. Any tanks that hit it will lose health at 35 hp per second. Any bullets shot into the aura will become White Circles, any drones shot into the aura will become Red Runners or Summoner squares, depending on the type, and any traps shot into the aura will become Tri-blades.

Control all tanks:

Its eye will look at a random tank, usually the highest score player. Then, a magenta laser will shoot out and hit that tank. Then, that tank's body will turn copper, and its barrels, spawners, deployers, or whatever it has will turn magenta. Then the tank's heath will become 35 times higher, and it will have 99% higher damage, and 35% larger size. The tank will then act like a boss. The myriagon will basically control that tank. Then, the tank will flash copper, and 34 versions of the tank will appear, each one with identical health and power. all these tanks will give no xp or points at all.


10 Rainbow Nonagons, 9 Rainbow Octagons, 8 Rainbow Heptagons, 7 Rainbow Hexagons, 6 Rainbow Pentagons, 5 Rainbow Triangles, and 4 Rainbow Squares will appear near the nest, but not inside the nest. This will (hopefully) make tanks run away to kill the rainbow polygons. Then, for 1 minute, the Myriagon will recharge health at 250 health per second. This ability is only used when it has low health. It will usually use this ability multiple times in a row.

“Which one is me?”:

The Alpha Copper Myriagon will spin around really quickly and then it will clone itself 10 times. The clones and the real one will scatter throughout the nest and all have the same health, but clones drop nothing. If the real one is killed, all clones will disappear.

Behold the Nest Core!

A magenta ball will spawn. It will instantly begin surging every type of crasher only with 10x more health and damage. The ball has 1090000000000000000000090000000000000000000 health and gives infinite xp, but only 700000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 score.

Destroy them, NOW!

The myriagon's magenta eye will pulsate, and then every, and I mean every, nest defender and boss will spawn in a ring around the nest. They will then attack the tanks and then orbit the nest. They will not respawn when killed (except for the Mega- Myriad).


The myriagon will wink at a tank. The tank’s entire screen will flash magenta. Soon, random magenta fireballs will shoot out of the tank’s barrels. The fireballs will be the size of the tank’s normal bullets, but the tank can still move and shoot, but the myriagon will keep shooting bullets from the tank. This will continue until the tank dies.

  • All ideas by MopePro-REAL

Gamma Copper Myriagon


  • Idea by MopePro-REAL

Omega  Copper Myriagon


  • Idea by MopePro-REAL

Citrine 4-Point Star

One of the legendary Star Polygons, it requires 3,333,333 Gamma Polygons, 3,333 Triangle Finales, 3,333 Phage Finales, 3 Copper Myriagons (see previous section,) and a 25% chance to spawn. They spawn in Icosagon nests, or rarely in Heptagon nests, and it comes into the map alongside 10 Rainbow Squares. If all the required polygons spawn, but the 4-Point Star doesn’t spawn, then a Rainbow Square Nest is spawned instead. The rainbow squares that this polygon spawns with aren’t normal! These rainbow squares have the size of an alpha square, can’t be controlled by Necromancer drones, and have 1,000 times the health and Exp drop! The star has 100,000,000 Hp, meaning the entire map has to come to this polygon to destroy it. The lucky destroyer gets 123 billion xp, and a citrine tank effect. The tank who gets this unique effect can’t shoot at another star at this point, since all bullets shot from the tank with the effect will become White Circles when touching another Star Polygon, all drones from that tank become regular Squares or Triangles, depending on the type, and traps laid will turn into Tri-Blades.

Aquamarine 8-point Star 8-2.png

Another one of the legendary Star polygons, it has a 0.00000000000000000000000000625% chance to spawn every time 8 Citrine 4-point stars (see previous section) spawn. Any lucky tank that destroys it gets an aquamarine tank effect. It is the same as the one given by the Citrine 4-point star except drones will become alpha squares or triangles, traps will become XL Tri-blades, and each bullet will split into 8 White Circles. The star has 800,000,000 hp, and gives 984 billion xp!

  • Idea by MopePro-REAL

Platinum 12-point Star

Another one of the legendary Star polygons, it spawns when 555,555,555 Squares, 55,555,555 Triangles, 5,555,555 Pentagons, 555,555 Hexagons, 55,555 Heptagons, 5,555 Octagons, 555 Nonagons, 55 Decagons, 5 Hendecagons, 4 Dodecagons, 3 Tridecagons, 2 Tetradecagons and 1 Pentadecagon have been killed. The star has 17,458,437,984 hp, and gives 1,578,684,383,793 exp and score!

Silver Megagon (1,000,000 Sided Shape)

An insanely rare shape that spawns when:

  1. 300,300,300 Pytagorons are killed.
  2. 1,234,567 Platinum 12-point stars are killed.
  3. 1,234,567,891,011,121,314,151,617 Copper Myriagons are killed.

The Megagon has 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (1 quintillion) hp and drops 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 (approx. 1 undecilion) exp! WHAT?

Golden Gigagon (1 billion sided shape)

An unexplainable shape which spawns when:

  1. 333,333,333,333,333 Hyper-Scals are killed
  2. 345,537,645,398,763,458,674,538,674,538,643,876,453 (345.537 undecilion) Squares have spawned in total.
  3. 6,000,000 Icositetragon nests have spawned.

The Gigagon has 999.999 vigintillion HP, and drops 1 googol (1 with 100 zeros) exp! WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON?

