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The Quad Launcher is a fanon tank in that shoots 4 RPG bursts. Made by aDeformedPickle. Do not steal. It upgrades off of the RPG and the Predator. (No, it is not based off of Fortnite. I thought of this idea way before Fortnite came out).

I <3 Booms
Upgrade to Quad Launcher


The Quad Launcher shoots 4 missiles, each in turn before reloading with the reload cannon on the front that looks like half a triangle. As I explain in the article Classes, this tank is a Reload/RPG poly-class. It shoots like the Reloader, but slower and 4 shots instead of 3. To blow them up, press Shift or Right-Click.


Do NOT aim at the person you want to kill, aim next to them. The explosion does more damage than the bullet does, so you don't want the bullet to hit the person and die, before you trigger the explosion.

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