Polyspikes are conceptual enemies which were created by NecroTheTank. They come in multiple varieties, each with their own statistics. They share the same AI, however.


When first spawned, the Polyspikes act as regular Polygons. However, once they are hit with a bullet, the Polyspikes' AI becomes a simple yet effective strategy.

Priority #1: Go away from bullets.

Priority #2: Go toward tanks, in a manner similar to Crashers.

This allows it to survive for quite a long time while attempting to kill nearby tanks. However, it is unable to dodge bullets with high Bullet Speed, so that is an effective strategy.



The Tetraspike is the weakest of the three Polyspikes. It has 5 HP, deals 3 HP of damage per hit, and grants 25 XP when killed. However, it is also the hardest to kill without body damage, as it is the fastest and can, therefore, dodge most bullets. Killing it on the first hit is also a viable strategy with this one.


The Pentaspike is the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to Polyspikes. It has 25 HP, deals 5 HP of damage per hit, and grants 150 XP when killed. Its movement speed is also fair, but not as good as the Tetraspike's.


The Hexaspike is the strongest of the Polyspikes, and its stats are no joke. It has 100 HP, deals 10 HP of damage per hit, and grants 500 XP when killed. However, it is also the slowest, making it the easiest to kill with bullets.


The Polyspikes' AI is not the simplest. However, there are many ways to kill them easily, depending on your playstyle.

For spread bullet classes such as the Penta Shot, Spread Shot, or the Quad Tank branch: Swarm it with bullets.

For the Twin and Triplet: If your bullets are fast then just shoot it.

For classes from the Assassin and Hunter branches: Shoot it down with your fast moving bullets.

For classes from the Overseer branch: Protect yourself with your drones!

For classes from the Trapper branch: Protect yourself with traps!

For body damage builds: Let it ram into you. Not recommended at low health.