Prehextorica is an event boss who spawns in the Return of Prehextorica event. He is one of the hardest Event Bosses, due to his nature as a Polygon Disciple mixed with an open-area battle. Original idea by PKMNLives, adopted and recreated by Diepmon.


He was a former Polygon Disciple, the second-last to be created and leader of the Hexadecagons, the sixteen-sided polygons, but died in a battle against the emerging Imperial Tanks in The Old Era. When he passed away, there was no way for the Hexadecagons (and thus his Motherships) to increase in numbers. As a result, the Hexadecagons were hunted to extinction by the Imperials. He was laid to rest in his ruined Edifice on the northern coast of the Tectonic Plain, before the rude awakening that was the Hesperian Encroachment...





He starts out hazy at his shrine. Once everyone is prepared, he fully materializes and creates a hexadecagonal outline that serves as a bouncy wall. Phase 2 begins when both of his hands are destroyed. Pyramidus is always invincible, given that its life is directly shared with Prehextorica.

Phase 1

This guy's attacks are split between the two hands.

Prehextorica only performs this attack once. This is also always his first attack.

  • Ancient Barrier: A hexadecagonal barrier suddenly materializes, which is bouncy and deals low level damage. This barrier spins rapidly and also can cause certain attacks from Prehextorica to rebound instead of disappear.


These are his mace's attacks. He alternates between these and his shield's attacks. His mace usually has infinite penetration.

  • Mace Whip: Prehextorica launches his mace's spikeball at the largest group of tanks, letting the barrier rebound his mace. Contact with his mace inflicts the Debuff Dazed for 5 seconds. This is always his second attack. This attack lasts 10 seconds. This also inflicts medium damage.
  • Burning Mace: Prehextorica turns his mace's spikeball into a MASSIVE fireball, and swings it around, eventually causing the mace hit the barrier and deflect itself. When it does this, Prehextorica gains Broken for 5 seconds. Getting hit by the fireball inflicts Burning for 5 seconds. This attack lasts 20 seconds. This also inflicts medium damage.
  • Aquatic Defense: Prehextorica causes his mace's spikeball to turn blue and split into two halves. These halves circle him, and he will block with his shield during this, protecting his front. Touching either half of his spikeball will inflict Waterflame for 5 seconds. He will later merge the two halves of his spikeball, and turn the spikeball back to normal. This attack lasts 10 seconds. He will move towards the nearest tank during this. This inflicts low damage.
  • Exploding Spikeball: His spike ball turns a dark purple, and then Prehextorica launches the spikeball at the largest mob of players. Just before it reaches them, it splits into 8 homing spikes that form a circle. Getting hit by either the spikeball or the spikes will inflict Cursed for 10 seconds. Each spike has 10,000 HP. The mace inflicts medium damage, and the spikes inflict minor damage. After the explosion, he creates a new mace. He only does this when there are no homing spikes.
  • Grapple: Prehextorica will turn his spikeball green. He will then toss his spikeball at a nearby player, causing them to stick to the spikeball AND gain Poisoned for 10 seconds. The mace then turns to normal, releasing the tank. This inflicts medium-low damage. This attack lasts 5 seconds.
  • Pyramidus, Here!: Prehextorica will give his mace to Pyramidus, allowing Pyramidus to swing the mace in a fixed orbit around him. This deals medium damage. Pyramidus will home in on a player during this period. The mace has 5,000 HP during this, and when that is depleted, the mace will hit Pyramidus, and Prehextorica will swipe the mace out of Pyramidus' grasp.
  • Spike Toss: Prehextorica will throw copies of his mace's spikeball at the largest group of players. Said copies are blue, explode on contact with the barrier or a tank, and inflict Waterflame for 3 seconds each. Each spikeball deals low damage.


These are his shield's attacks. He will alternate between this and his mace.

  • Discus Throw: His shield starts to spin violently, eventually launching itself towards the nearest tank. It will bounce off of the boundaries of the arena, eventually returning to Prehextorica. This attack lasts 20 seconds. This inflicts high damage AND Burning for 10 seconds.
  • Shield Bash: Prehextorica's shield turns grey, and he will ram into the largest group of players at high speed. This inflicts medium damage.
  • Arcane Shield: His shield starts to glow strongly, giving Prehextorica Armored for the duration of the attack. He then has the shield circle him while it spins rapidly. This attack lasts 30 seconds, and inflicts high damage and Burning for 10 seconds.
  • Pyramidus, Fetch!: Prehextorica will throw his shield like a boomerang, allowing Pyramidus to grab it out of the air. Pyramidus will have the shield guard him, swiping itself at players nearby. Pyramidus then returns the shield to Prehextorica. This attack lasts 60 seconds, and inflicts medium damage and burning.
  • Telekinesis: Prehextorica will have Pyramidus leave the arena and grab a few polygon bosses. Sometimes, instead of dropping 5 polygon bosses, Pyramidus will instead drop 10 Sassafras. Prehextorica, if it's a bunch of Sassafras, will swing his mace at all of them, instantly causing them to split into 6 Sassafras minions EACH. Otherwise, he will levitate them, causing them to orbit him. He will only do this if there are no Polygon Bosses in his arena.
  • Tsunami: Prehextorica will turn his shield blue, and then he will throw it. This will inflict Waterflame for 10 seconds.

Phase 2


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