-The last thing an unfortunate tank heard before disappearing off the face of The Realm...

The Reaper Leviathan is a Realm Boss in the Extended Tale of Diep that spawns in the Shattered Coasts. Idea by Diepmon.


The Reaper Leviathan is a dark cyan Leviathan that looks almost nothing like the original. While the Auto Turrets and spawners remain the same, the Dominator Auto Turret has two wicked, serrated spikes coming from the sides of the barrels that curve inwards, placed like those of The Helix but curving in. These spikes are referred to as "mandibles", and are massive with red accents towards the points and edges. The Auto Turret is also twice as large as normal, so it takes up most of the body but does not turn. The spawners on the sides connected to the base side have curvy spikes jutting out of them as well, but these are not serrated and not very curvy. These spikes are also cyan colored with red accents near the tips. On the back of the Reaper Leviathan is a Wolf-like tail, but with larger triangles and 17 segments. The very back has a chevron-shaped segment.


Keep in mind that the Reaper Leviathan moves like a snake, with the body leading the long tail. Hitting the tail does 1/4 of the damage it were to do if it were to hit the main body, and the Auto Turrets automatically fire at tanks. Up to 10 XL Crashers can be spawned by this boss, 2 per spawner.

  • Grasp: Main attack and used the most often. Charges at a target, and grabs it with its mandibles and shoots it right in the face with a Destroyer bullet. It is indifferent to polygons, tanks, or enemies, and the first thing that it hits is what it grabs. If the target is not destroyed outright, then there is a 20% chance that the Reaper Leviathan will eat it by shoving whatever it has trapped into its barrel. Ugh. Otherwise, the Reaper will toss it away and continue on its rampage.
  • Swarm: The Reaper Leviathan roars and directs its XL Crashers towards a target, usually a tank. These Crashers are 2 times slower than small Crashers, and have 80 HP compared to a Large Crasher's 30 HP. They deal 8 HP of body damage on contact but take damage themselves.
  • Whip: The Reaper Leviathan coils up its tail and sends it outwards at an amazing speed, dealing high damage to whatever was unlucky enough to get hit by it.
  • Dinnertime: The Reaper Leviathan goes after the nearest tank and eats it whole. Rare chance to happen, and if it does it will roar twice, and follow up with Whip.


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