Hyper Square

A square with 6845345389786596745389874653398765987653987653987653987653987653765398765398653987987987987987987987987987987987987987987987987987987987987987987987987987987987 hp and it drops infinite exp. It haves a flak cannon that shoots bullets that will explode in 8 smaller bullets.It have also 3 normal cannons and a auto trap layer.


this is the strongest polygon ever! It will spawn when:

  1. All polygons where destroyed
  2. All Nests have been spawned
  3. All Nest defenders were killed
  4. All players reached a score of more than 1 billion
  5. All players are at level 1,000
  6. no cheating(multiboxing) involved

its colors are gray, white and black

it also has 10^3003 health (one Millillion) + Infinite exp.It also has 1 drone spawner,2 square spawners,3 trap layers,4 guns and 5 auto turrets!


this is the biggest polygon ever. It cant hurt you, but it is 1,000x the size of ToD‘s the realm. I would provide a link but i dont know how to link to tale of diep pages, just normal ones. The your momgon has a 1/1,000,000,000 chance of spawning for every 1,000,000,000,000 apeirogons that have died. It has 99999999999999999999999999x the health of a crystal^the health of an apeirogon. It gives infinite XP to whoever dealt at least 0.000001 damage to it. By creepervilesavior!

Nonastrike's Disciple

This polygon is a disciple of the Nonastrike. How it acts is unknown for now.

The Nest Defenders

This is an outdated image, the green runner defender is actually promoted to a boss - The Slider. A newer version will come eventually.

Nest Defenders are special Mini-Boss polygons that defend their respective nest. Multiple of them can be found, some can only spawn once per nest. Unlike bosses, they don't provide a message.

There are currently 34 Nest Defenders, one of them also being a boss.


  • Icosatral -Isosceles Triangle-
  • Quadral Square -Square, duh-
  • Fallen Tanks -AI-
  • Pytagoron -Right Triangle-
  • Defender Lite -Triangle-
  • Triad-Tri-Blade-
  • Mini Seeker -Triangle-
  • Baby Leviathan -Pentagon-
  • True Guardian Of The Pentagons -Pentagon-
  • Guardian Of The Pentagons -Crasher-
  • True Summoner -Square-
  • True Defender -Triangle-
  • The Blockade -Hexagon-
  • Collider Lite -Crusher-
  • The Machinist -Heptagon-
  • Trape Fighter -Trapezoid-
  • Megla-Oct -Octagon-
  • Gunfighter -Phage- (The bottom left)
  • Amnuheav -Phage- (The middle left)
  • Rammere -Phage- (The bottom right)
  • Automer -Phage- (The middle right)
  • Convertere -Phage- (The top right)
  • Booster Scal -Scalene Triangle-
  • Veraltellonn -Decagon-
  • Nonastrike -Nonagon-
  • Coordinater -Origon-
  • Commerce -Dodecagon-
  • Eliminator -Rectangle- (2 squares stuck together)
  • Mega-Myriad -Myriagon-
  • Wrecker -Octadecagon-
  • Fracture -Heptagon-
  • Hyper-Scal -Scalene Triangle-
  • True Protector Octagon -Octagon-

Add any defender idea to the list above. Don't make it too OP however.

Infrequent Polygons

 Maroon Polygons (n=1/6)

Maroon Polygons are rare polygons that attack every player in range, they can be found near poly-nests, maroon variants of inferior nest, rainbow and morpher nest. They offer 10x the exp, and 5x the initial base health of the original polygon. Each frequent polygon has a 1 in 50,508 chance of being spawned maroon. They have much greater body damage, health regain, and max health than most regular polygons. They move slightly slower than the Crasher. The more complex variants have more health and damage.

A maroon Heptagon might be an equivalent to a maxed body damage Smasher.

Brown Hendecagon (n=1/8)

Brown Hendecagons are very large polygons (Almost the size of an Alpha Pentagon). They reward 2,000 exp upon death. These have 1600 health (16x the health of a pentagon). They can only be found in Hendecagon Nests.

Golden Polygons.svg

Golden Polygons (n=1/variable)

Golden Polygons are the golden version of the pentagon, square and triangle. They have a 1 in 35,000 change of spawn , they give 300x the exp of the base polygon if a player destroy a golden polygon his exp bar will appear a gold bar that fills the exp bar and disappear and the player will glow, when the golden effect is active the player will have 2x the damage penetration and movement speed. In the poly-nests there is 5%+ the chance of a golden polygon to spawn.

Hazel Long Right triangle (n=1/24)

The hazel long right triangle is a polygon that has 10x the HP and 10x the EXP reward of a normal right triangle, it has 5 body damage.

Black Dodecagon (n=1/30)

Black Dodecagons can be found outside of Dodecagon Nests. They are 50% bigger than a normal pentagon, they have 2000 health points (20x a pentagon) and move around 2x as fast as normal polygons (which don't move very much at all.) They give you 6k exp and points. Black Dodecagons are noticeably smaller than normal polygons because it has more density.

Dark Purple Tridecagon (n=1/100)

They are extremely rare polygons which spawn under two conditions. They are the size of a yellow square, making them very hard to notice and to hit, but do not let their size fool you as they have 2500 HP as well as a regeneration of 30/sec. It cannot be moved by any manner. It will only spin quickly on itself before death which drops 10k exp/points. It will either spawn when 200,000 squares have spawned or after 5 bosses spawned. After this infrequent spawns 7 times, an Alpha Dark Purple Tridecagon will spawn.

Dark Purple Alpha Tridecagon (n=1/700)

This polygon spawns after 7 Dark Purple Tridecagons spawn. This polygon has 17,500 health and a regeneration of 100/sec. Meaning you will need a whole team to take down. Whoever gets the last hit of the alpha will be rewarded with 70k points but also a big increase in size and max health, for 40 secs.

