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 Al Tank Structure

Basic Structure (n=1/6)

The Basic Structure is a stable yellow circle that has an auto turret on it and a Smasher border with maxed body damage ( 10 bars ). It's bullet is like a Auto 5 cannon with maxed bullet speed, bullet penetration, bullet damage and reload, Luckily it's cannon accuracy is bad. It has the same health of an Orange Heptagon, drops 2250 Xp and 4500 points when killed. And this Structure has build to have the size of 9 Yellow Squares in a 3*3 square.

Guard Of The Structure (n=1/18)

The Guard Of The Structure has a pink, stable triangle body. Its spawns XL Crashers from its drone barrel on the back ( similar to an Overseer )that spawn 1 of them every 2.5 seconds. With the health and size of an Orange Heptagon, medium body damage, drops 4650 xp and 9400 points when killed, this is a hard polygon to kill. The Basic Structure has 1/8 chance spawn with the Guard Of The Structure or spawn alone.

Stream Puncher (n=1/20)

The Stream Puncher is a stable, magenta pentagon body with the size of an Orange Heptagon. It has the health of a Brown Hendecagon and low body damage. The prize for the last hit is rewarded with 9250 xp and 14000 points. It has 1/12 chance to spawn next to the Guard Of The Smasher but never spawn next to it when that spawn with the Auto Smash Structure. It's weapon features 1 cannon that has the size of a Fallen Booster overlapping the bottom one that has the same size, penetration, damage and speed to the previous one ( both of them have really high stats). It has the reload that is 2.5x the Hunter and the range of view of a Lvl 45 Hunter.

Auto Buster (n=1/15)

The Auto Buster is a black AI structure that cannot move or take recoil or knockback. It has a black hull and a auto dominator turret along with 3 auto normal turrets surrounding it. It has the health of a nonagon. If someone gets the last hit, they will be rewarded with 10,000 points. It is about the size of fallen tanks. Ramming into the Auto Bust isn't very efficient and maybe cause major health loss. Its Auto Dominator turret can shoot hybrid bullets with the penetration of a Annihilator bullet.

Hexadeca-spread (n=1/18)

The Hexadeca-spread is a stable octagonal body with the color violet. It has low body damage with the body size is equal to a Heptagon. It fires 16 mini bullets with medium speed but max penetration and damage. 8 of the cannon is at each corner and the rest is at 8 it's sides, 1 each. The reload is only 1.5 seconds but with this spread, it is very dangerous. Of course, the N-value is the same as the Guard Of The Smasher, that leaves to the Xp and points of the this structure when killed as the same as the Guard Of The Structure. But the worry part is it has 1/10 chance to spawn with the Stream Puncher and it never spawn with a Stream Puncher when that spawn with the Guard Of The Structure.

Suriken Shooter (n=1/20)

Suriken Shooter has a maroon, stable hexagon body, low body damage with the size of a Green Hexagon. It is the first thing that uses traps for offense. That barrel has built to have max speed, penetration but only got medium damage. Trap are easily to stop, luckily. The powerful comes with the prize, which is the same compare to the Stream Puncher.

The Wiper (n=1/24)

The Wiper is a structure that is a body of a sky blue circle with the size of a Blue Pentagon but with low body damage. The health of it is the mean of the Green Hexagon and the Orange Heptagon and drop 23400 points and XP when killed. It has a yellow auto turret in the middle that is only has built 3 bars of everything. But that is only it's sub weapon, the main weapon is the wiper, which what gives it's name. The Wiper's wiper is an offensive and defensive weapon. It has 2 of them at the back and the front which has auto spin of the speed of 2x the speed of a tank that has auto spin on. The wiper damage you of a maxed body damage Smasher (10 bars) and when you get hit by it, and it also absorbs bullets. But when you get too close, it suddenly spin a turn really quickly, kills you instantly. The wiper has the length of 2.5 Assassin barrels and the width of 1.5 Assassin barrels. Though the auto turret has the range of an Assassin, the wiper only auto spin really quickly when you in the range of the wiper's length. It has a 1/15 chance to spawn on the Suriken Shooter and has the 1/9 chance to spawn with the Guard Of The Structure, of course not when these structure spawn with something else.

Stellar Spawn Polygons

These Polygons have a relation to the Yellow Star. Most of them have a glowing effect, while others are directly spawned from them

Yellow Star

Yellow Star is a polygon that only spawn when 8 Glowing Square spawned in a server. It shape is like a 5 pointed star that's glows. Its speed is as fast as a maxed out movement speed smasher (10 points). It runs away from the nearest player that is above level 15, and they auto spin when running. It has 750 HP, but has ridiculously fast speed makes it very hard to catch. They have 7 points of body damage, making them very dangerous to ram into, although it is rare since it runs away from players. The star could give a player 10,500 points and exp. Each 10 seconds it spawns Glowing Square out of its 5 angles. It can also summon an Alpha Glowing Squares, Glowing Crashers, Meteors, and Asteroids. The Yellow star has a short lifespan of 20 minutes, only 2 can spawn at once.

