The Polymesh is a Mega Boss added on 10/15/2017. It spawns when Livewire, Terminal, and Parker Square have been killed in a single server. Its namesake fits perfectly with its design; A mesh of polygons. Like Protozog, Polymesh has a mix of Defensive and Offensive weapons. Polymesh features a strange Auto Cannon that is deployed in Phase 2, and a Landmine hull.


Polymesh features a 16 sided tank body composed out of squares, with a Landmine shell around it. On top is a weird looking Auto Turret.


Polymesh boasts an impressive amount of health, at 942,070, which is almost 1,000,000. Polymesh, upon death/destruction, gives the player 9,420,070 experience, which is a LOT of EXP. Polymesh has the movement speed of a Defender, and the body damage of a Fallen Booster.

Phase 1

When Polymesh spawns, it's invisible, only to be turned visible when damaged. He then always moves towards the nearest target. When damaged, Polymesh becomes more yellow. When Polymesh is at 3,000 HP, they will be completely made out of yellow squares.

Phase 2

The Landmine hull sinks into the tank, and all of the squares explode outwards from the tank, leaving the central auto turret. The Strange + sign barrel now fires like a maxed out Quad Tank and rotates around the tank. All you got to do is keep on shooting it.


  • The Polymesh's name fits the tank very well.
  • It takes a small inspiration from Mothership.
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