The Polytrain is one of the most versatile Bosses in Diep. There are three Engine variants and over twelve car variants, each with a different ability. Be careful, as the Polytrain can sometimes have extremely hostile variations that pack a real punch.

The Engines

The Engines are found at the head of the Polytrain that guide the train on its path. The Engine can only be destroyed after all of the cars on the train have been taken down. Otherwise, they are invincible to any entity (except for Protectors). Normally, they'll move sporadically around the arena sometimes seeking out other Tanks near them. However, they have three main attacks that can lead to a potential for high damage.


The Charge ability is where the Polytrain will suddenly charge at the closest enemy near them, draining their health. The train's front lights will blink when the ability is about to happen, warning all players around when it will strike. The charge lasts for a total of three seconds and the damage varies from each engine type.


The Encircle ability is where the Polytrain will surround an enemy tank and focus all of its cannons towards the center. This can be fatal if the train has many cars still attach. The Train will only Encircle tanks that are level 30 and up. The Encircle ability lasts for 10 seconds


The Drag ability is where the Polytrain will hook the player to the end of its cars and thrash it around the arena. Each Engine will drag the player at a different speed, leading to different damage for different Engines. If the player is dragged into a Base when the Dragging period should end, it will continue to drag the tank out of the base to a safe distance away, not dealing damage to the player. The ability lasts for 5 seconds.

Engine Types

Steam Engine

This may seem to be the Grandfather of all of the Engines but, it sure packs a punch. It is middle of the road in health and speed but it has two special features. It possesses a frontward facing Lance, making it the tank that deals the highest damage during the charge. Also, the smoke stack lets out a cloud of smoke every 2 seconds, covering anything that passes under it, hiding bullets and players. The smoke cloud lasts for 10 seconds. It can haul 8 - 10 cars.

Freight Train

The heavy hauler of the three, it is the slowest Engine of them all. As a trade off, it possesses the highest amount of health out of every engine and it can haul the most cars, making it the most dangerous with the Encircle ability. It can haul 12 - 16 cars

Bullet Train

The speed demon, it is by far the faster Engine in the game. That being said, its charge ability is weak due to its low weight. It deals the most damage when the Drag ability is used due to the high speeds it travels at. It also is the only Engine found at both ends of the Polytrain, allowing for the train to change directions as well. It can haul 3 - 6 cars.

The Cars

The Cars are linked to the Engine and possess different weapons. There are many different variants each with their own abilities.

Gunner Car

The Gunner Car features 5 rapid firing Cannons on each side, dealing a decent amount of damage. Many tanks that can easily out penetrate the Gunner can out penetrate this car. However it does possess the second most health out of all the cars.

Auto Car

The Auto Car features 2 Auto Turrets on each side that fire extremely fast/high penetration bullets. Like the normal Auto Turret, its bullets can be easily avoided.

Quad Destroyer car

A lethal flat car, the Quad Destroyer car features a Quad Destroyer turret placed on top that slowly rotates and fires every 3 seconds. It does a heavy amount of damage but has a low health amount.


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