Glowing Square (n=1/20)

Glowing Squares are Yellow Squares that glows in its color. It gives 100 points and Exp when killed. It has 10 HP, it can be spawned by the Yellow Star. They do as much body damage as a Yellow Square. Necromancer can't control it.

Alpha Glowing Square

Alpha Glowing Square it a polygon that could be spawn by the Yellow Star. This polygon health is 2.5 times of a Glowing Square. It's size is about the same as the Beta Pentagon and it drops 3,750 exp and 7,500 points when killed. It has the 1/20 chance to spawn instead of the Glowing Square. When spawned, it will have the orange color like the Necromancer drones and glows yellow. Then it will increase it's size until it reaches the size of a Beta Pentagon, it takes 5 seconds to grow into its limit. When the growing is over, it will flashes into yellow and change to that color. It will also shoots 4 yellow mini bullets from its corners, travel at the speed of the maxed bullet speed Destroyer with the damage of a maxed bullet damage of a mini bullet. It has 1/10 chance to spawn 6 Glowing Crashers when killed. Finally, you and only do damage to it when it's fully size.

Flashing Square

They are square that has the size of a Yellow Square that flashes white each 5 seconds. The square that is glows dark yellow instead of white has 1/8 chance to spawn when an Omega Glowing Square has been killed. It health is 2.5x a Glowing Square and drops 18.75 Kp when killed


Asteroids are polygons that could be spawn by the Yellow Star. Like the Crashers, it chases down people until death. It moves half the speed as a Crasher. but can't see invisible tanks. It has 5 times the health of a Blue Pentagon and gives 220 exp and points when killed. It has the same size of a Green Hexagon. Finally this polygon has 1/10 chance to spawn instead of a Glowing Square ( Yellow Star only ).


Meteors can spawn by a Yellow Star and like the Crasher, it's also chases down people. It moves at the same speed of the Fallen Booster, has 3 times the health of large Crashers and gives 80 points and exp when killed but can't see invisible tanks. When it has been killed or after 20 seconds after spawned, it bursts into 8 mini yellow bullets in 8 different directions. The bullet done the same damage as the un-upgraded Auto 5 bullet. Finally it has 1/8 chance to spawn instead of a Glowing Square (Yellow Star only). It also have yellow lined trail on the back.

Glowing Crashers

Glowing Crashers can only spawn by the Alpha or Gamma Glowing Square. It only have the size of a XL Crasher, but has the same health as the 4.5x of a Green Hexagon and the speed: 2/3 runner. That polygon drops 550 points and exp when killed. Basically, it looks like a yellow Crashers that glows. And finally, it has 1/10 chance to spawn 6 of them when killed an Alpha Glowing Square and has 1/12 chance to spawn by an Omega Glowing Square instead of a Glowing Square and has a 1/20 chance to spawn by a Yellow Star.

Beta Glowing Square

For info on Beta Polygons, click the link on top of the page.

  • Has 1/15 chance that will split from the Alpha Glowing Square when it has 1/4 health, basically it spawn a Beta Glowing Square next to a Alpha Glowing Square.
  • Also sometimes spawned from the Yellow Star.
  • Give you 1.9 Kp 

Gamma Glowing Square

For info in Omega Polygons, click the link on top of the page.

  • Spawn when the 4th Yellow Star is killed.
  • Drops 51.5 Kp

Other things

Timer Circles (n=1/9)

Timer Circles are polygon that has 2.5x the health of a Red Triangle. It has 2/3 the size of a Pink Circle and drops 450 points and Xp when killed. It have a yellow circle with a core that has the size of 3/4 of the yellow circle, which overlap it at the center. When it spawn in on a server, the core will be white. But after 5 seconds, it will fade black, then after 5 seconds, it will fade white again, then,...( infinite loop here ) until it get destroyed. The tricky part is the matter of time. If the core was black, you can't hurt it, even when you ram into that circle. But if the core turns into the white color, you now could kill it like other normal polygon. So if you lucky and time it right, you might get the Xp and points.

