Pyroking is a member of the League of Iron and can spawn in the Iron Fort gamemode. Created by Fall Out Wave.


Pyroking is a bright yellow tank with an orange crown on it. He also has 2 orange arms with yellow hands and orange shoulder pads. On his bottom is a large spawner that curiously enough does not spawn drones. Instead, it acts like a rocket engine, constantly spewing flames and propelling Pyroking forward. His bright blue eyes have smoke coming out of them, and his arms glow with red-hot rage...

The Fight

Pyroking's spawner/engine constantly spews flames that both serve as heavy damage and propulsion. The fire, if tanks touch it, will do very heavy damage as well as preventing regeneration for a while. He is constantly shooting out bullets from his hands that have a fireball texture and home in on tanks. If they hit, they explode into small lava pools, like those of the Napalm. His attacks, while low in number, can be potentially devastating if combined with the other members.

  • Magma Burst: Selects a few random locations, and then summons miniature volcanoes that form out of the floor. These volcanoes will start spewing tons of little bullets that move rather slowly, but if a tank touches them, it instantly dies in an explosion that has a small radius. Immobilized tanks are the most common victims of this.
  • Flamethrower: Begins firing a lot of fireballs from his hands at an alarmingly high fire rate. The only way to stop this is to do 1500 damage to Pyroking when he is using this.

Death animation

Pyroking's spawner/engine will stop functioning and some black smoke can be seen exiting from it before Pyroking falls to the ground, unable to move. He then attempts one last fireball, but his arms and eyes stop glowing and he explodes into smoke, summoning in another member of the League.


  • Pyroking bears some level of resemblance to the Archprophet. Combined with his dominance over fire and lava, and his crown, people might think this is just an Archie ripoff... It isn't, I swear.
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