400px-Regular tetradecagon.svg.png

Dark Yellow Tetradecagon (n=1/2000)

They spawn in stacks of 4 every 50 minutes, and are noticeably more resistant than other polygons. They have 3000 HP and a powerful shield, but no regeneration. Every time the Tetradecagon is hit, its shield will go down by 0,1% each hitpoint that the bullet deals. It starts at 100%. The shield level is what percentage of damage is deflected. For example, a Tetradecagon with 100% shield that is hit by a 16 damage bullet will deflect all the damage, and the shield will decrease to 99,2%. A Tetradecagon with 50% shield being hit by a 16 damage bullet will deflect half of the damage, but the rest deals 8 HP of damage to the Tetradecagon, and the shield will go down to 49.2%. When the polygon itself is fully destroyed, (the shield doesn't have to be destroyed) then it disappears and rewards 30k points. It also drops a Shield Generator that can be picked up by a tank and used. The shield generated will act in the same way as the Tetradecagon's, but will lose 0,2% power every hit dealt.

Dark Yellow Alpha Tetradecagon (n=1/18000)

If the stack of Tetradecagons has been alive for 9 minutes, an alpha form will appear, which is as big as an Alpha Nonagon and has a teal transparent circular shield around it, with a visible health bar, like the normal form. It doesn't regenerate like the non-alpha form. The shield this time loses only loses 0,05% power every hitpoint, making its destruction a very hard obstacle. When destroyed, it rewards the same 30k points but a more powerful Shield generator that only loses 0,1% power every hitpoint when equipped to a tank.

Navy Pentadecagon

Navy Pentadecagon are really rare and really large polygon ( it's size is equal to a Alpha green hexagon) it health is 5,000 Hp but it regenerate it's health at the rate of 30/sec. It moves at the speed of 4x a normal polygon. It awards 7.5k points when killed. It also has a special ability that repel bullets. Which mean that every bullet you shoot, it will only take 1/3 damage of each bullet hit it and turn it into a yellow bullet and return at the same spot that hits. When it's at half health, it can't regenerate back to the original health anymore. Instead it will summon 5 Sea Mines. At this point, it will no longer move anymore and only take 1/6 damage. The last person to hit it will get 35k points. It only spawn after a Dark Yellow Tetradecagon Nest has been destroyed.

More info on the second page mentioned at the top.

Indigo Hexadecagon

They reward 20k Exp. One will appear in a random location for every 4 Cyan Nonagons that have spawned. These Have 4000 Health.They have a shield of 150%,wich means that 150% of the damage will go back,it heals then.It shield will go down at 1% at each hitpoint Heptadecagon.png

Teal Heptadeagon

They reward 20,000 exp. They have 10000 health and one will appear after 3 navy pentadecagons have been destroyed. They are the same size as an Alpha Tridecagon.They regenerate with 100/sec Octadecagon.png

Red-Orange Octadecagon

They reward 30,000 exp. They have 15000 health and one will appear after 6 navy pentadecagons have been destroyed. They are the same size as an Alpha Tridecagon.They regenerate with 150/sec Ennedecagon.png

Magenta Enneadecagon

They reward 40,000 exp. They have 20000 health and one will appear after 9 navy pentadecagons have been destroyed. They are the same size as an Alpha Tridecagon.They regenerate with 200/sec

Dark Green Icosagon

They reward 10,000 Exp. One will appear in a random location for every 2 indigo Hexadecagons. These have 7500 health, they are slightly smaller than an Alpha Nonagon. They regenerate with 7.5/sec

Light Orange Icosihenagon

The Light Orange Icosihenagon spawns after you:

A) Wait until the Defender spawns.

B) While the defender is on a server, go to the left wall and stay there until the Defender dies.

C) When the nest in the middle is a Hexagon Nest, go there and kill 80 hexagons, 10 beta hexagons, and 2 Alpha Hexagons.

D) Go to the right wall. Wait 30 seconds. Then, a Light Orange Icosihenagon will spawn.

They give 3,762,043 xp and have only 666,322 hp.They regenerate with 666.5/sec

The Sun

The Sun Polygon.svg

The sun is a hyper massive polygon that spawns when all the polynests (except the maroon nests) are destroyed 10 times , it has 150K health and gives 2000Kxp and points and when a player is killed by this polygon the sun will become bigger and will give the points of the player too when killed but it moves very slowly and can eat an entire poly nest, this is currently the biggest non alpha polygon.It regenerates with 150/sec.

Shiny Polygons

Shiny Polygons are ultra rare green polygons that give you 100x the points and 10x the hp of the base polygons. Each frequent square, triangle, and pentagon have a 2 in 2,000 chance of being spawned shiny.

Neon Blue Icositetragon

These are shapes with 24 sides. One will spawn when: A) A Nonastrike has been killed. B) 4 Alpha Decagons have spawned. C) 4 Tsunami crashers spawn in a nonagon nest. They have 1,574,424 hp and drop 999,333 xp and 1.2m score..It regenerates with 1574,5/sec

 Other Various Polygons

These are abnormal/unique polygon types:

White Circles

White Circle.png

White Circles are essentially bullets that are transformed into a living shape. They have a 0.1% chance of spawning when shooting a normal bullet. They also spawn 50% of the time when shooting at a rainbow polygon.

They act much like a normal polygon, any penetration upgrades will become health, and bullet damage will become body damage. These polygons can be in different sizes depending on what bullet is shot. They give out 5-50 exp depending on size upon death. Destroyer bullets will also become white circles. It can be found in (it is called an egg in , but it spawns naturally, and hatches into a polygon after 30s after spawning.

Vibrant Blue Rectangle

Blue rectangles are a rare variant of the square, each square has 1/250 chance to spawn as a rectangle. They have 35 health, and 5 points of body damage. Necromancers can capture these, they darken in FFA, and change to the team color in game modes with teams.


The Henagon are mysterious one-sided figures found very rarely in the map. They are very small, half the size of a small crasher. They have 50 HP and 10 points of body damage, making them very dangerous to touch. They are also very hard to shoot because of the small hit-box. Destroyer classes can destroy these things easy because of the large bullet. They give 1,000 Exp and points when destroyed.