Time Bomb

The Time Bomb has a 1/80 chance to spawn instead of a Timer Circles. It looks like a black circle with the size of a Alpha Triangle with a white number in the center that is counting down. It also has the health of 4 times the health of a Beta Triangle but drop no Xp or points. Why? Because the time bomb is very dangerous and can only be taken down by teaming. When it's spawn, everyone in the server will have a black message with white letters says " The Time Bomb has spawned " It's doesn't attack tanks and move as the speed of a normal polygon. Sure harmless right? But no! The countdown in the middle start with 3 minutes, and when it ends, the WHOLE server end as well by Arena Closers. Luckily they show on the minimap and doesn't spawn in Maze.

Random Polygon Box (n=1/7)

Random Polygon Box looks like a brown square with the size of the Green Hexagon with a with question mark on it. It is has the health of a Glowing Yellow Square. What is cool about it that is can drop any polygon with the number of 1. More lucky or unlucky drops is rarer. If it is an Alpha, Beta, or Gamma Polygon is will have the size of its original form and takes 5 seconds to grow fully size ( Beta takes 3 sec). Also it has a very rare chance to drop nothing or bosses!

Boxes Nest

It is an Inferior Nest that has 9% chance to spawn. They don't need any protectors but sometimes there are unlucky boxes so be careful.

Light Blue Pentagon (n=1/48)

Light Blue Pentagon has the same size and health of a Blue Pentagon. It gives 20x of the points and Xp of A Blue Pentagon. But it has a very good ability is to teleport. Each 15 seconds it will teleport to a random location in a server. Also don't worry! That polygon has a very rare chance to teleport on players. But if it did, that thing don't lose any health, but you will!

Mix Polygons

Mix Polygons

Mix polygons are polygons that spawn every time a polygon goes into the same polygon and a polygon goes into the same mix polygon, when a square goes into a square it will become a 2 Square Mix Polygon, if a square goes into a 2 Square Mix Polygon it will become a 3 Square Mix Polygon, the Mix Polygon gives XP and Points in base of all Mixed Polygons + Half of the total Score and XP, the Square has 5 mix forms, the triangle 4, the pentagon 3, the hexagon just 2 and the heptagon only 1.

Ultra Pentagon

  • Looks like a very, very big pentagon that has 5.5x the size of an Alpha Pentagon. It also has a star that has the same color with it in the middle that has it's corners touches the corners of its bigger pentagon brother. And it also glows.
  • Moves at fast as a Guardian, that means it could ram you.
  • Spawn Blue Pentagon drones that is 1.5x slower than the Crashers but has 3x of a XL Crashers health.
  • Has 5 auto Streamliner bullets that is max build of everything.
  • Also has 1 normal, min bullet damage, but max bullet penertration. The bullet it's fires is 2x faster than an Assassin bullet with max bullet speed.
  • The other 5 triangles in the star could spawn Glowing Crate or has 1/5 chance to spawn a Beta Pentagon ( yes, it has been compressed and takes time to grow to its original size ) with the recharge of 50 seconds and it spawn at 5 corners at the same time.
  • Could spawn after 10 minutes since the 6th Yellow Star has benn killed and the 5th Omega Pentagon has been killed or make 2 Yellow Stars ram into the same Omega Pentagon ( not at the same time though )
  • When the second chance that the Ultra Pentagon happen then the Omega Pentagon will shine white and burst into 5 min Annilator bullet with bullet speed, penetration and damage on 5 different direction.
  • That why it's xp is 136500 when killed and the health is 19370.

Ultra Triangle

  • The Ultra Triangle look, like a bigger version of the Alpha Triangle. Actually it only has the design of a big triangle that has the same size of a Defender, with the same color.
  • It moves at the same speed of a Lvl 140 Mothership( why does they removed it so I can't show new players the example! )
  • Though it slow, it could be invisible, and each 3 minutes it also teleport on a random place, and each 15 minutes it could teleport on a random player and kill him/her.
  • Has only 1 trapper barrel on the top, (not visible during it is invisible though). It fire mega trap with max speed, meaning it uses the trap as an offenese weapon. The traps are also invisible like the Navy Seamine and they can stay for 75 seconds so be careful
  • Could spawn 1 compressed Beta Triangle with the rechagre of 1.5 minutes but only 1

could fire at 1 time.

  • The Ultra Triangle vould be spawned when the Defender crashes into a Light Blue Pentagon and the Invisible Triangle and the Suriken Shooter smash into it, luckily it won't attack these when alone.
  • When do that the Defender death animation is almost like a Ultra Pentagon, but it only fires 3 bullets instead of 5.
  • And drops 90 Kp when killed and has 17250 health.

Glowing Crate

The Glowing Crate drops the same squares compare to the normal crate but it has 1.5 health of a normal crate, and drop Glowing Squares instead of normal squares. Basiclly it like a crate but glows yellow. And each crate will have 1/10 chance to spawn glowing.

