The Propeller is a level 60 tank that evolves from the Booster and doesn't upgrade further. With its sheer number of barrels in the back, it can reach big speeds and easily defeat chasers.


It features the classic circular body, and has 9 Cannons in the back. It also increases the size of the single barrel in the front it's predecessors had.


The big number of cannons in the back makes the Propeller one of the fastest tanks in the game, making it feel almost like it's out of control. Once the barrels are firing, the Propeller's turning speed decreases, so it's easy to miss the enemy. All those technical difficulties make this tank rather hard to play with, but in the hands of a skilled player, it can be very powerful. It passively decreases Reload Time and Bullet Speed, but doesn't affect Body Damage.


Strong Against: Slow tanks, low DPS tanks, low fire-rate tanks.

Weak Against: Drone tanks (specially level 60 ones).


  • The cannons in the back are very spread, making the tank difficult to chse down.
  • It shoots the bullets in the back similar to Spread Shot, but at at higher fire-rate.
  • It was the fourth tank added in the 'GameOver's Tier 5 tanks' series.
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