Strange two-sided "polygons" that appear when all polygons ranging from squares to hexadecagons have spawned at least once. They do not have a "color" due to them being a straight line, and their length is equal to 1 unit of the map's background grid. Their movement speed is 10x that of a normal polygon. They reward 2,000 Exp to the player who manages to kill them. They have 2 health.

Dark Grey Nonagon (n=1/2)

Dark Grey Nonagons spawn near you when you destroy an Orange Heptagon, Purple Octagon, and Orange Heptagon, in that order, without destroying any Yellow Squares in between. Dark Grey Nonagons are relatively easy to destroy, they have 700 hp, and reward you with 1,000 exp and 1,200 points. They are smaller than Cyan Nonagons.


Blue Pentagons are replaced by Crates in Labyrinth Mode. These light brown pentagons spawn 25 yellow squares when opened. Opening a Crate requires the same number of shots, causes the same body damage, and awards the same points as a normal Blue Pentagon.

Rainbow Polygon

Rainbow polygons are only found when a Decagon Nest is formed or near the Alpha Copper Myriagon. They are temporary and can only be destroyed using body damage or a Necromancer. Any bullets shot at them will be absorbed and replaced by a white circle. Drones and Traps will vanish completely.

  • Rainbow Frequent Polygon. When a decagon nest is formed, all frequent polygons in the area are immediately transformed to rainbow polygons. Necromancers can control the rainbow squares and crash them into other rainbow polygons.

Rainbow Octagon

Rainbow Octagons are only found in Rainbow Octagon Nests (rare poly-nest). They are similar to the Dark Grey Nonagon, as a special version of the Octagon. They offer you experience equal to 1,500x the higher valued Rainbow Frequent Polygon you have destroyed.

Rainbow Nonagon

Rainbow Nonagons are only found in Rainbow Nonagon Nests (rare poly-nest). They are similar to the Dark Grey Nonagon, as a special version of the Nonagon. They offer you experience equal to 1,750x the highest valued Rainbow Frequent Polygon you have destroyed.

Rainbow Decagon

  • Rainbow Decagons are only found in Rainbow Decagon Nests (rare poly-nest). They are similar to the Dark Grey Nonagon, as a special version of the Decagon. They offer you experience equal to 2,000x the highest valued Rainbow Frequent Polygon you have destroyed.


These rare polygons can have any number of sides and any size with a max radius of 20. One will spawn randomly when a) A Nuke tank is killed and a player stays within 40 tiles of the place where it died for more than 3 minutes (this has a 5% chance of happening) or b) A tank is alive for more than 30 minutes (30% chance). For option b), the tank in question will die instantly whilst in a) the tank can live if it kills the cancer within 5 minutes. Cancer duplicates randomly every random amount of seconds and has a random amount of all stats. They may also randomly have a spawner, barrel or trap layer on them. If this happens, they will automatically target the nearest player.

Polygon clusters

Polygon clusters are a type of tiny polygon nest that is placed on a very, very large version of the polygon it is basically a nest that can move.

Scalene Triangle Cluster (n=1)


Isosceles Triangle Cluster (n=1/2)


Square cluster (n=1/4)

Consists of: 100 squares, 20 beta squares, 1 alpha square, nest defender and 50 summoner squares & 12 sentry squares.

Triangle cluster (n=1/5)

Consists of: AI tri-angle, 80 triangles, nest defender, 10 beta triangles, 1 alpha triangle, 8 sentry triangles

Pentagon Cluster (n=1/6)


Hexagon Cluster (n=1/7)


 Alpha Frequent Polygons

Alpha Polygons are large, strong polygons that spawn rarely in place of what would be a normal polygon. They tend to be found clustered in poly-nests.


Alpha Square

Alpha Squares give you 0.75 K points and EXP. They have 300 Health. Spawns in Inferior Square Nest.

Alpha Triangle

  • Alpha Triangles give you 1.5 K points points and EXP.

They have 900 Health. Spawns in Inferior Triangle nest.

Alpha Pentagon

  • Alpha Pentagons give you 3 K points and EXP.

They have 3000 Health. Spawns in Pentagon nest.

Alpha Hexagon

  • Alpha Hexagons give you 5 K points and EXP.

They have 4500 Health. Spawns in Hexagon Nest.

Alpha Heptagon

  • Alpha Heptagons give you 7.5 K points and EXP.

They have 7500 Health Spawns in Heptagon Nest

Alpha Octagon

    Alpha Octagons give you 10 K points and EXP.

They have 13,500 Health. Spawns in Octagon Nest.


Alpha Nonagons

  • Alpha Nonagons awards you 12.5 K points and EXP.

They have 24000 health. Spawns in Cyan Nonagon Nest. They are the second-largest polygons.

Alpha Decagon

  • Alpha Decagons awards you 15 K points and EXP.

They have 36000 health. Spawns in White Decagon Nest. They are the largest polygons. (well besides gammas)

Beta Frequent Polygons

Beta Polygons spawn under 2 conditions, 1: you destroy 20 polygons of a certain type, without any others in between. 2: They spawn clustered in The Nest and their specific nest type. Beta polygons have half the health of Alphas.

Beta Square


Beta Squares spawn near you when you destroy 100 squares in a row. They are larger than normal squares but smaller than Alpha Squares. They give 375 exp and they have 150 HP. They sometimes spawn in their Inferior nest. They are like the equivalent of a blue Pentagon but with more exp.

Beta Triangle

Beta Triangles spawn near you when you destroy 30 triangles in a row. They are larger than normal red triangles but smaller than Alpha Triangles. They give 750 exp and they have 450 HP. They sometimes spawn in their Inferior nest.