Invisible Triangle (n=1/25)

Invisible Triangle is basically a triangle with an ability to cloak. It has the view range a bit smaller than an Assassin so a Pretator or a Ranger should be handy, so you could see it looks like a triangle with only the border, shows the grid behind. But it's size is as small as a Yellow Square so it quite hard to see it. It give you 1850 points and xp when killed ( 50x a Red Triangle ) and has the health of 1/2 a Blue Pentagon. When you come close range, it fade out completely like a Stalker. It has a 1 in 7400 chance to spawn instead of a Red Triangle. Also when you ram it, you won't lose any of your health but it will only give you 100 points and Xp when killed. ( What a big waste! )

Invisible Hexagon (n=1/55)

(Pls read Invisible Triangle before you reading this).

Invisible Hexagon has the mechanics of the Invisible Triangle but now even Ranger and Pretator can't see it. But you can see it in sandbox mode when solo which have the size of a Blue Pentagon and looks like a Green Hexagon with the border. It gives you 6110 Xp and points when killed and have the health of 1.5 of a Green Hexagon. Finally, when you ram it, you're going to die! :>

Evil Octagon

Evil Octagon are polygon that can replace a Purple Octagon. It size, color, health,...pretty much the same as the Purple Octagon. But it's evil, and it could do these thing to you when you kill it:

  • Lose all the points you have. (likely)
  • Make all stats go to 0 for 5 minutes unless you die. (1/5 chance)
  • Turn you into a basic Level 1 tank, and reset all upgrades. but score are still the same. (1/10 chance)
  • Kill you. (1/8 chance)
  • Spawn Arena Closers. (1/16 chance)
  • Losing health until your health is 25 HP(1/5 chance)

But don't worry because it only has 1/50 chance to replace a Purple Octagon.

Navy Pentadecagon (n=1/150)
Navy Pentadecagon are really rare and really large polygon ( it's size is equal to a Alpha green hexagon) it health is 1,073 Hp but it regenerate it's health at the rate of 30/sec. It moves at the speed of 4x a normal polygon. It awards 7.5k points when killed. It also has a special ability that repel bullets. Which mean that every bullet you shoot, it will only take 1/2 damage of each bullet hit it and turn it into a yellow bullet and return at the same spot that hits. When it's at half health, it can't regenerate back to the original health anymore. Instead it will summon 5 Sea Mines. At this point, it will no longer move anymore and only take 1/4 damage. The last person to hit it will get 7.5k points. It only spawn after a Dark Yellow Tetradecagon Nest has been destroyed.

Alpha Navy Pentadecagon

  • Basically it is an improved Navy Pentadecagon.
  • Has 7500 Hp but regenerate it's health at the rate of 15/sec.
  • Move at the speed of 1.5x compare to the normal polygon( because of its size)
  • Has 2/3 chance to repel bullet but takes 100% of the damage.
  • Doesn't have special features when reach low health
  • Instead spawn Sea Missiles and Navy Seamine to protect it.
  • Only spawn in the Navy Pentadecagon Nest with an additional Navy Pentadecagon.
  • Drop 165 Kp when killed and get increase 5 upgrade bars and the bullet repel ability for 5 and a half minutes.

Navy Pentadecagon Nest

  • The Alpha Navy Pentadecagon is the start of the nest and the collapse of the nest.
  • Only spawn when 2 or 3 Navy Pentadecagon destroyed in a server. It can spawn when only 1 of them destroyed, but very rarely.
  • When spawned, it have the color black instead of navy. Which means that the Alpha Navy Pentadecagon is invincible. But is also doesn't repel bullet, doesn't move and doesn't spawn Sea Missiles or Navy Seamine.
  • But you have to destroy the Navy Pentadecagon that spawn next to it to break it's barrier ( don't worry, that pentadecagon doesn't leave the nest, and so does the Alpha Navy Pentadecagon ).

Sea Missiles

Sea Missiles are type of crashers that could only spawn by the Alpha Navy Pentadecagon. They looks like a very tiny Protectors ( like the one that Battleship spawns ) with the color Navy. But don't let the size fools you! It is as fast as the Protectors that always laying around the team base in Team DM and with the pointy head of the damage is the same as 1 Arena Closer bullet, this is really hard to escape, unless you can be invisible or shoot at it. It's only 1 HP with no body damage could make you kill it easily. Because of its health, it only drop 15 XP when killed.

