"This prototype for one of the most well known warriors is Eccentric, but Powerful. Even more so than the more popular version... I can't understand it myself, but I can tell you how to kill it."


Protozog is a Final Boss that only spawns when you kill 2 Guardians and 2 Defenders have been killed in a server, with no other bosses in between. Its mix between offensive and defensive weapons, and the fact that its the smallest boss makes it a unique boss to fight. It's based off a polygon i made, but didn't make on this Wikia yet - the Splitter Rhombus. Its 2 triangles combined into a Rhombus shape, so technically, this is the Splitter Rhombus boss. The body is similar to Battle Carriers Gunner Crasher Minion, but while originally making this boss, Battle Carrier or Heptazoid wasn't made yet.


Main Body

Protozog is an XL Crasher with 2 Gunner Cannons at the front, a Spawner at the back, and a specially designed Mounted Minigun. On the side is a shield.


Protozog has 2 shields. Each shield is a Triangle with one Auto Turret mounted on top each triangle.


Phase 1

Protozog has 3,000 health in phase 1, and the shields are invulnerable. The gunner guns have the same stats as a glass gunner, but they have the Bullet Damage of a maxed Overlord Drone. The back drone spawner spawns Crashers, 25 max. Each Crasher does the same damage as a Mini Crasher. Each Auto Turret has the stats of a maxed out bullet build Basic Tank. The Mounted Minigun has the stats of a 0/0/0/7/7/7/7/5 Minigun. Protozog moves in the same fashion as Guardian. The shields close when the boss is damaged, and are opened when no one has taken a shot at it for 5 seconds.

Phase 2

This phase is entered at 2,500 health. The shield are ejected from the main body, revealing two Auto Turrets and a Sparky cannon where the shields previously were. Reload is increased by 40%. The main body is invulnerable now and the shields become vulnerable. The shields revolve around the main body counterclockwise in a circle. Each shield has 9,000 health.

Phase 3

This phase is entered when the 2 shields are destroyed. The four Auto Turrets from the shields are the only part left, and they are invincible. The Mounted Minigun is detached from the main body, and it is invincible. The Main Body is now vulnerable. The four Auto Turrets and the Mounted Minigun rotate around the tank Clockwise. The Auto Turrets and Sparky cannons on the main body start shooting 1.25x as fast.

Phase 4

This phase is entered at 1,000 health. The four Auto Turrets and the Mounted Minigun orbiting the boss are automatically destroyed. Crasher production is increased by 70%. The boss is now 5x more faster, making it even harder to hit.


  • For Phase 1, bring a lot of bullet spammers. They will be able to bombard the thing with many weapons at once, and the Minigun will be inconsequential to them.
  • For Phase 2, you need to be constantly moving. Just do what you were doing before, except maybe bring an Annihilator and a Hybrid with you, because of the increased reload. Also, make sure you dodge the Sparky shots, otherwise you will die.
  • For Phase 3, carry on what you were doing before, but do not aim at the orbiting weapons.
  • At Phase 4, you can finally unload your entire (bottomless) magazine on the Protozog, as it has no more consequential defenses (so long as you keep moving, otherwise the Sparky cannon will atomize you).

Death Animation

At 30hp Protozog's weapons disintegrate, leaving an XL Crasher left. When the XL Crasher runs out of HP, then it loses saturation, becoming grey. It remains motionless. It now is a lost remnant of the battle that happened in the past.


  • This is the smallest boss in-game.
  • Despite being similar, this boss was made before Battle Carrier and Heptazoid,
    • I have drawings of bosses before i make them. I found a piece of paper with this boss on it, with the date "August 15th 2016."
      • I put the date of when i made the boss on the paper.
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