Beta Pentagon

Beta Pentagons spawn near you when you destroy 20 Pentagons in a row. They are smaller than the Alpha Pentagon but bigger than the Blue Pentagon. They give you 1,500 Exp and have half the health of an Alpha Pentagon; 1500 HP. There can always be a few in the Superior Pentagon Nest if one player gets to kill a large number of pentagons, they rarely spawn in superior Pentagon nest by themselves. They spawn naturally in

Beta Hexagon

Beta Hexagons spawn near you when you destroy 20 Hexagons in a row. They are smaller than the Alpha Hexagon but bigger than the Green Hexagon. They give you 2,500 Exp and they have 2250 HP. They can spawn in Superior Hexagon Nest rarely.

Beta Heptagon

Beta Heptagons spawn near you when you destroy 20 Heptagons in a row. They are smaller than the Alpha Heptagon but bigger than the Orange Heptagon. They give you 3,750 Exp and they have 3750 HP. They can spawn in Superior Heptagon Nest rarely.

Beta Octagon

Beta Octagons spawn near you when you destroy 20 Octagons in a row. They are smaller than the Alpha Octagon but bigger than the Purple Octagon. They give 5,000 Exp and they have 6750 health. They have a rare chance of spawning in Superior Octagon nest.

Beta Nonagon

Beta Nonagons spawn near you when you destroy 20 Nonagons in a row. They are smaller than the Alpha Nonagon but bigger than the Cyan Nonagon. They give 6,250 Exp and they have 12000 health. They have a rare chance of spawning in Superior Cyan Nonagon Nest.

Beta Decagon

Beta Nonagons spawn near you when you destroy 20 Decagons in a row. They are smaller than the Alpha Decagon but bigger than the White Decagon. They give 7,500 Exp and they have 18000 health. They have a rare chance of spawning in a Superior White Decagon Nest.

Gamma Frequent Polygons

Gamma polygons are polygons that can very rarely spawn clustered in The Nest and in their specific nest type. Each of the Gamma Polygons has 10x the XP than Alpha Polygons give normally. They also have 5x more health than Alpha Polygons and has 1/50 chance to spawn in the nest instead of an Alpha Polygon and are the size of polygon clusters.

Gamma Square

A Gamma Square gives you 10K points.

Gamma Triangle

A Gamma Triangle gives you 21K points.

Gamma Pentagon

A Gamma Pentagon gives you 60K points.

Gamma Hexagon

A Gamma Hexagon gives you 121K points.

Gamma Heptagon

A Gamma Heptagon gives you 260K points.

Gamma Octagon

A Gamma Octagon gives you 520K points.

Gamma Nonagon

A Gamma Nonagon gives you 1.04m points.

Gamma Decagon

A Gamma Decagon gives you 1.4m points.

Omega Frequent Polygons

Omega polygons spawn rarely in The Nest an only exist once. They have 25x the health of their Gamma counterpart. They are capable of instant Level 45. They have a 1/100 chance to spawn instead of their Gamma counterparts. They are twice the size of a polygon cluster.

Omega Square

An Omega Square gives you 700K points.

Omega Triangle

An Omega Triangle gives you 1M points.

Omega Pentagon

An Omega Pentagon gives you 1.7M points.

Omega Hexagon

An Omega Hexagon gives you 2.5M points.

Omega Heptagon

An Omega Heptagon gives you 3.1M points.

Omega Octagon

An Omega Octagon gives you 4.6M points.

Omega Nonagon

An Omega Nonagon gives you 5.75M points.

Omega Decagon

An Omega Decagon gives you 6.9M points.


Each poly-nest has certain areas where they spawn and will have more polygons and Alpha polygons of that type.

The Nest

The Nest is a large central nest that only spawns at the beginning of a server, containing lots of Pentagons, Hexagons, Heptagons, and everything rarer than that. It has a mass amount of everything, except for Squares and Triangles. But has Alpha Squares and Alpha triangles. It is a great place to earn EXP, but it has AT least 20 Leechers, 10 Phasers, 100 Crashers, 5 Runners, 1 Dark Red polygon, 5 rainbow polygons, 2 red crushers, 10 crushers, 5 red runners, 2 XL Crashers, and the first 100 bullets fired will become white circles, and hves a fallen Necromancer protecting it. When a Fallen Necromancer is destroyed, The Nest decreases by 15% but Polygon production increases by 10%. The fallen Necromancer spawns every 5 min, and after The Nest has been around for 25 min, it will stop producing polygons and spawn 2 Alpha Tridecagons, a Myriagon Crasher, and 8 other random Alpha Polygons. Once it is dead, Superior Nests will take i's place.

Inferior Poly-Nests

An inferior poly-nest contains a large number of their polygon type but are smaller than the typical Pentagon Nest. Either the Square, Pentagon, and Triangle Inferior Nest will spawn at a random location after a certain number of polygons destroyed. Once all the polygons are destroyed in an Inferior Nest, the nest itself is no more, inferior nest will only spawn 1-3 alpha polygons, when all alpha polygons are destroyed, the guardians vanish with them. No new alpha polygons will spawn. Inferior nest often have a Nest Defender spawned in the middle, they are usually armed with auto cannons, spawners, or launchers. They are not as strong as bosses, they can be considered mini-boss shapes. Unlike most inferior guardians, they will still live. if all the alphas dies.

Scalene Triangle Nest has a 67% chance to spawn. They are protected by Crashers, Semi-Crushers, Scalene Triangle Crashers, and a Nest Defender (Hyper-Scal).

Square Nest has a 50% chance to spawn. They are protected Summoner squares, Sentry squares, and a single Nest Defender (Quadral Square). Theme:

An Example of an Inferior square nest, populated by squares, summoner squares, three alpha squares, four beta squares, several sentry squares, and a nest defender . The Summoner happens to be nearby, and a hexagon has spawned.

