The Protector is a Tier 4 tank upgrading from the Shield. It retains its shielding ability, and also gets a new one.


The Protector looks the same as a Shield, but at the back, it has one Protector spawner, like the ones the Battleship has.


  • The Protector has the exact same ability as the Shield - it gets an Aura of Shielding whenever it destroys a pentagon. However, now the aura lasts 5 seconds instead of 3.
  • Also, the Protector has a new ability, the ability to spawn Protectors. And I don't mean those weak ones the Battleship spawns, I mean strong ones, a bit like the base protectors.
  • Whenever the Protector destroys a Gold Pentagon, the spawner on its back extends a bit, and upon pressing right click while the spawner is extended, 4 Protectors will spawn.
  • The Protectors are as fast as Base Protectors, and 4 times stronger than an Overlord' drones with the same stats. They will act with the same AI as a Fallen Overlord's drones - large range, targeting players when possible, targeting polygons when idle. They will stick with the Protector until death.
  • Whenever a Protector spawns the Protectors, any previous Protectors still alive will despawn. They do not stack if you destroy more than one gold pentagon.


  • Strong against: Close range tanks (i.e. rammers, bullet boosters, low bullet speed tanks), Slow tanks, Unsuspecting tanks
  • Weak against: Snipers, Very fast tanks, High reload/penetration

As the Protector

  • The Protector is one of the easier Tier 4 classes to use, once you've mastered using the Basic Tank.
  • Don't waste your Protectors, because you never know when you'll need them. It's a good idea to have a set ready, to catch other tanks off-guard, or just to defend yourself if needed.
  • Don't forget you have the ability to summon the Aura of Shielding! Your shield lasts longer than the Shield's, and until you get to 100,000 points, it will (most likely) be your only ability (read the gold polygons section for why).

Against the Protector

  • If you see the spawner extended and ready to fire, be ready to flee. Or at least to protect yourself, because those 4 Protectors altogether have the power of 16 Overlord drones.
  • Other than that it's the same as killing a Shield.


  • The Protector is inspired by bases in team modes.
  • Created by SomeCatchyName.
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