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The scrolls say this being is a manifestation of something else not of this world. A bridge between two realms, he might be. A world where tanks and polygons do not rule. A world like ours, but at the same time very much unlike ours. From the portals he creates, we have been able to glimpse the very beginnings of that world. Unfortunately, whoever has dared get close enough to document what they see has been crushed by things that come out of those portals, one of those things which Realmbinder refers to as "shoes". If someone manages to get through, please come back with data on this strange new world.

Realmbinder is a Realm Boss that spawns in the Paragim Dunes as part of The Extended Tale of Diep. Idea by Diepmon.


Realmbinder is a purple/skin color tank (skin color is barely noticeable) with an intense partly transparent but red aura. He has two "arms" which are really chains, and at the end of those chains are two smaller tanks with one Tri Shot Auto Turret and two Phage Spawners next to it on each, like those on the Nonation. These represent fingers and are kinda bent in the middle. Realmbinder himself has gray barrel colored armor surrounding the body, and purple/black swirling particles around him. His hand tanks have small barrel-less Auto Turrets on top. For thumbs, he has two doorknobs. You heard right. Doorknobs. I mean the kind you turn. Realmbinder has no face, like Royale, but has a helmet instead.


Stage 1

Realmbinder looks like how he is described above. Special Portals are used throughout this battle, which are gray and you can see a bit of light in the middle. Various objects fall out of them, such as shoes, shirts, items of clothing, pens, and other things that do not exist in the Realm. These items disappear upon hitting the ground and deal 25 damage to anything they hit, excluding Realmbinder himself. His attacks involve a lot of flinging around. Attacks:

  • Shotslam: Uses his Tri Shot cannons to fire off volleys of bullets while spawning up to 20 different kinds of Phages.
  • Doored: Forms a fist and punches one or two tanks, sending them flying and dealing high damage.
  • Doored Deux: Like Doored, but he holds his fists together and slams the ground, knocking tanks back in a large area but not as much.
  • Cataclysm: Increases his Portal spawn rate from 1 every 15 seconds to 1 every 8 seconds for the next 80 seconds.
  • Swing Smash: Strikes and swings his hand into the nearest tank, and sends them flying into their allies to deal Confused, Dazed, and Broken for 15 seconds to everyone hit and dealing medium damage.
  • Gravity Well: Realmbinder pulls tanks closer by curling his hands up, then swipes out, sending them flying.
  • Barragette: Opens a portal and pulls out a real-life gun, firing it at tanks. He fires a total of 20 quick shots before throwing it back into the portal.
  • Summon Shield: Summons 15 AI Auto Smashers with 328 health each to shield for him. There is a 1/30 chance that the Auto Smashers will be MasterOv Boosters named "[MG]Sipn2Taem" and constantly dart around the arena, spinning in front of players in an attempt to team with them. They will not fight back in that case.
  • Square Swarm: 200 Summoner Squares appear in front of him in a wave formation, and he sends them out like a Necromancer using its repel feature. Low damage, but it's laggy.
  • Orbitals: Seven AI controlled Pentashots are sent out and orbit Realmbinder, who flashes and instantly releases three portals at once. Pentashots have 208 health.
  • Gunnery: Summons 4 random Gunner branch tanks, then 4 random Destroyer branch tanks, then 4 Machine Gun branch tanks. All are AI and have between 138-278 health.
  • Boot: Very rarely used. Swings one of his arms, and grabs just one tank. Holds it under a portal which will spawn boots. These boots have fishing line on them and will cause the tank to get hammered and hooked by both hook and boot. Deals about 150 damage in total.
  • Clash Cannon: Rattles his chain arms and fires off a round of 3 Destroyer shots, then 5, 7, 9, all the way until 15.
  • Glitchout: Used at 10% health. Realmbinder starts glitching out, teleporting to different places and using attacks more often. He will also increase his spawn rate of portals drastically.

Stage 2

Stage 2 is entered upon Realmbinder's "death". Realmbinder is destroyed as normal, but his body starts having a glitchy effect and then disappears in a flash. A huge wider-than-tall gray portal opens where he was defeated. A human hand comes out, and through the portal, a body can be seen with a room behind it. "Realmbinder" has another 28,000 health. Binary code can be seen flowing through the portal, and the sand of the Dunes starts getting sucked in.


  • Crush: The hand becomes a fist and slams tanks or the ground near them to deal damage, causing devastating shockwaves that rip a hole in the world, revealing binary code below. This is only aesthetic and the tiles repair themselves over time.
  • Imprison: Another hand comes out of the portal, always used as the fourth attack. Said hand stays for the rest of the fight. Both hands capture a tank and move around to imprison it for 10 seconds, and become Invincible. At the end of the 10 seconds, the hands come apart and then clap together, giving the trapped tank about 1.5 seconds to escape being crushed.
  • Swipe: The hand swipes left and right, slapping tanks to deal high damage.
  • I LIKE TRAINS: One hand reaches in and a model train is thrown in and crashes onto the battlefield, dealing high damage to any caught in the impact.
  • Overload: Every tank gets stuck in place and starts glitching out for 3 seconds.
  • Overturn: Does a "Rock, Paper, Scissors" motion, and on the last hand movement a unit is chosen. The outcomes are as follows:
    • Rock: Crushes 5 tanks for 9/16 of their max health.
    • Paper: Covers up 8 tanks, rendering them immobile for the next 25 seconds and dealing low damage.
    • Scissors: Both hands reach out and scissors come into the arena, and for the next 10 seconds the hands attempt to cut a tank in half. If a tank is cut in half... well, let's say they aren't doing so well and are immobile for 15 seconds, as well as having lost a great deal of health.
  • Scratch: One hand swings in and slices at a tank with its fingernails, dealing high damage and inflicting Burning for 7 seconds.
  • Build It Up: A pile of Legoes is dumped in and it forms a car. Said car then proceeds to drive over tanks at random before exploding into a pile of pieces that disappear after a while.
  • Reversal: Both hands form into fists and then outstretch themselves. A variety of portals appear across the arena, and various small household items of our world fly between them. Portals are always in pairs pointing at each other in a line. If touched, these junk streams do medium damage and high knockback, increasing the chance for more damage.
  • Pinch: Two fingers are brought together on top of a tank in an attempt to pinch it to pieces. Dodge the attack to not get crushed. Repeated 3-5 times in quick succession.
  • Burn: A magnifying glass is brought out and focused on one tank. It inflicts an increasing form of Burning for 15 seconds, and is fatal if said tank doesn't get out of the way quickly.


  • If you haven't figured it out already, Realmbinder is a manifestation of a human (possibly a developer) who somehow got into the Tale of Diep, hinting of a world beyond the one in the game.
  • The hands in Stage 2 are randomized between a variety of different skin colors, including white, yellow, medium white, black, brown, and any other skin color to promote diversity.
  • He can spawn anywhere in the Paragrim Dunes, although he will spawn only once a week.