  • Right Triangle Nest has a 41% chance to spawn. They are protected by Starships, mini starships and the Pytagoron.

    A right triangle nest example, with the pytagoron, an alpha right triangle, 2 beta right triangles and some starships.

    Triangle Nest has a 33% chance to spawn. They are protected by Pink Crashers and 1-3 Nest Defenders.

A Triangle nest, many alphas are found. Two Mini-Seekers and one Defender Lite is found in this inferior nest. The Defender boss near by is just mainly for referencing. Many crashers are found defending it. A couple hexagons spawn.

  • Inferior Pentagon Nest has a 17% chance to spawn. They are protected by Pink Crashers, Crushers, and 1-2 Nest Defenders.
  • Maroon Nest. Each Inferior Nest listed here has a 1% chance of spawning as a Maroon Nest. They are full of Dark Red Polygons and some alpha maroon polygons. They are protected by red runners.

This is a representation of a pentagon nest transformed into a dark red polygon nest. There are 2 alpha maroon pentagons, some red runners scattered throughout the nest. There is also a Bomb.

Superior Poly-Nests

A superior poly-nest spawns at the center of the map. There is a re-spawn limit for the superior nest, for example: Pentagon Nest - 500 regular, 50 alpha. When the re-spawn limit is depleted with either alphas or regulars, no new polygons will spawn. When every polygon is destroyed in that area, a new nest is created after five minutes at the same location and will populate with a pseudo-random polygon type. Nest guardians will not count for the spawn limit.

Each type has a given probability of being selected, with the 4th nest always being a hexagon nest, unless the previous 3 were each a different type; then a grey nonagon nest is spawned, or if 2 octagon nests spawn in a row, then a cyan nonagon nest is spawned. The first nest that spawns in the center at the beginning of the game will always be a pentagon nest.

The guards of the nest are frequently spawned throughout the nest.

  • Pentagon Nest (p=50%) are protected by Pink Crashers, and rarely Crushers.

A Pentagon nest, many alphas and betas are found. A Baby Leviathan and several Sentry Pentagons can be seen, along with a ton of Crashers of both sizes. Elite Crashers can be found next to a fortress-like ministructure composed of pentagons. The Collider Lite is also here along with some Crushers. The Guardian happens to have spawned as well.

  • Hexagon Nest (p=33%) are protected by Green Runners, Leechers, and possibly Wallers.

A Hexagon nest, two alphas and six betas are seen. The Blockade (nest defender) is seen, along with a ton of Green Runners and Leechers of both sizes. The Slider (large Green Runner) is not a Nest Defender, it is a boss there just for reference.

  • Heptagon Nest (p=17%) are protected by Splitter Hexagons, Trapezoid Guardians (only when Splitter Hexagons have split), Tankers, Disrupters, and Summoner Squares.

A very dense Heptagon nest with two alphas and seven betas. Two nest defenders are found here (The Machinist and The Trape-Fighter) along with a multitude of different crashers, including Splitter Hexagons which become Trapezoid Guardians after being destroyed, Disrupters of both sizes, Tankers, and the occasional Summoner square.

  • Octagon Nest (n=1/25)spawns immediately after every 4th heptagon nest. It is protected by Phasers, Crushers, and Semi-Crushers.

A dense Octagon nest with tons of Octagons, including two alphas and six betas. The Megla-Oct (nest defender) can be seen, along with both sizes of Phasers, Crushers, and Semi-Crushers that are found througout the nest.

  • Cyan Nonagon Nests (n=1/50)spawn immediately after every 2nd octagon nest. They are protected by Phages.
  • White Decagon Nests (n=1/100)spawn immediately after every 2nd nonagon nest. They are protected by White Destroyers and Quasars.

An artistic representation of a Decagon Nest. Made by Graviatar

  • Grey Nonagon Nest n(1/1000)This spawns after 6 other types of superior nests are selected in a sequence without repeating any type. They are protected by spiked runners.
  • Phaser Nest. More info about it soon!
  • Leecher Nest. More info about it soon!

