The Railgun is a Tier 3 tank that upgrades at level 30 from the Sniper. It upgrades into the Railgun Mk. II


This tank features to long parallel rails that surround a central rail type structure. In the center of the structure, closest to the body, there is a small barrel. Don't be fooled as this barrel really packs a punch. There is also a charge meter on top, signifying when the Railgun is fully charged and ready to fire bullets.


This is a unique tank as it is one of the few tanks where the auto fire option has no function. Due to its need to be charged before firing, the player must hold the spacebar down until the desired intensity of round is achieved. The Railgun has the second fastest bullet speed in the game, second only to its successor, the Railgun Mk. II. That being said as a trade off, speed decreases and reload suffers horribly, due to the new charger barrel. The Field of View also decreases to that of a basic tank.

The Charger

The charger is a new type of barrel that is entirely unique. It is the first of its kind to require the user to hold down the spacebar to select what charge they desire. Located on the barrel is the charge bar, signifying what level the barrel is charged at. The charger has three different modes:

  • At level one, there is a shorter charge/shot cooldown time, but there is a slower bullet speed and less bullet damage
  • At level two, the charge time increases but, the bullet speed is faster and does the most damage
  • At level three, the charge time is super long but, the bullet speed and damage are devastating to any enemy in the line of fire

The bullets that come from this tank are stretched out ovals, emphasizing the sheer velocity they come out of the barrel with. They also are a penetrating round that has the unique ability to deal damage to multiple tanks in its firing path. However, the damage done to the tanks behind it will decrease by around 50% or more. It is also important to note that each level of charge provides an increased amount of knockback, with level 3 being about 6 tiles of recoil.


Strong Against: Smasher branch, Low rate of fire tanks

Weak Against:  Bullet Spammers, Gunner branch especially

As the Railgun

Anticipation is key to the success of this tank. With an extremely high range, fast moving shot but slow reload, it is important to track your enemies movements with precision as hitting your target will be difficult. Always keep your tank charged up and ready to go before encountering an enemy, as a surprise attack may be devastating and could lead you to your grave. Remain as stealthy as possible until finding the right moment to strike.

Against the Railgun

This tank is horrid against bullet spammers. If you overwhelm it with a lot of movement speed,then it is simple to simply avoid its rounds and go in for the kill


  • The original Railgun has the same Field of View as the Sniper but, as of January 6, 2018, the FoV has been nerfed to that of a basic tank.
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