The Protensystem is a polygon boss tank added on 3/4/2018. It is based off of the...

Protensystem has one of most unique mechanics of any boss I've currently made. Protensystem features absolutely no weapons to defend itself with, although its mechanic of battle is one where it is enough to defend itself with.

Protensystem can spawn in every Gamemode. Even Maze. No questions asked.


Protensystem is made out of two units. One is an End Unit and another is a Body Unit. Throughout the rest of the page these units will be referred to in this manner.

Basic Design

The basic design of Protensystem is an End Unit followed by Seventeen Body Units and then followed by another End Unit.

Complex Design

Note: Each unit is connected by a circle

End Units

Each End Unit features a Cannon-Gray triangle with a Pale Yellow Star mounted onto where the end points meet. At the base of where the points of the Triangle and Star meet is an elongated diamond shape that is a more rich shade of yellow.

Body Units

Each Body Unit features an elongated Cannon-Gray rectangle with an Olive Green elongated diamond shape mounted on top of the rectangle.



The Protensystem features 6,500 health, which is over twice the regular amount of health for most boss tanks. Upon being defeated/destroyed, The Protensystem will drop 65,000 EXP to the player who had defeated Protensystem, which will immediately raise a tank to level 45. Protensystem will regenerate 40 health per second if Protensystem is left alone for 75 seconds. Protensystem has absolutely no body damage. If you touch it, it won't damage you. The only way you can take damage from it is if you get squished by the Body/End units. Protensystem technically doesn't have movement speed as it doesn't really move per se, but it stretches instead. The End and Body units extend and retract in a specific way to give an illusion of moving, kinda like how a worm moves, but then again no one really looks at worms. Instead they just ignore them. I'm getting off topic, so I'm just going to go onto how it attacks.


Protensystem has a rather weird behavior. Basically, the only way it can attack you is by flinging things at you using its End units. Its End units have 360 Degree rotation, and it can fling things by quickly rotating those units. It can fling Polygons, Tanks, INCLUDING Arena Closers and Dominators, although for Dominators its a bit different. Imagine an AC being flung at your face. Even more hilarious, if it tries to fling a Dominator, there is a 25% chance for its shell to pop off and become a large AI Mega Smasher. It can go though Maze Walls as well, so be careful.


  • This is not based off of Protein.
  • Protensystem flinging AC's makes no sense, but it adds to the ridiculousness of its ability.
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