Rare Polynests

  • Rainbow Decagon Nest. (n=1/32)After 16 Dark Grey Nonagons have been destroyed on a server, a decagon nest will appear and the frequent polygons change into rainbow polygons. These nests are extremely small, consisting of a few Rainbow Decagons. They are well protected by Terminators and Prisms, which can pass through Rainbow Frequent Polygons.
  • Hendecagon Nest (n=1/640)After 20 Rainbow Decagon nests have been destroyed, a Hendecagon Nest will appear, and the frequent polygons change into brown polygons. These nests are WAY smaller than Rainbow Decagon Nests, consisting of a few Hendecagons. They are protected by 4-5 Terminators and mini arena closers which cannot leave the nest, however they can pass through Brown Frequent Polygons. There is very rarely a Myriagon crasher. It’s nest defender is called the Elevenaut.
  • Dodecagon Nest (n=1/480)is about 1/2 the size of the pentagon nest. These require 15 rainbow decagon nests to have existed in the server before appearing in place of the 16th rainbow decagon nest. When created, up to 40 dodecagons will appear and no more. At its center will be an alpha dodecagon, which is about 4x as large as a normal dodecagon with 40x the stats and only one Defender: Vis Destructica. Vis Destructicas are small, but have a massive health pool. They are extremely fast and do loads of damage, and only one of them can be active at a time. Once the Vis Destructica dies, a new one will spawn. Its nest defender is the Do-Decker.
  • Tridecagon Nest (n=3000)After a third Dark Grey Nonagon nest has spawned, 5 mins will cooldown before one of these appear. There will be one single tridecagon, protected by 15 large Crashers. The tridecagon has the normal stats but however do not give points upon death. When it dies it will duplicate into more tridecagons. The duplications will give points if killed. However with every tridecagons spawned there will be 15 more large Crashers. After duplicating 4 times an alpha tridecagon will appear, with 25 small Crashers, once it dies the nest does aswell. Its nest defender is the Prime Tridec.
  • Tetradecagon Nest. (n=800)After 25 rainbow decagons nest spawn, this will appear with a few of all types of the crasher family, and will spawn a tetradecagon every 2 mins for 1 hour, and after so a crasher boss will appear. Strangely alpha tetradecagons do not seem to spawn. Its nest defender is the Multi-Destroyer.
  • Pentadecagon Nest. (n=1/3200) After 20 Hendecagon nests spawn, a Pentadecagon Nest will spawn. 5 minutes before the Pentadecagon Nest spawns, One Navy Pentadecagon will spawn guarded by 5 Navy Seamines. There will be a max of 16 Navy Pentadecagons in the nest. After 1 hour, Navy Pentadecagon will stop spawning and the nest will be guarded by 50 Crushers and the Guardian. Its nest defender is the Pentadoom.
  • Hexadecagon Nests. (n=1/500000)After 200 Square nests and 50 Octagon nests have spawned, and 20 Rainbow Squares are in the map, 1 Indigo Hexadecagon will spawn in the Rainbow Decagon nest that contains the most squares. They will keep spawning at a rate of 1 per 4 min. It is full when 32 Hexadecagons are in the nest. Then 200 Semi-Crushers will spawn to protect it.
  • Heptadecagon Nests. Complete 3 tasks:: 1: Kill both Fallen Booster and Fallen Overlord. 2: Kill 70 Orange Alpha Heptagons. 3: Wait 1 minute and a Teal Heptadecagon will appear near you, alongside 30 White Circles and 5 Orange Heptagons. More Heptadecagons will appear at a rate of 1 per 1 min. Full when 34 Heptadecagons are in the nest. Then the Machinist will spawn to protect it. Its nest defender is the Prime Heptadec.
  • Octadecagon Nest. After 150 Square nests, 100 Triangle nests, 25 Hexagon nests, and 25 Nonagon nests have spawned, and 5 Rainbow Squares and 10 Rainbow Triangles are in the map, 1 RedOrange Octadecagon will appear randomly alongside 6 Squares and 6 Triangles, and keep growing with a rate of 1 per 3 min. Full when 36 Octadecagons are in the nest, then 50 Semi-Crushers and 100 Crushers will spawn to protect it. Its nest defender is the Nonectist.
  • Enneadecagon Nest: Complete 3 tasks:: 1: Kill 100 Squares, Triangles, Pentagons, Hexagons, Heptagons, Octagons, Nonagons, and Decagons. 2: Kill the Nonastrike 5 times. 3: Wait 1 min 30 sec and a Magenta Enneadecagon will appear near you. It grows with a rate of 1 per 1 min. Full when 38 Enneadecagons are in the nest, then the Nonastrike (again) will spawn to protect it. Its nest defender is the Prime Enneadec.
  • Icosagon Nest: When 150 Square nests, 50 Pentagon nests, and 25 Rainbow Decagon nests have spawned, and 10 Rainbow Squares and 5 Rainbow Pentagons are in the map, 1 DarkGreen Icosagon spawns randomly. More appear with a rate of 1 per 3 min. Full when 40 Icosagons are in the nest, then spawns 100 Semi-Crushers and the Guardian to protect it. Its nest defender is the Twentix.
  • Icosihenagon Nest: When 50 Triangle nests and 50 Heptagon nests have spawned, and 5 Rainbow Triangles and 5 Rainbow Pentagons are in the map, 1 LightOrange Icosihenagon will appear randomly. More appear with a rate of 1 per 2 min. Full when 42 Icosihenagons are in the nest, then spawns 50 Crushers and 10 Quadral Squares to protect it. Its nest defender is the Septenarian.
  • Icosidigon Nest: When 50 Square nests and 50 Hendecagon nests have spawned, and 5 Rainbow Squares, 10 Hendecagons, and 25 have spawned, 1 Flourescent White Icosidigon will appear randomly. More appear with a rate of 1 per 2 min. Full when 44 Icosidigons are in the nest, then spawns 50 Semi-Crushers and 10 Baby Leviathans to protect it. Its nest defender is the Dueceduen.
  • Icositrigon Nest: Complete 3 tasks:: 1: Kill 1,000 Triangles. 2: Kill the Guardian twice and the Defender Lite 30 times. 3: Wait 2 minutes and a Flourescent Green Icositrigon will appear near you. More appear with a rate of 1 per 1 min. Full when 46 Icositrigons are in the nest, then its nest defender, the Prime Icositri, will spawn to protect it.
  • Myriagon nest: One of the rarest, if not the rarest, things in Every frequent polygon nearby will become a Level 4 Delta Polygon. For more information on Delta polygons, click here. It is rarer for every polygon in the map to become a citrine 4-point star than for a Myriagon nest to spawn. It is protected by Small and Large Groupers, Tankers, Both sizes of Disrupters, A LOT of Terminators, and a LOT of Myriagon crashers. Bombs have a very high chance to spawn here. It is full when 64 Myriagons are in the nest. Then, an alpha form will spawn. Its nest defender is the Mega-Myriad.
  • 4-Point Star Nest: This is what happens when 300,300,300 Square Nests, 333 Myriagon Nests, and 3 Mega-Myriads are destroyed. 40 4-Point Stars in the nest at a time, with TONS of Summoner Squares and Sentry Squares there to protect it. Myriagon crashers can also spawn in this nest. Plenty of Quadral Squares are also there.
  • Icositetragon Nest: Complete 4 tasks: 1. Kill 3,000 Phages. 2. Deal 5000 damage to the Veraltellonn and Nonastrike 3 times. 3: Kill 300,400,500 Beta Squares. 4: Kill 100 Enneadecagon nests by yourself. Then a Neon Blue Icositetragon will spawn with a growth rate of 2 per 30 seconds. The nest defender is the True Icositetra.
  • Icosipentagon

Infected/virus Polygons


Read Virus


Idea for rodrigo and fillygroove (hellcat too) the first one has three machine gunner like thrusters, a cruiser front with extra reload, an annihilator turret with less rload and damage, and builder barrels on the sides.