Navy Seamine

14 of them will spawn in random places when an Alpha Navy Pentadecagon spawn. It a stable, blue circle but see-though like blue stained glass, it has six spikes shooting out on each side. It has size of a Blue Pentagon and it can be invisible. No one can see it, even with a Ranger or Predator( You can only see it in Sandbox but solo). It can avoid bullets, traps, drones, bosses,...but not players. When anyone ram to it, they will face the brutal attack that is 3x a Sea Missiles. It doesn't move. And if someone unlucky enough to hit it, the server automatically spawn a new one in a random place after 2 seconds, until the Alpha Navy Pentadecagon dies.

 Tan Dodecagon

Tan Dodecagon are polygon that spawns near you when you destroyed a Blue Pentagon, another Blue Pentagon and finally a Rainbow Decagon, in that order, without hitting anything to broke the order. They have only 330 hp, and rewards 4200 points when killed. It has the size of a Cyan Nonagon.

Light Purple Pentadecagon

If you destroy a Red Triangle, a Rainbow Decagon, and a Navy Pentadecagon (not in order), without dying( Arena Closer doesn't count ), the server will spawn an Light Purple Pentadecagon near you with the big letter above that tells who is owned that. It will follow you, and only you can destroy it. Though that thing has the size of a Blue Pentagon, it doesn't hurt you when you do any impact. When you ram or shoot it or use drones or... something like that, you will immediately get 110 Kp. It as fast as the Yellow Star.

Virus/Infected Polygons

This is heavily based on the original idea of Virus Polygons

Virus Polygons spawn in every gamemode and affect Tag Mode, Maze, Domination and Sandbox. These will be listed in order from least dangerous to most dangerous modes after the technical info has been complete.

A virus polygon has 0.001% chance to spawn, and can be any normal polygon, e.g. Square, Triangle, Pentagon. A green arrow points towards the virus polygon. A virus polygon is a lightish dark green, has 50% more health than a normal polygon and 75% more ram damage. Every virus polygon has either a destroyer barrel, twin barrel or overseer barrel on it.

If a virus polygon touches normal polygon the polygon becomes infected and turns into a virus polygon as well. Large swarms can start and when they split up the arrow divides into different pieces. When a virus polygon kills a player, the player's tank becomes green and an AI takes over whilst the player has to respawn and upgrade again.

Once you die to a virus polygon you will notice a bar beneath your health bar on your tank, this is how much your tank is infected. Everytime a virus polygon's bullet hits you or they ram you and you survive, the bar rises. Once the bar is full you die and your tank becomes infected and is taken over by an AI.

If a virus polygon touches a crasher, it increases its size to that of a drone and spawns 2 small infected crashers, these small ones go off and get bigger by killing normal polygons and players. Once they are full size they spawn infected crashers of their own and the cycle begins again.

If a virus polygon touches a drone the drone becomes infected and will try to kill its owner. Once the owner is killed they will go off to kill other tanks. Infected drones always stay in the same swarms. Never use the overseer branch. If a virus polygon touches a sunchip the sunchip will get 50% bigger and acquire a weapon.

If a virus polygon touches a trap the trap becomes green and will do damage to everything except infected polygons or tanks. Never use the trapper branch

If a virus polygon touches a tankie then the tankie will become infected and green. Infected tankie's will turn on their owner and once the owner is killed they go off and upgrade and lvl up. Infected tankie's can upgrade to different tanks.


Tag Mode: Least Dangerous

If there are 300 virus polygons in Tag Mode a new team is created called Virus, when you are killed by virus polygons your tank becomes an AI and switches to the Virus team. You can either spectate or leave the server.

Domination: Medium Danger

If 10 virus polygons in Domination touch a Dominator, the Dominator becomes infected and starts spawning virus polygons whilst shooting at players. Players cannot take back and infected Dominator for their team.

Maze: Dangerous

If a virus polygon spawns in Maze and touches a wall the wall becomes green and starts spawning virus polygons, players take damage and their infected bar will rise when they touch the infected walls. Infected walls are shown on the map lined with green.

Sandbox: Extremely Dangerous

If 100 virus polygons spawn in sandbox the map becomes the size of FFA and random infected walls and Dominators will start appearing. A yellow coloured base will spawn in the middle of the map. You can enter the base for 5min and farm non-infected polygons that spawn. Virus polygons can't enter this base.Once 5min is up you get teleported to a random part of the map. Unless you invite people to the sandbox you will have to survive on your own and hope to not die.


When a server closes, Arena Closers do NOT get infected by Virus Polygons. They will kill off all the infected polygons.


Bosses CAN be infected by virus polygons. When they do they get 50% more health and 20% better on all upgrades. Avoid infected bosses at ALL COSTS.

Summoner: An infected Summoner spawns infected sunchips with 10% reload and capacity rate.

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