XL-2 has an obliterator annihilator turret, 2 builder barrels and (My idea) the triple cruiser (reinforcer)

XL-3 has two extra thrusters and a dual front

XL-4 has more thrusters and streamliner turrets with two extra barrels in the front

XL-5 has streamliner turrets with two new barrels and in the front tthereare two more guns




Structions are structures of polygons that are bound together. A struction has a binding health. Structions take damage as single entities until it hits zero. When it does, the struction will split apart and the binding health as damage will be split as evenly as possible among the polygons.

Structions have a chance to spawn in "alpha mode", a scaled-up version of the normal where every polygon is an alpha polygon. Any polygon in a struction that has a green variant has a chance to spawn green. A completely green struction would be VERY rare.

Structions have a small chance to spawn in " gamma mode", where every polygon is gamma.

Structions also have an extremely small chance to spawn in "omega mode", which speaks for itself.

Splitter hexagons are not considered structions as they work differently.


A Hexatri is a hexagon formed out of six Triangles. Its binding health is 15. It spawns in triangle nests.


A Tetrasquare is a 2x2 square formed out of four Squares. Its binding health is 8. It spawns in square nests.

Right Triangle Square

A Right Triangle Square is a square formed out of four Brugel Right Triangles. Its binding health is 10. It spawns in right triangle nests.


A Trihex is formed from three hexagons joined together at a corner. Its binding health is 75. It spawns in hexagon nests.


A Tetratri is formed out of four triangles arranged to make a larger triangle. Its binding health is 15. It spawns in triangle nests.

Spike Square

A Spike Square is a square with four triangles attached to its sides. Its binding health is 25. It spawns in triangle nests and square nests.


A Pentagon with 5 pentagons attached to its sides. It's binding health is 100. It spawns in Pentagon and Pentadecagon nests.

  • Idea by MopePro-REAL

 Doom Polygons


The Doomsquare appears to be a big white square. If killed, it will release 15 Protectors, each having 500 health, and send them at the player. If the player happens to survive it after thirty seconds, the Doomsquare will self-destruct and send all of its triangles to kill everyone else in the map.


The Deathsquare is basically the ''Alpha'' of the Doom Nest. The hard this is that if its destroyed, it releases two extremely fast protectors, each having 2k health, that will obliterate anything in its path. After thirty seconds the Protectors will despawn and the Doom Nest will perish.

 Al Tank Structure

More info on the second page mentioned at the top

Nest Defenders


A cyan Nonagon with twice the size and has 900 health.


  • 1x Auto Drone Maker
  • 9x Machine Gun Turrets
  • 1x Tsunami Crasher Spawner


  • 1000 Score
  • 2000 EXP

True Icositetra

A neon blue Icositetragon with 1.5x the size and has 1500 health.


  • 3x Crusher Spawner
  • 24x Auto Turret
  • 1x Auto Gunner Turret


  • 2000 Score
  • 1750 EXP


An orange-red Octadecagon with 1.25x the size and and has 1240 health.


  • 1x Auto Trap Layer
  • 18x Machine Gun Turret
  • 2x Disrupter Spawner


  • 1000 Score
  • 1000 EXP


An orange heptagon with 600 Health.


  • 7x Disrupter spawner


  • 600 Score
  • 500 EXP


a Copper Myriagon with 625 times the health, half the size, and a black/gold camouflage armor plating 2 map tiles thick.


  • 10x every weapon in!


  • 100000000000000000000000000000080000000000000000000000090000000000000000000000 Score
  • 7899999999999989999999999999777777777777777777777000000000000000101111110101033 EXP
    • Idea by MopePro-REAL

True Protector Octagon (TPO)

An yellow octagon with 8.4K health, an body damage of a spike maxed out stats, 3-3.4x size of the normal size, 0.00004% chance to spawn after 1 octagon has been killed.


  • 16x Machine Trappers
  • 8x Auto Turret
  • 4x Auto Sniper
  • 8x Shields with Auto Factory inside
  • 8x Spawner which spawn 4x all Level 15 Tank in

When killed

  • Exploded 30-45 bullets with a speed like ranger bullet after 5 seconds
  • 11M Score
  • 9M EXP
  • Leave 2-3 octagon surrounded with 15-20 sentrys, 7-10 quadral squares, 50-75 all types of crashers and 2-3 normal bosses (or called TPO grave)


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To-do list

Everything here shows what has to be done/made/written.

-image for almost every crashers (done, needed to be put into their individual sections) (not done actually, we need the indigo right triangle)

-Phaser Nest, Leecher nest and Hazel long and Burgel Right triangle nest and info on them

-Hexahedron, Pyramid and Tetrahedron to be added

-Hexamatrix, Rotiocon and Tetragiza nest defender/bosses to be added.

-Image for Myriagon Nest

(Images for lightning's ideas go on his page.)

-Image for Grey Origon

A large collection of polygons, crashers and many variants. (Made by Graviatar). From left-to-right: Crashers, Semi-Crushers, Crushers, Quasar and Split, Phasers, Phages, Phage Finale, Green Runners, Leechers, Vis Destructica, Disrupters, Splitter Hexagons and Trapezoid Guardians, Tankers and Summoner Squares, Red Runners, Triangle Finale, and White Destroyers. The rest of the polygons you already know :p

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